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Chapter 145

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Atsuhito is the ex-boyfriend of Kaori.



Atsuhito's true colors

Atsuhito's true personality

Atsuhito has a flamboyant attitude. He has been shown to be a womanizer having been dating Kaori and another girl, before abruptly dumping the former as the latter had heard he was dating her. He is rather narcissistic calling himself a stud. He also doesn't care for the well beings of others as he would leave Kaori at the hands of two delinquents.


Second Witch War Arc

One day after school, Atsuhito waits for Kaori by the gate. He is given a cake and compliments her for it. As they walk he agrees to what Kaori asks, however he instead tells her that he is breaking up with her. He continues that he has another girlfriend and that she found about their relationship and asked him to break up with Kaori. He then states that they were just for fun, however she plays this off as a joke.[1]

Ryu kicks Atsuhito

Atsuhito defeated by Ryu

As two boys appear behind and grab Kaori, he notifies them that they can take care of the rest as Kaori questions him about the cake. He complains as he drops the cake and crushes it, stating the she sould never to come near him again. One of the boys then grabs her mouth as he claims that they can do whatever they want with her. He hopes she doesn't hold any grudges against him, and if she does he claims that its only because of his personality. He then notices Ryu, who quickly kicks him in his face, sending him to lie by a tree unconscious.[2] Still unconscious Kaori checks up on him, asking if he's alright.[3]


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