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Holy Crap, Yamada! is the 49th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Discovering that Noa's power allows her to gaze into someone's past, Ryu confronts her and tells her that he is here to help her. Noa accepts his help, begging him to help her friends.


Miyabi wants to test the power

Arriving to the club room the following morning, a tired Ryu announces that he knows what Noa's powers are. But before he is able to reveal anything, he falls. Moments later, Ryu wakes once again and states that Noa's power is to see the past. Toranosuke questions this, which leads Ryu, after falling asleep and waking up subsequently, to assure them that they receive part of the person's past as a dream. Urara asks him what he saw, with Ryu revealing that he saw her reading the second volume of the Witch notes in the Supernatural Studies Clubhouse. Kentaro questions if that is all he saw, to which he responds positively. Miyabi then suggests that they should test out the power, with Toranosuke and Kentaro agreeing, but Ryu refuses, as he does not want to spend another night without sleep.

Ryu confronts Noa

When he asks if they wish to keep him up all night, Toranosuke teases him, which angers him. He soon leaves the room, claiming that he will go sleep in the nurse's office. However, he heads elsewhere, locating Saeko and the others. He asks them if they know where Noa is, which leads them to reveal that she may be in the old study room. When they ask what he intends to do, he simply tells them that it is none of their business. Ryu heads to the old study room and, opening the door, thanks Noa for the disturbing dream. Noa turns to look at him, asking him if he now understands. Ryu assures her that he does, explaining that her power allows a person to see a traumatic event of the person's past. He explains that he is aware that she was locked in that room for hours, and only received help when a patrolling teacher walked by.

Noa informs him that he is correct, further explaining that her friends had it worse, as they were framed. Ryu nods, telling her that she should not let it bother her, as anyone would have pissed themselves. Blushing, she dismisses him and asks if he enjoyed the show, but Ryu claims that he was not interested. When Noa questions his real reason for coming here, he admits that he simply came for that. Noa turns to leave, but Ryu stops her, by grabbing her and telling her that he is here to provide her with any help. Noa hugs him, and begins to weep as she asks him to help her friends.

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