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I Also Have A Rival! is the 126th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After leaving school, Ryu is kissed by Urara; traveling to her past, which turns out to be a month prior to the current date. After returning, they encounter Rui and are able to understand the Time Traveling power a bit more.


Ryu speaks to Urara from the past

Urara and Ryu walk home together, the former asking about Jin's Time Travel power. However, Ryu reveals that they do not now much, only that he has the power to travel to the past; claiming that he needs to test the power out. Just then, Urara suggests that he tests the power out on her, but he refuses. Regardless, she moves in and kisses him. He pushes her back, but she solely tells him to come back safely as he begins to travel back in time. Getting up, Ryu realizes that he is in Urara's room, heading elsewhere and looking at a clock, disappointed at the fact that he only traveled to a month prior the current date. Feeling confused, he ponders what the power is further, but soon enough hears steps. He hides under the bed, with Urara taking a seat and picking up her phone, texting someone. Ryu wonder if it could be Miyabi, getting up from under the bed and kissing Urara as he apologizes.

Returning back to the present, he yells at Urara for what she did. Shortly enough, he asks her about the date, but before she can answer, Rui appears and questions why the powers only work through kissing. Ryu tries to leave, but Urara wishes to stay behind and talk to Rui, blushing as she reveals that his grades, when he randomly takes midterms, are superior than hers. She also admits that she is rather interested in his question. The two begin to speak, ignoring Ryu as he compares the two geniuses with himself and Meiko, the two with the lowest grades in school. Rui then begins to test out other forms of "contact" other than kissing, eventually reaching the conclusion that nothing else works. Before they leave, Rui stops them midway, asking Urara if she would like to chat with him another day; she agrees. As they walk, Urara questions Ryu, asking him if he is jealous, noticing his change in attitude. Before long, she quickly changes the topic, claiming that she has figured out Jin's Time Traveling power. She explains that on December 2nd, he went on a date with Tsubasa, which lead Urara to wish for him to be beside her. And just like she wished, he appeared. She further claims that it is a power that makes someone happy in their present moment. Walking side by side, they hold hands, while Rui faints elsewhere.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Urara Shiraishi
  3. Rui Takuma
  4. Tsubasa Konno (flashback)

Abilities used

  • Time Travel


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