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Why Hello, Mr. Yamada is the 54th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Shinichi and Ryu make a trade; if Ryu is able to discover who will be the next Student Council President, he will grant him his wish. He takes on the mission, using Nene's power to charm the President. However, once he arrives at Haruma's office, Asuka is the one to greet him.


Shinichi makes a deal with Ryu

Shinichi is surprised upon hearing of Ryu's copy power, comparing it to his own. He reveals the meaning behind naming himself a Witch Killer; he is able to steal a Witch's power, but ponders what Ryu could be. He subsequently asks Ryu for a favor, asking him to find out who will be the next Student Council president, as he himself is interested in the role, and in return he will grant him his favor. He asks Ryu if he has any power at his disposal, as that would make it a piece of cake. He asks Ryu if he is willing to accept his offer, with the latter responding affirmatively. Before heading out, Ryu questions what happens to a Witch after her power is taken by force. But Shinichi assures him that, as long as the Witch is happy, nothing will happen.

Nene refuses to help out

Ryu leaves the room and heads towards Maria's location. Once he locates her, he informs her that her power can be erased. She hugs him, thanking him for all he has done. Ryu then asks her if she is happy in school, with Maria assuring him that she is, and the only thing bothering her is her power. Before he is able to explain, Miyabi and Kentaro appear from behind bushes and, blaming Ryu of skipping out yet again, drag him back to the Supernatural Studies Club. Once there, Ryu explains why he was not able to help them clean up, with the others watching him in shock as he reveals Shinichi's power. He then questions how he will get the president to talk, but Toranosuke reminds him that he can always use Nene's power. They call her to their club room, but she instantly denies Ryu's request; she simply does not want to nor does she want to fall in love with Ryu.

As she is about to leave the room, Shinichi stops her, announcing that she should be interested to know where she stands. He teases Nene, angering Ushio, but eventually decides to lend her powers to Ryu. Once he heads to the Student Council, he finds the room empty, but someone enters the room shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Toranosuke asks why Nene did not use her power on the president earlier, but she claims that Asuka stopped her. Back in the Student Council office, Asuka locks the doors behind her and questions Ryu's presence.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Abilities used

  • Charm
  • Duplication


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