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Class 3-A President

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Class 3-A President

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Class 2-B President

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Class 3-A

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Chapter 66

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Episode 1

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The Chairperson is the class president of 3-A. During was her second year she was the class president of 2-B.


Appearance | Without Glasses

the Class 3-A President's appearance

The Class 3-A President is a petite girl shorter than Aiko, with blue hair in a bowl-cut style. She wears circle framed glasses with circles on them similar to Kiku Sonoyama, covering her red eyes. During first year she wore square framed glasses with squares on them. Ryu notes that she looks pretty without her glasses.

She wears the usual Suzaku High School uniform, consisting of a white vest, white collared shirt, red bow-tie and red plaid skirt. She also wears black knee-socks and black leather shoes. While going home she also wears a scarf.


She is rather indifferent, often being shown to be very bland when there is trouble happening, often just ignoring it. However, she has shown that she does possess emotion and has cracked a smile, every now and then.



Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

Seven New Witches Arc

The Class 2-B President in trouble.

After getting her future told, being a pop quiz the next day, by Aiko she thanks her as she leaves the clubroom walking away.[3] After school ends, she walks home unaware that she is being followed by Aiko. She soon bumps into three delinquents, who informs her to watch where she's going and to apologize. They then notice The Masked JK, who attempts to stop the delinquents. She watches as she fights them, but soon begins to lose before The Masked DK comes and helps her. After the commotion is over, she walks away thinking to herself that it's better if she doesn't get involved with weird people.[4]

Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

In the halls, she sees the exchange student, Alex Spencer surprised like the other students flocking around him. She is amazed and claps as he does a pose.[5]


Memory Manipulation Immunity: She is unaffected by the Amnesia power, having been present at school during memory erasures but still retains her memory of events that had transpired on those days. Ushio theorizes that this is due to her being the Akashic Recorder.


  • Her name is actually Tochiuda Sumire (土生田 すみれ), but Yoshikawa commented her being called just "Chairperson".[6]


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