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Akane Kikuchi

菊池 アカネ


Kikuchi Akane


Gentle-woman thief[1]


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AB (Rh-)[1]

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Chapter 134

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Akane Kikuchi (菊池 アカネ Kikuchi Akane) is a witch of Nancy's set with the Invisibility power.[2]


Akane's appearance

Akane is a girl of average height with a slim, but curvy build and has violet eyes. She has blonde hair that reaches down to the side of her face which curves at the end, with one side covering her left eye.

Her school uniform consists of a long sleeved collared shirt, which she often rolls them up, albeit without a bow tie and is slightly unbuttoned, revealing a bit of her bust and a plaid skirt. Unlike most of the female students, Akane wears white thigh socks and black shoes. She has a dark-colored band around her neck. She also wears a watch on her left wrist, a headset with a microphone arm attached to the left earpiece and also carries a briefcase.[2] During the ceremony she dressed more formally, wearing the ribbon around her neck, unrolled her sleeves and wore the Suzaku High Jacket.


Akane has been shown to be stoic, showing almost no emotion. She appears rather professional whenever she visits the Student Council. She is also rushed and not one for casual small talk. Despite this she is rather very polite and cooperative.[2] She has a businesswoman attitude and constantly checks her watch. She is also able keep her word on timing as she arrived exactly at 4:00pm for the ceremony. However, she often skips school because of her work.


Second Witch War Arc

Akane puts up a shield for the Student Council

Akana is called to the Student Council Office by Nancy to put up a shield for them. She suddenly comes, apologizing them for the wait, she excuses herself as she is pressed for time and quickly casts the shield. After she finishes Ryu remarks her speed. Afterwards she states that she's running late, telling Nancy to give her another call if something happens and quickly leaves again.[2]

Much later, Toranosuke asks her to remove the spell on him so he could test a power with Ryu.

Akane speaking through a tablet

Much later Nancy called her for a meeting, however due to her busy schedule she has to speak through a tablet. As Nancy informs this to the other witches, she apologizes and asks for them to on time. As Tsubasa asks her why she speaking through it, she informs her that she was not able to rush to school, but notes that she will make it tomorrow.[3] The next day after Toranosuke opens the door, She apologizes that keep kept them waiting, as Tsubasa notes she came exactly at 4pm.[4] She waits with the others, as Ushio arrives. After Kotori's power had been returned, she and the other witches hold hands and close their eyes. As time is stopped, Nancy begins to flip their skirts. After Nancy and Ryu kiss, time starts moving again.[5] She and the others blame Nancy for the underwear fiasco.[6]

before election day Nene asks her to remove the spell casted on her to become the spotter of Ushio.

Stolen Notes Arc

The day after Election Day, Akane is absent from school again and is soon facing expulsion.[7]


Invisibility: Akane can become invisible to the person she kisses. Unlike Mikoto's power, Akane's invisibility doesn't erase the person she kissed's memory about her, making them still knowing about her even though they cannot see her. This is shown when Akane kissed Midori, Toranosuke, and Nene, that they can still remember her even after she had casted their shield.[2]

Enhanced Speed: Akane is known for being both quick and accurate in her work, shown when she quickly put her spell upon Midori, Toranosuke, and Nene in a few seconds. 


Watch: Akane has been shown to always wear this watch. She uses this to check time for her to keep up with her schedule.

Briefcase: Akane is seen carrying a relatively small briefcase around with her, which she probably uses in whatever she is doing outside of school. It can switch between handheld and trolley position. Its contents are unknown.


Nancy: The two seem to have a mutual relationship, having helped Nancy during the situation, with the latter apologizing for bothering her.[2]


The Invisibility Witch of the second set
Preceded by Years Succeeded by
Unknown 2010-2012 Incumbent


  • Akane's surname Kikuchi means "chrysanthemum" (菊) (kiku) and "pool, pond" (池) (chi).


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