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He Likes Big Boobs is the 121st chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Shinichi helps Nene in her quest to get Ryu's attention. However, along the way Mikoto finds him and confronts him; Shinichi does not back down. By the end of the day, Shinichi returns to helping Nene, supporting her love for Ryu.


Nene claims to understand

Shinichi sits in the library, reading Light Novels as he notes that, that is all he has been doing during the Winter break. Just then, he receives a text from Nene, telling him that she has something important to talk to him about. He eventually meets up with her, being told that she will be helping Ryu with the investigation of the new Witches, telling him to keep it a secret from Toranosuke and the others. Picking up her phone, she asks for his opinion on two outfits. Shinichi is surprised by the sudden question, asking her if she intends to split Ryu and Urara up. Nene claims that there are no rules in the game of love. However, Shinichi reminds her that Ryu and Urara seem to be deeply in love. She claims that she is aware of the fact, but also notes that she has the advantage over her in their physique. Shinichi also adds that Ryu revealed that he likes large boobs, and that is what he probably thinks about the most. With a blush on her face, Nene claims to understand, getting up and leaving a confused Shinichi behind. The next day, Shinichi follows her to the National Japanese Chess Tournament, where he is shocked upon seeing her wearing revealing clothes barely covering any skin during the middle of winter. As they look for Ushio and his club, Nene tries to get Ryu's attention, albeit failing to do so.

By the end of the day, Shinichi walks alone, watching as Nene and Ryu seem to be holding each other. However, before he can continue watching, Mikoto appears behind him, insulting him while announcing that they are aware of Nene and Ryu's spying. She then tries to threaten him, but Shinichi fires back. Mikoto leaves, prompting Shinichi to ponder his sudden challenge. Just then, however, he sees Nene struggling, running to her side and helping her out. He loosens her tight dress, telling her that if she had just fainted, Ryu would have looked after her. Nene then announces that she does not want to be a girl that causes him trouble, right before fainting. Looking at Nene, Shinichi says that he will support her love for Ryu, but complains that she is giving him trouble.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Shinichi Tamaki
  2. Nene Odagiri
  3. Ryu Yamada
  4. Mikoto Asuka

Abilities used

Witch Powers

  • None

Witch Killer Powers

  • None


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