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Rika Saionji (formerly)
Nancy (formerly)
Rui Takuma
Ryu Yamada (through Duplication; formerly)
Ushio Igarashi (through Grasp)

Amnesia is a Witch Power.


The user is capable of erasing memories relating to the witches of their targets. The total memories that are erased appears to be back to when the victim crossed path or knew about the first witch. On a Witch Killer however, it erases the memories of those who met the target aside from the Seventh Witch, other Witch Killers and Spotters. It also possible for people to regain their total memories if the power was forcibly removed from the current user, such as during the ceremony as shown where Ryu wished that all the powers of Rika's set would disappear through the ceremony.

This power also overlay on other powers. It also overlays on other erased memories from other seventh witches of another set. Nancy's variation also allows her to rearrange the memory as she wishes by switching the people in it, though this was shown when she had less control on the accuracy. Rika's variant seems to also allow her to replace people in the memories as well, though this was after an attempt to erase Shinichi and Ryu's memories.

The Amnesia power doesn't work on people who aren't in the campus, as shown by Leona who had been hiding from Rika. The user can also do a mass erasure of memories on the entire student body, such as when Ushio erased the memory of Nene's speech during the election day.[1]


Each time the user uses their power, they will be forgotten by everyone. If the user is not adapted at using the power, then there is a risk of the memory that was manipulated to be changed into something undesired. In addition, the power cannot be used to erase the memories of people that are outside the campus at time that it is being used, as shown through Leona who was able to evade the Amnesia power twice.

Ushio and Ryu linked.

In the case of two Witch Killers having the same Seventh Witch's power then they both will be erased from the memories of others due to their link.

Casted Spells

Name Casted By Status
Haruma Yamazaki Rika Saionji Removed
Urara Shiraishi Rika Saionji* Removed
Toranosuke Miyamura Rika Saionji* Removed
Miyabi Ito Rika Saionji* Removed
Kentaro Tsubaki Rika Saionji* Removed
Nene Odagiri Rika Saionji* Returned
Ushio Igarashi Rika Saionji* Removed
Karen Kimishima Rika Saionji* Removed
Rin Sasaki Rika Saionji* Removed
Meiko Otsuka Rika Saionji* Returned
Hideaki Tsurukawa Rika Saionji* Removed
Mitsuru Kameda Rika Saionji* Removed
Maria Sarushima Rika Saionji* Returned
Noa Takigawa Rika Saionji* Returned
Saeko Fukazawa Rika Saionji* Removed
Keigo Shibutani Rika Saionji* Removed
Ren Asano Rika Saionji* Removed
Leona Miyamura Rika Saionji Removed
Rui Takuma Nancy Returned
Ryu Yamada Nancy Returned
Nene Odagiri Nancy Returned
Ushio Igarashi Nancy Returned
Sora Himekawa Nancy Returned
The Student Body Ushio Igarashi Active
Nene Odagiri Ushio Igarashi Active
Toranosuke Miyamura Ushio Igarashi Returned
Urara Shiraishi Ushio Igarashi Returned
Miyabi Ito Ushio Igarashi Returned
Kentaro Tsubaki Ushio Igarashi Returned
Yuri Miura Ushio Igarashi Active
Kaori Yasojima Ushio Igarashi Active
Mutta Hagiwara Ushio Igarashi Active
Masamune Ichijo Ushio Igarashi Active
Nancy Ushio Igarashi Active
Sid Ushio Igarashi Active
Jin Kurosaki Ushio Igarashi Active
Midori Arisugawa Ushio Igarashi Active
Tsubasa Konno Ushio Igarashi Active
Kotori Moegi Ushio Igarashi Active
Momoko Seishuin Ushio Igarashi Active
Aiko Chikushi Ushio Igarashi Active

* - was casted via erasing a Witch Killer.


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