Shut It and Pucker Up! is the 61st chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

The possibility of the Seventh Witch being a teacher is quickly dismissed by Haruma, but Ryu continues his search. However, along the way, he is made to realize how Shinichi will win the competition.


Shinichi passes by Ryu and Toranosuke

Shinichi passes by Ryu and Toranosuke

Toranosuke questions Ryu's reasoning behind his conclusion that the Seventh Witch must be a teacher, but his only explanation is that this person could be keeping her powers for years. Eventually, they pinpoint an image of Kiku Sonoyama, who has been in the school for more than eight years. The two then head to Haruma's office, reporting the news, albeit he claims that they are wrong. Disappointed, they begin to walk out the room as Haruma cheers them on. At the same time, Ryu turns his head around and asks if Shinichi has come around, only to be told that he has not. They leave the room, with Toranosuke questioning Ryu, but just then, Shinichi appears, prompting Ryu to ask him if he has found the last Witch. He informs Ryu that he has not. Momentarily, Toranosuke calls Ryu and tells him to hurry up while Shinichi begins to walk away.

Returning to the Supernatural Studies Club, Kentaro attempts to encourage Ryu, but is shot down when the latter reveals that he predicted noted answer. However, he is troubled by something else. Urara denotes that they cannot just have Ryu kiss the entire school to see who is the Witch, leading Toranosuke to announce that they can only ask his sister, prompting Ryu to shake at the thought. Urara also begins to ponder, asking how Shinichi will win the game when he has no form of information nor any friends. Just then, Nene and Ushio arrive, claiming that Shinichi has not been doing anything; revealing that she has sent some of her people to spy on him. She also announces that Shinichi said that he is waiting for his time to strike, which allows Ryu to realize what is going on.

Ryu thanks Nene

Ryu thanks Nene

He grabs Nene, thanking her, but the latter is confused and soon leaves the room with an angry Ushio. Shortly afterwards, Ryu claims that he knows how Shinichi will find the Witch, pulling Toranosuke in for a kiss. Nothing happens, however, and Miyabi is pulled in for a kiss next. Likewise, nothing happens. Lastly, Kentaro is kissed, but remains unchanged. He looks at the three of them, revealing that they are under Shinichi's ignore power, shocking them. Ryu explains that, having Maria's power, he did receive any visions when kissing them, further asking Toranosuke if he noticed Shinichi earlier; he says he did not. Kentaro suggests removing the spell, but Ryu assures him that they can use it to their advantage by using Urara's power.

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