Going Commando as a Hobby is the 104th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Ryu heads out to find information on Nancy, and makes a plan of action as she has found another Witch.


Jin and Midori find Ryu

Jin and Midori find Ryu

In the Private Study Room, Ryu finds Haruma, Leona and Rika, revealing to them that he has found the Seventh Witch. Surprised, Haruma hugs him, while Leona notes how quickly she was found. Albeit, before long, Ryu explains to them that he does not know much about her, leading the four to sit and discuss Nancy's identity. Along the line, Rika notes how Nancy is being way too kind for not being rewarded by the Student Council, as using her powers leads to be forgotten by others. Haruma interrupts, claiming that they must get her on their side regardless the cost. Ryu then questions the Seventh Witches' form of dressing, but Rika tells him off as she claims that she solely wanted to attract attention. Ryu leaves, heading to the Student Council Reference Room, looking through Nancy's information. There, he discovers Nancy's real name but still cannot recall her identity. Before long, Jin and Midori appear on either side of Ryu, asking if she is the Seventh Witch. Shocked, he questions their presence, only to be informed that Toranosuke sent them to help out. He then asks if they saw Nancy's real name, his face in horror once they claim that they did.

Kotori has an entire class under her power

Kotori has an entire class under her power

Regardless, he accepts their help and tells them to investigate Sid and Nancy, with Midori thanking Ryu for wanting to protect the council; while Jin seethes in jealousy at the thought of Toranosuke being grateful to Ryu. Ryu leaves, heading to the Light Music Club room, where he finds Nancy and Sid, telling them that he has temporarily left the Student Council and wants to join them. Nancy refuses to let him in, reminding him that he must quit the council; telling Sid to kick him out. As he is grabbed, Nancy announces that he has become a pain, and thus she will erase his memories, moving towards him as he struggles. She reaches him, but before she can do anything, Ryu admits that he honestly wants to know her more. She moves back as Sid lets go of him, with Ryu revealing that his memories of her would not be erased. She then tells him that they will test him, and that if he passes, he can join them. Taking Ryu to the roof, she points towards a class, revealing to him that she has yet to understand the power of one of the six Witches she has located, Kotori. Looking at her appearance, Ryu notes how she resembles an elementary school kid. He asks which students are under her spell, but Nancy tells him that the entire class is.

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