The Panic Alarm Is Ringing! is the 123rd chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Jin is able to travel to Midori's past through kissing her, allowing him to realize that he has become a Witch. However, he is unable to return to the present due to his lack of knowledge on the newly discovered power.


Jin realizes that he has the power to travel in time

Jin realizes that he has the power to travel in time

Midori takes into account the possibility that Jin could be under the influence of a Witch, or he could be a Witch himself. Moving towards him, she announces that they should test that out; landing a kiss on his lips despite his disagreement. Jin opens his eyes, claiming that nothing happened, but as he takes a closer inspection, he realizes that he has moved from the school building to the middle of the street. Looking towards the ground, he notices a younger Midori looking at him. He attempts to ask for her name, but Midori makes noise to attract the attention of nearby people, calling Jin a creep. Noticing that everyone is looking at him, he leaves the scene, confused. As he walks elsewhere, he takes note that certain things are different, picking up a newspaper and reading the date on it, which reads six years prior to his current time period. He announces that his power is Time Travel, jumping everywhere as he is filled with excitement as he believes he will be of use to Toranosuke.

He sees a group of students, rushing towards them and revealing things that will soon happen. However, by the end of the day, he sits by himself as he wonders how to go back to the present. Just then, Midori walks pass him, who gets ready to press a button to make sound. However, Jin asks her to stop, but she reveals that she knows karate and goes to cram school five days a week. Realizing that the key to returning to the future may be kissing her, Jin tries to lure her in, but fails to do so. As Jin turns to leave, Midori questions if he is happy with his life, as she is bored with hers. She explains that her life has been laid out for her through tradition. Just then, Jin interrupts her, telling her to join Suzaku High School. After agreeing, she lands a kiss on Jin, allowing him to return to the present. Midori, now back to normal, hits Jin in the head, stating that nothing has changed. However, Jin begins to question several things, which Midori confirms. Before long, Jin tells Midori that he just returned from seeing her past.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Jin Kurosaki
  2. Midori Arisugawa

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