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Dude, E-CUPS! is the 4th of chapter Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Ryu reveals the secret he keeps with Urara to Toranosuke, who is rather more interested than worried. Upon telling Ryu the request he spoke of earlier, the two head to Urara's house, where they snoop around for hints as to why Urara does not wish to attend college.


Ryu reveals his and Urara's secret

Ryu explains to Toranosuke that he and Urara can switch bodies by kissing, although he finds it strange that Toranosuke is not that shocked, and is more intrigued instead. He is also irritated that the secret that was supposed to be kept between Urara and him got out. Ryu then asks about the favor Toranosuke spoke of. Toranosuke explains to him that he needs him for something only he can do: discover what motives Urara. In a survey, asking what the students' plans for college were, Urara put down that she did not intend to go, despite being the top student of their year, which would reflect poorly on the school. When Ryu brings up the possibility that she may have extenuating circumstances, such as family issues, Toranosuke notes that there are none, and that even her parents want her to go. Ryu agrees to find out, on one condition, being that Toranosuke does not tell Urara that he knows their secret.

Urara finds Ryu and Toranosuke in her room

Ryu and Toranosuke arrive at Urara's residence. Ryu contemplates that despite switching with Urara back and forth, he does not truly know her. Ryu and Toranosuke enter Urara's house. While Ryu observes that her house is pretty normal, Toranosuke points to where Urara's room is, entering and shocked upon the girlish room within view. Toranosuke takes out an E-cup bra and shows it to Ryu, despite Ryu's warning not to touch anything. After searching through Urara's underwear, Toranosuke lies on her bed, excusing his actions by claiming that he might be able to find something. While Ryu desperately fixes the bed, Toranosuke observes that the only books on her bookshelf are textbooks and reference books, and in her drawers are stationary supplies. As Toranosuke reasons that Urara must have an incurable disease, Urara, as Ryu, enters the scene.

Toranosuke and Ryu apologize to Urara. Urara, extremely irritated, asks them why they are in her room. Ryu explains, and Urara expresses her hatred to school. Urara kisses Ryu to switch back, and explains that she will go to college if Ryu goes too. Shocked upon hearing her resolution, Toranosuke assures Ryu that he will be receiving extra lessons everyday from now and on.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Toranosuke Miyamura
  3. Urara Shiraishi

Abilities used

Witch Powers

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