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    How to expand the Wiki

    March 16, 2019 by Quamboq

    1. Standardize the page of a chapter -> User:Quamboq/Layouts/Chapters

    2. Write down the storyline of the chapter chronologically

    3. Add the link of everything which appeares in the plot once.
    3.1. Add references!

    4. List noteable points in Trivia

    5. Create new articles, if they do not exist yet

    6. Expand the storyline in the current arc and the biography of the character pages which are affected, as well as the plot in all the other pages like Locations, Items or Organizations.

    7. Add pictures into image galleries. Add the licence!

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  • Reincarnatedcocoaz


    November 25, 2018 by Reincarnatedcocoaz

    im just an ordinary guy who loves making difference

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  • Hongqilim

    FUNimation Entertainment announced the English dub cast for Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches at its Sakura-Con panel on Friday. The cast, under director Kyle Phillips and writers Kristen McGuire and Niki Schultz, is as follows:

    Newton Pittman as Ryu Yamada Mikaela Krantz as Urara Shiraishi Rachel Glass as Miyabi Ito Todd Haberkorn as Toranosuke Miyamura Jessica Peterson as Nene Odagiri Will Short as Ushio Igarashi Michelle Rojas as Meiko Otsuka Tabitha Ray as Maria Sarushima Alexis Tipton as Noa Takigawa Orion Pitts as Kentaro Tsubaki Jeannie Tirado as Mikoto Asuka Seth Magill as Haruma Yamazaki Elizabeth Maxwell as Leona Miyamura Chris Burnett as Shinichi Tamaki Luci Christian as Rika Saionji Funimation will release the series on Blu-ray D…

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  • Omega-003
    • Now, why does the powers are so different among each group?
    • (Due to not enough informations about Mikoto, Akane, Yuri, and Rui I'm skipping them for now.)
      • Lets take a look at Urara and Momoko. Momoko is probably not satisfied with herself like Urara (she probably thinks that she's too thin for Judo). However, while Urara stays silent by herself, Momoko continously improving her physique, achieving her desired body image. What are their differences? Urara only wishes but not doing anything while Momoko actually working toward her goal.
      • Moves on to Nene, Tsubasa, and Masamune. Nene's wish to become popular is somewhat selfish , while Tsubasa's wish to unite her team is actually more honorable. This might be the reason why the latter's power is …
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  • Omega-003
    • Haruma had been inviting Rika to join the Super Natural Study Club for a while but she always refused. She suddenly joined when Leona was thinking about initiating the ceremony. (Chapter 94)
    • The Student Council must always keeps the informations about the witches as secret, as those who know them can take control over the school.
    • The presidentess had her eyes on Ryu, Sora, and Nancy for attempting to initate the ceremony. She laters order someone to deal with the trio. (Chapter 159 & 160)
    • Leona and Haruma's profiles are shown on her table next to Ryu and his friends'. (Chapter 160)
    • As of now, it can be presumbled that Nancy had never been allied with the Student Council, meaning that Rika might be related to the presidentess during her second …
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  • Omega-003
    • Why does Ryu regaining his memories will make her extremely miserable?
    • Ryu and Sora were involved some points in the past. (Chapter 151)
    • Sora asked Nancy to erase Ryu's memories, before asking her to promise she that she won't return it to him.(Chapter 153)
    • We later find out that in the past, the two were friends during their first year along with Nancy, Nene, and Ushio. (Chapter 160-161)
    • Sora has one-sided love toward Ryu. (Chapter 161)
    • Nene suggested Sora uses her power to see if Ryu's happiest memory contains her or not, if it does then she has a chance. (Chapter 161)
    • Ryu is heading to the staff room. (Chapter 161- 162?) Could he met Urara there?
    • What could've caused her to ask Nancy to erase Ryu's memories?
    • We know from Rika Arc that even thou…
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