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Pok is the 47th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After Saeko, Ren and Keigo refuse to talk, Ryu states that it is time for Plan B, which involves Toranosuke and Kentaro; they will swap bodies with Ren and Keigo. When they do, the trio heads out to confront Noa and discover her Witch Power.


Saeko's group captured

Saeko and the two boys are captured by Ryu and Urara. After questioning what will happen to them now, Toranosuke appears and asks the trio for the location of the second volume of Witch notes. Howbeit, Keigo refuses to talk, leading Ryu to use Saeko's body to tease them. Asking him to stop, they are only met by the same question. However, they assure them that they do not know, as they only know of what Noa tells them. Miyabi and Kentaro complain, claiming that this has turned into a waste of time. Ryu then moves on to question Noa's power, but Saeko refuses to reveal anything, which forces Ryu to announce that he wishes to get naked and walk around the school. Initially, Saeko is worried, but does not back down. Realizing that it is a waste of time, Ryu says that it is time for Plan B.

Moments later, Toranosuke and Kentaro switch bodies with Keigo and Ren, respectively. Thy head out in search of Noa, asking around to see if anyone has seen her, but everyone keeps avoiding a conversation with them. Eventually, they conclude that maybe everyone hates them. Just then Noa appears and asks for them to follow her. When they do, they head outside and are questioned about Urara. Eventually, Ryu believes that asking for the book now would be the best option, but when he does, Noa simply takes out a dictionary and slams it on his head. Noa announces Ryu's name, insulting his acting skills. Albeit, Noa compromises, telling them that she will reveal her power to them as long as they release her friends.

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