You're looking for a secret notebook! is the 175th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.


At the Student Council Office, Shinichi brings Ryu inside the room and tells Nene, Midori, and Jin to leaves as he wants to have personal conversation with him. He explains to Ryu one of the problems that he faced: the reliable Kotori has been abusing her power to leak the students' personal information which surprised Ryu. Shinichi continues and that he wants Ryu to use his power to erase Kotori's memories in order to subdue the problem. Hearing this, Ryu refuses and leaves the room on basis that he doesn't want to be forgotten by Urara again.

Back on the roof, the trio discusses the problems that Shinichi has to face while becomes suspicious of Kotori's situation, resulting in Ryu and Noa's decision to find out the truth. Spying on Kotori who uses Satori to cast spell on many students, Ryu comes to conclusion that someone must have stolen the notebook containing the personal information of the students and leak it, putting the blame on her in process. Noa also adds that Kotori is overwhelm with the guilt, which may lead to her subconsciously abusing her power even further. Seeing Kotori's despair, Ryu decides to use his Amnesia Power to save her but not before asking permission from Urara. Although disheartened that she will forget him again, Urara is also proud of Ryu's kindness as she has read from the diary. She then proposes that if she ever forgets him again, Ryu must kisses her to remind her which he agrees.

The next day, Ryu proposes a plan to Noa and Ushio: he will use the Amnesia Power to erase memories of the leaked information from everyone in the school. However, Ushio defies the idea as this doesn't solve the core of the problem of stopping the culprit. He then suggests another plan: Ryu will copy another witch power and find the culprit while he will be the one who erases the leaked informations to prevent further confusion in the campus. Understanding his reason, Ryu heads off to save Kotori while Ushio watches over him with serene smile, knowing that everything depends on Ryu now.

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