She Does Have a Nice Body is the 111th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After figuring out that there are still a lot of Witches left in school to discover, Ryu stumbles upon Maria, who shows him a set of her modeling pictures. Ryu then encounters Ushio and converses with him. Shortly afterwards, heading towards Urara, Ryu is shocked to see the other Supernatural Studies Club members waiting for him at the school's exit.


Toranosuke explains to Ryu that there are seven new Witches

Toranosuke explains to Ryu that there are seven new Witches

Toranosuke explains to Ryu what Nancy told him about the new set of Witches, confusing him. Crumbling a paper in his hand, Toranosuke simply tells Ryu that there are still a lot of Witches in the school. Moments later, Kotori appears at the Student Council office, putting everyone under her spell, to form a shield. She is asked by Shinichi for her motives for putting an entire class under he spell. Kotori reveals to him that it is to keep them safe from other Witches. Eventually, the group talks about the new Witches, and how to find them, leading to a discussion. Toranosuke asks for Ryu's opinion, only to be told that they should not bother searching for them. Although Nene questions his reasoning, Toranosuke agrees with him. After everyone leaves, Ryu stays behind to tell Toranosuke that he has somewhere to go. Ryu goes around the school, coming across with some of the former Witches and new Witches. Finally, he arrives to the Japanese Chess Club room, watching Ushio and Mikoto with a smile.

The club waits for Ryu

The club waits for Ryu

He then heads to Nancy's location, parting ways with the two as he announces that he has rejoined the Student Council. He then asks Nancy about what she asked him before, if he recognized her, but she simply points to Ushio, telling Ryu to ask him instead. Looking back, he is shocked to see him hiding behind a wall, confronting him. However, Ushio claims that he does not know what Nancy is talking about. The two move elsewhere, with Ushio recalling recent events and noting how Ryu's dreams have come to pass. As he gets up, he notes that the Witches may exists for Ryu's sake, claiming that he, too, will get what he wants. He continues to walk away, while Ryu smiles. Looking back, he sees Urara waiting for him, but is surprised upon seeing the other members of the Supernatural Studies Club along with her.

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