You Sawww!! is the 118th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Ryu and Nene decide to investigate Ushio, Mikoto and the Japanese Chess Club members together, shocked upon witnessing a kiss between the two. The following day however, Toranosuke announces that they will be celebrating Urara's birthday.


Annoyed, Nene ponders where Ryu could be. As she continues to search for him, she catches him outside, leading her to wonder what he is planning. Regardless, she heads out to meet him, the latter admitting that her sudden appearance startled him. Ryu quickly tells her to sit down so that they do not spot them, pointing inside the window. Nene takes a look, realizing that Ushio and Mikoto are inside, telling one another horror stories; Ryu explains that they came along with their new club: Japanese Chess. Nene turns to Ryu, asking him why he is watching them. Ryu, however, simply tells her that something has been bothering him.

Mikoto and Ushio kiss

Mikoto and Ushio kiss

They continue to tell each other stories, while Nene moves closer to Ryu due to the cold temperature. Ryu suggests that she heads back inside, but she refuses, telling him that she has something she wants to tell him. Soon enough, they get ready to leave when Mikoto announces that they will conclude their meeting. Albeit, Nene stops Ryu, telling him to watch closely as they spot Ushio and Mikoto locking lips. Mikoto and Ushio leave the room, while Nene and Ryu are left speechless whilst analyzing what just happened; asking one another if it could be related to a Witch's Power. Along the way, Ryu asks Nene to help him discover what is going on, to which she agrees.

Nene watches a sleeping Ryu

Nene watches a sleeping Ryu

Ryu decides to go back to the room to finish off his work, only to be followed by Nene. Nene questions if she could be of any help. At first, Ryu refuses to let her work, but eventually allows her, deciding to head to the baths. Suddenly, Nene announce that she, too, will take a bath, making them blush. Once they enter the baths, Nene thinks to herself that Ryu is located near her, deducting that they will spending the night together if this continues. She leaves the baths, putting on her undergarments and changing into relaxing clothes. once she heads back to the room, she catches Ryu sleeping on the job, angering her. She begins to insult him, but stops once she sees his sleeping face; she decides to do his work. The following day, Toranosuke wakes Ryu up, congratulating him for getting the job done. Shocked, he looks around, watching as Nene sticks out her tongue. Shortly thereafter, Toranosuke brings out birthday decorations, announcing that, just as Ryu requested, they will be surprising Urara for her birthday. Enraged, Nene is left speechless.

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