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Bzz Bzz is the 25th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

The Supernatural Studies Club arrives to the clubhouse, but discover that the teacher with the key to the room in which the second volume is located has yet to arrive. However, while there, Miyabi and the others begin to test out the power of the Witches, discovering new abilities and restrictions.


Arriving at the clubhouse

On a sunny day, Ryu, Miyabi, Urara and Toranosuke are all ready to head out to the club house near the beach. They soon arrive, with Ryu proving to know more about the club house than the others. Toranosuke informs the others that they should first leave their things in their rooms and return to their current spot, reminding the girls not to forget their swimsuits. Soon enough, they head out to the beach, quickly heading out to play in the water and with the sand. When suddenly, Toranosuke realizes that Ryu is missing, leading one of them to explain that he is taking make-up exams.

Playing at the beach

Within a classroom, Ryu complains over Urara's refusal to take his exams. He then moves over to where three other students are, who greet him with disgust. Ryu soon returns to his seat and they begin their examination. However, by the end of the day, they all receive failing grades. Ryu returns to his room, where Toranosuke and the others are playing games. They tell Ryu that they have yet to find the book, as the teacher with the key has yet to arrive. Ryu complains, but nonetheless decides to throw himself on his bed. Just then, Miyabi interrupts him, explaining that it is time for more experiments; testing what happens when two powers collide.

Miyabi and Toranosuke are quick to kiss Ryu, falling in love with him. Subsequently, Miyabi kisses Urara, shocked to see that they did not switch. They conclude that the effects cannot be stacked. Urara is then told to switch with Ryu, which she does. They two manage to switch bodies, and the effect of Ryu's previous powers are gone. They announce that they have attained enough information for today, leading Ryu and Urara to switch back to normal. Ryu gets ready to head on to bed, but before he can do so, he realizes that he needs Nene's powers to returns Miyabi and Toranosuke back to normal, as the two rub up on him.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Miyabi Ito
  3. Urara Shiraishi
  4. Toranosuke Miyamura
  5. Mitsuru Kameda
  6. Hideaki Tsurukawa
  7. Meiko Otsuka

Abilities used

Witch Powers

Witch Killer Powers

  • Copy (コピー Kopī)


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