Yeah, I Do is the 57th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Ryu's behavior comes as a shock to his friends. Regardless, he continues to cheer Toranosuke for Student Council President. He asks Urara if he could speak to her on the roof, but cannot muster the confidence to do so once the moment arrives. Shortly enough, Toranosuke confronts him, asking him what is going on, only to be left open-mouthed when Ryu reveals his secrets.


Ryu's behavior is questioned

Ryu encourages the members of the Supernatural Studies Club, telling them that they must find the final Witch. He orders Urara and Miyabi to get the problem kids checked out, while telling Toranosuke and Kentaro to head out and find them. At the same time, he will head to Noa to know if she has any valuable information. The group is shocked, asking Ryu what is going on; reminding him that earlier he did not seem to care. Toranosuke asks Ryu if he is going to become his secretary, but he does not give him a clear response. He leaves the room, only to return right away and tell Urara that he wishes to speak with her on the roof, Urara nods, while pondering what is happening.

Ryu's confession

Shortly thereafter, Ryu awaits for Urara on the roof, sadden by the fact that Noa does not know anything as she was surprised to hear that there are Seven Witches. He releases a loud roar, thinking about the vision he saw, not realizing that Urara was standing right beside him. Urara questions his intentions, asking if he wishes to switch bodies, but he denies. However, as Urara looks at him, he decides not to tell her anything. She leaves, but before she does, she reminds Ryu that they are celebrating the end of the festival later; inviting him. Ryu, thinking he is alone, is shocked upon hearing Toranosuke's voice. However, he decides that he needs to talk to him. They head to a park, where Ryu explains to Toranosuke that the president's secretary is elected regardless of how the person feels. Toranosuke swings himself on the swing, asking him if he saw the future.

Ryu attempts to deny the claim, but Toranosuke claims otherwise, leading Ryu to reveal that Shinichi will win the game. Toranosuke, however, tells Ryu that he wants to know the important part of the vision. Hesitant, he tells Toranosuke that Urara will be named his secretary. Toranosuke claims that it is not a big deal, as she is the smartest in their year. However, Ryu reveals that, that is not the problem, as he has fallen in love with Urara. Shocked, he teases Ryu, but eventually tells him that he, too, has something he needs to tell him.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Urara Shiraishi
  3. Miyabi Ito
  4. Toranosuke Miyamura
  5. Kentaro Tsubaki
  6. Shinichi Tamaki (vision)

Abilities used

  • None


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