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Odagiri's Boobs is the 31st chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Meiko reveals that she may have romantic feelings towards Ryu, forcing the latter to inform her that she may be in love with Urara's version of himself. After explaining the details about the Witches, Ryu assures Meiko that she can ask them for help whenever. However, just then Meiko announces that one of Ryu's friends may be a Witch, as kissing them had no effect.


On the fourth day of their trip, Ryu is met by Meiko, Hideaki and Mitsuru, informing him that they will now begin to enjoy what remains of their summer by going to the beach before heading home. The trio subsequently leave Ryu alone after he denies their invitation to come along. Shortly thereafter, Ryu reunites with the others, who inform him that the teacher with the key has yet to arrive.

Ryu saves Meiko

After voicing his displeasure, he announces that he will go take a nap. However, Miyabi stops him and tells him that they will investigate Meiko's Telepathy; as it seems that they are allowed to use it as if they themselves were Witches. Ryu dismisses the chore, but Nene comments on how the power is useless, as a phone can do the same things. As she continues to talk, Ryu suddenly hears someone say something about Nene's boobs, an image appearing within his mind. Toranosuke admits that he was able to send images to Ryu's mind, shocking the latter. Before he can celebrate, however, Meiko uses her Telepathy to contact Ryu; claiming that it is an emergency and he needs to report to the beach right away.

After arriving there, Ryu watches as Meiko is struggling against small waves. She falls out of her floating tube and is unable to swim to the top, but Ryu appears just in time, pulling her up. Once they are floating on top of the water, Meiko reveals that she may be in love with Ryu, but assures him that she is confused. She questions his sudden difference at times, asking to be informed. Ryu mentally tells himself that she is in love with Urara's version of him. He soon decides to reveal everything to Meiko, explaining Urara's power; leading Meiko to have Ryu promise to reveal who is in whose body the next time they meet. Much later, Ryu meets with the trio, who wish to say goodbye before leaving. As a present, they leave an image with him in case he wishes to communicate with them whenever—he unwillingly accepts it. After the two boys leave, Meiko pulls Ryu to her level and whispers into his ear that one of his friends was unaffected when she kissed them.

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