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Body Swap







Urara Shiraishi (formerly)
Momoko Seishuin
Ryu Yamada (through Duplication)
Urara's Successor (formerly)
Alex Spencer

Body Swapping (入れ替わり Irekawari) is a Witch Power.


The power allows the user to switch bodies with the one they kiss. The user is able to continuously switch bodies one after another. The user's knowledge on how to perform certain abilities stay with them after switching, an example of this is how Ryu is able to fight impressively whilst in Urara's body.

A variant of the power is utilized by Momoko. This variation functions similarly to the one held previously by Urara, where the user is able to continuously switch bodies and keep their abilities. In the case of a prolonged switched, the two who swapped will experience the emotions of the one they switched with. An example of this is where Ryu and Nene felt each other's feelings for Ushio and Urara respectively.

If the physique of the body the user switches to is quite athletic then the user will be have a better performance at sports.[1]


The user will be unable to control the person in their body while swapped. The user will not gain certain abilities of the person they switched with, such as Miyabi unable to fight several delinquents, despite being Ryu's body at that time.

Others can identify if someone has switched bodies if they act out of their usual self or their speech pattern.

Casted Spells

Name Casted By Status
Urara Shiraishi Ryu Yamada Lifted
Toranosuke Miyamura Ryu Yamada Lifted
Miyabi Ito Ryu Yamada Lifted
Kentaro Tsubaki Ryu Yamada Lifted
Saeko Fukazawa Ryu Yamada Lifted
Keigo Shibutani Ryu Yamada Lifted
Ren Asano Ryu Yamada Lifted
Leona Miyamura Ryu Yamada Lifted
Mikoto Asuka Urara Shiraishi Lifted
Midori Arisugawa Ryu Yamada Lifted
Ryu Yamada Momoko Seishuin Lifted
Ushio Igarashi Momoko Seishuin Lifted
Mitsuki Ando Ryu Yamada Lifted
Alex Spencer Ryu Yamada Lifted
Maria Sarushima Alex Spencer Lifted


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