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Boobs is the 30th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After practicing for a while, Ryu is able to come up with an image of who he needs to contact in order to pass the exam. He receives help from Toranosuke and the others. The four students eventually all pass the exam, allowing for the teacher with the key to make an appearance.


Refuse to spend their summer studying

Ryu stares at Mitsuru and Hideaki in shock, wondering why he is able to hear their thoughts as well when he only kissed Meiko. Hideaki soon explains that those who kiss Meiko share the power Telepathy with her, and the only challenge to overcome is imagining a picture of the person who he wants to communicate with. Ryu comprehends, and states that by communication via Telepathy will help them all pass the exams. Amazed by the power's sudden usefulness, Ryu screams out in joy. However, Meiko reminds him that if he is not able to master the power of Telepathy, then it will be for naught and they will spend their entire summer studying. Soon enough, Ryu is given a method to help him along the way, being an image of Meiko, to help him in the imagining process. He turns around and remembers Meiko's face, sending her a message successfully. After celebrating, Ryu questions how they will use this power to pass their exam, only to be told that they will get answers from him. In shock, Ryu points towards himself as the group showers him in complements of being book smart. Meiko holds Ryu's hands, asking if it will be alright; he agrees.

The group celebrates

Back to his room, Ryu reports to the others, his comrades surprised to hear of her power. When suddenly, Ryu receives a message via Telepathy from Toranosuke; in disbelief that he was able to master the power of Telepathy so quickly. Miyabi asks Ryu to teach her, but Urara intervenes and announces that he can now pass the exam. Ryu leaves to the classroom and begins to take the test. Toranosuke soon communicates with him, telling Ryu to read him the problem. Once he does, Urara quickly answers him. He then passes the answer on to Meiko and the others. Ryu looks at the time and realizes that they will never finish like this. He connects with Meiko, asking her to trust him and let him finish the test first. They agree. Ryu then concentrates and is able to finish the test and send out the answers in due time. The teacher gives back their grades, each scoring 92, 89, 94, and 98 respectively. The teacher congratulates them, leading the group to jump in joy. Shortly enough, Ryu collapses due to "overusing" his brain.

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