And that is love. is the 12th chapter of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo.


Yamazaki knew all along that Yamada can switch bodies, the same with Miyamura. Miyamura is dimayed and asks the President if he already suspected that Yamada can switch with Shiraishi. The President says he did, and states that the two smells nothing like women. Yamazaki asks what they need, much to Yamada’s anger, and repeats that the club needs money. Yamazaki agrees he’ll give the club money, if Yamada will settle a matter for the Student Council. Yamada agrees to do it, but Yamazki will have to tell him what they want them to do. Yamazaki pulls Yamada towards the window to show the Old School Building. Yamazaki explains that there is a project to tear down the old building and construct a new one. Many clubs are using the building as their clubrooms and they need a unanimous agreement from the club leaders to move out before they can start construction. However, the archery team’s captain does not consent. The job of Yamada is to convince the archery captain to move out of the building.

As they head for their club, Miyamura explains that the meeting for the reconstruction of the old building is taking place after school today. Yamada is totally off-topic and asks Miyamura who Yamazaki is. Yamazaki scared Yamada like never before and adds that he job is beyond fishy. He explains that if Yamazaki knew his power all along, then why would he wait for Yamada now to ask him to do the job. Yamada assumes that Yamazaki wants Yamada to switch with the archery girl and show up to the meeting. He has a feeling that the President is one who uses any tools at his disposal. Yamada refuses to not be the monkey’s pet and almost decides to not do the job. Miyamura sighs that Yamada’s feelings were spot on that the President is the smarmiest bastard he had ever met. He adds that it would be best if Yamada did the job, because the President will do something about the club. Yamada and Miyamura are the only ones who knows the President’s true nature so Yamada will go along with the original plan.

After school, Yamada and Miyamura switch back, complaining about the girls and enters the archery club. They meet Karen Kimishima, the captain of the archery team. Yamada and Miyamura comments on how stubborn she looks. Yamada ask if they can talk about the reconstruction and Kimishima leads them over to a seat. Yamada asks her for her reasons of not moving, and she answers that she loves the room becomes of the blood and sweat of the archers, to Miyamura’s and Yamada’s surprise. Yamada and Miyamura agrees there are no other way, and Yamada tells Kimishima that she will have to kiss her. However, Kimishima is utterly strong, and just about when Yamada tries to kiss her, she throws him on the ground. She asks them to leave the room, bowing down.



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