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Recruit! is the 29th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Ryu successfully kisses Meiko and attains her Witch Power: Telepathy. Initially, Ryu is confused as to how they will use this power to pass the exam, but Mitsuru and Hideaki soon arrive and decide to explain everything to him.


Ryu kisses Meiko

Urara tells Ryu that Meiko will be waiting by the entrance to kiss him. Shocked, Ryu questions Urara, asking if Meiko may know about her ability to switch bodies. Urara believes she does not, but states that Meiko realized there was something different about her. Nene interrupts, informing Ryu that their personalities are completely different. Confused, he questions her reasoning. Nene tells him that body movements and the way he talks may give it away. Urara eventually returns to the topic at hand and kisses Ryu, returning to her body and telling him to kiss Meiko. Ryu meets Meiko by the entrance, the latter warning him that strange things may happen. The two kiss, leading Meiko to run back inside the building. Back at the girls' room, Ryu kisses Miyabi and Toranosuke, but nothing seems to have changed. Nene and Ushio question if Ryu really kissed Meiko. Miyabi soon states that the power may take a bit of time to awaken, like Nene's Charm. Eventually, the boys head to their room to sleep, when suddenly, Ryu hears a voice inside of his head calling out to him, the voice belonging to Meiko.

Meiko communicates with Ryu via Telepathy

After waking up, Ushio turns on the light, asking what is happening. However, Ryu begins to look around for Meiko. He then hears her voice again, telling him that she has the power of Telepathy. The next morning, Ryu meets up with Meiko and asks for an explanation. Meiko begins to order Ryu around, her Telepathy being the total opposite of her shy personality. They begin to test the power, asking Ryu to turn around and send something to her mind. He attempts to do so, but fails. Soon enough, Mitsuru and Hideaki arrive to their location, explaining to Ryu that they will reveal their real intentions behind using the power of Telepathy.

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  • Copy (コピー Kopī)


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