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Bwooong is the 27th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Nene and Ushio arrive to the clubhouse, in search of volume two, but are annoyed to hear that the teacher with the key has yet to arrive. They soon come across Ryu and the others, informing them that the teacher with the key will only arrive once all of the students taking remedial classes have passed their exams.


Nene and Ushio at the clubhouse

By the beach side, Nene complains about the fact that the teacher who has the key to the club room has yet to arrive, with Ushio standing beside her. Meanwhile, Ryu's group is still in disbelief at the fact that Meiko is one of the seven witches, as Urara claims; revealing that she suddenly kissed her. The group comes to a decision of staying hidden for now, as Ryu will continue to take remedial lessons and pass his exams. Ryu heads out to the classroom, and rapidly encounters Meiko, who apologizes if she scared him earlier and assures him that everything will be okay. She then turns around and walks to her seat.

Urara tells Ryu that he must kiss Meiko

The three begin to take their test, but nothing happens, and eventually they all receive failing grades. Ryu gets up and confronts Meiko, but she runs away and begs him to forget what happened the other day. As Ryu gets ready to leave the classroom, Nene and Ushio make an entrance, questioning his presence. Ryu looks at both his classmates, eagerly moving towards Nene and begging her to kiss him. Nene, scared, jumps into Ushio's arms and denies his request. Moments later, Ryu takes Ushio and Nene to his room, where he explains what is happening. Albeit, Nene informs the group that the teacher in possession of the key will only arrive after all four students in remedial classes pass their exams. Remembering what Meiko said to him previously, Ryu believes that her powers will allow them all to pass the exam. Urara reaches the conclusion that Ryu must kiss Meiko.

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