The Alter Room
Altar Room



Saidan no ma

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behind the Student Council Office

Manga Debut

Chapter 88


The Altar Room (祭壇の間 Saidan no ma) is a room used to initiate the ceremony.


It is a church-like chamber next to the Student Council Office. Within it has five rows of pews, there is a long carpet leading to the end of the room. There is a table covered with cloth, a candelabra with three candles. Underneath it has a heptagon with seven circles around each of the edges where the witches hold there hands to start, in the center is a pentagram within a circle. It is said that it was drawn for decoration years ago. Behind it is a large glass window, with four ovals .


This is the only known place that the ceremony can  be performed. To start the ceremony, the seven witches join their hands along the circle drawn on the floor with the one who wishes in the middle.

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