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Alex Spencer (アレックス・スペンサー Arekkusu Supensā) is a new student and a witch of Rui's set, having obtained the Body Swapping Power. He was originally from America before moving to Japan.


Alex is a teenager with slightly long light red hair that splits above his right eye, from there to it forms a fringe above his left eye, his hair points up a bit. Because he was from America he is relatively taller than most students at Suzaku High. He has also been noted for his impressive physique.[1]

His Suzaku High uniform consist of the long-sleeved collared shirt with a buttoned-up jacket over it and a tie around his neck. His lower attire consists of a pair of plaid grey pants, with leather shoes and socks.[1]


Alex is a positive individual, smiling even if he is by himself. Because of his country of origin, he uses "miss" and "mister" instead of Japanese honorifics to refer to people, and he will also randomly use some other English words like "okay" and "why".[1]

He is perceptive, as he could tell that Nene and Ryu were aware of his powers and their close relationship.


Alex was from America and came to Japan in April. Because of this he has hard time to communicate to others after entering Suzaku High School. Because of his looks, girls were fawning over him and guys were inviting him to hang out with, but eventually he had been avoided.[1] After moving, he stays at the Sarushima household as his host family. A few days after entering school, he became a witch and discovered it once Maria had kissed him and informed him of the witches.[2]


Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

Alex asks Ryu to be "friends forever"

In his class, Alex sits in his chair all by himself. He is then greeted by Nene, greeting her back in Japanese. She notes that he is by himself again, informing him that in Japan they call that a "Botchi", which he expresses his joy in English. He is then introduced to Ryu, which after short glances, he quickly asks to be "friends forever". Nene asks where he had learned it, which he tries "true-blue friend" instead. Ryu then asks as proof of their friendship, they should kiss, which he asks in English. He explains that it is a greeting that people do overseas, as Ryu heads in for a kiss, he stops him and states that that is enough while smirking. [1]

Later on, he follows them and overhears their conversation about him.[3] Outside the school, he meets up with Ryu and asks what he had called him for. He asks him that if there is anything on his mind, he wants to talk with him about. From this he simply states that he is very happy, however Ryu knows he has a problem. He thinks about it then asks what is going on between him and Nene.[4]

Ryu tells Alex about how Nene rejected him, Alex is happy to confirm Ryu's status and abruptly kisses him. The pair switch bodies, as Alex mentions Maria brought up the witches and Ryu promises to help Alex's school life better. Alex accepts this help and promises to stay out of trouble in Ryu's body. Sometime later, he was approached by Nene who mistook him for Ryu and asked Alex (really Alex in his body) how the situation went. Having suspicions on Ryu's words about their status, he instead answered by asking her out. Alex is later told about how he is now popular because of him, as Alex thanks him. Much later, Ryu asked about what he did with Nene and he says he knew that it was not Ryu who got rejected but Nene and he had to confirm it. He doesn't reveal they went on a date because he got called away. [5]

In the hallway Alex is found by Ryu, who requests to copy his power which he does so.[6]


Body Swapping (入れ替わり Irekawari): He can swap bodies with anybody he kisses.

Fluent Japanese: Despite having come from America, he is fluent in understanding Japanese and is able to pronounce it properly, though he is still learning certain words.[1]

Enhanced Strength: Alex has great strength, as Ryu (who was using his body) almost broken every sport items with his strength alone.


Ryu Yamada

He become Yamada's first friend, since his first appearance. Ryu used Alex's body too boost his social life, though lost sight of that and had fun in the process but still made him popular in the end. Alex was grateful to him for this, as he enjoyed his new status.

Nene Odagiri

It's said that Alex likes Nene, having done something while in Ryu's body. It is later revealed that he asked her out on a date, as Nene later told Ryu [7] Alex once got excited when switching bodies with her, as Nene was dismayed by his inappropriateness with her body.


The Body Swapping Witch of the first set
Preceded by Years Succeeded by
Urara Shiraishi 2013 Incumbent


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