You Want Something to Eat Too? is the 58th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Toranosuke takes Ryu to his house after revealing to him that he has an older sister who may have information on the Seventh Witch. However, once he attempts to confront Leona, he faces a certain difficulty.


Leona's scissor

Leona's scissor

Gripping a nearby pole, Toranosuke reveals to Ryu that he has an older sister that goes to their school and is a grade higher than them, and that she may know something about the Seventh Witch. He invites Ryu to his house, where he hopes to start a conversation with is sister and get any leads on the final Witch. Once they arrive, Ryu is shocked upon the size of Toranosuke's house. He walks in, questioning Toranosuke along the way. The latter informs Ryu that his sister does not go to school, and reminds him that he is the one with the problem that needs solving; thus why he is the one who will be speaking to her, additionally he reveals that he does not get along with his sister. Ryu watches as Toranosuke knocks on the door, hearing Toranosuke introduce him as his friend. However, as the door opens, a pair of scissors come flying out and slash Toranosuke on his cheek, scaring Ryu. Pointing towards the door, Toranosuke claims to of had warned Ryu.

Leona thanks Ryu

Leona thanks Ryu

Ryu tries to leave, but Toranosuke stops him and pushes him inside the room, where he is greeted by yet another pair of scissors. Leona glares at Ryu, telling him to get out of her house as she does not want to meet any of Toranosuke's friends. Remembering Urara's face, Ryu turns around and decides to confront Leona, as she is the only one with any leads on the Seventh Witch. However, Leona persist, asking him to leave as she throws more scissors. Albeit, Ryu stands his ground. Angrily, Leona arises from her chair and threatens Ryu. Regardless, he does not leave, revealing to her that he has found his reason for going to school and if he loses it, there will no longer be a point to it; Leona stops her attacks. With a smile on her face, she thanks him for being Toranosuke's friend, but claims that she will not reveal anything.

Ryu heads out of her room, meeting an image of Toranosuke and his sister, when they attended a different school from their current one, asking if they transferred. He heads down to the kitchen, where he finds Toranosuke eating after taking a bath. Ryu comments on the picture he saw, asking Toranosuke various questions, who reveals that everything was great between them, until his sister encountered the Seventh Witch, which is why he transferred to Suzaku High School.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Toranosuke Miyamura
  3. Leona Miyamura

Abilities used

Witch Powers

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