So Do We Do It? is the 64th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Leona explains the mystery behind the Seventh Witch's power. Regardless, Ryu still insist on knowing her name. However, before anything, he talks to the Supernatural Studies Club members and makes them promise to have him rejoin the club once all of this is over.


Leona warns Ryu about his memories

Leona warns Ryu about his memories

Ryu questions what Leona means by claiming that he will lose Urara if he find the Seventh Witch. He begins to wonder if she will get Urara expelled, threatening to confront her if Urara will be in any danger. Leona throws him a scissor, asking him to calm down and explaining that he will be the one in danger. He wonder what she could mean, but is soon told that once he learns of the Seventh Witch's name, all of his memories of the Witches will be erased. Leona begins to explain what she means to a confused Ryu. She announces that the Seventh Witch only exists for one purpose, and that is to eliminate anyone who knows all of the seven Witches. Additionally, her power can work on other Witches, thus why she called her special.

The group will force Ryu to rejoin the club

The group will force Ryu to rejoin the club

Ryu is disappointed, claiming that the Witch is all bark and no bite, and that Leona made her seem to be something is not. She begins to recollect on her experience, revealing that the Seventh Witch could not reach her at home. Regardless, she was able to get one of her friends from the Supernatural Studies Club. Ryu, however, is still interested. Leona is in shock, but decides to reveal her name to Ryu. However, before she can, Ryu tells her that it can wait until the morning. He heads down to meet with the others, finding them eating curry. He explains to them that he will lose his memories of the Witches. Uninterested, they continue to eat. Ryu asks them to remind him of the Witches once he loses his memories, and to force him to join the club. Miyabi wonders why Ryu means, only to be told that the Witches is why he joined the club. And without knowing of them, he would most likely still be on his own. He begins to explains how everyone has meet because of the Witch powers, concluding that if he forgets about the Witches, he will go back to his old self.

Eventually, the group tells Ryu that they will make him join the club no matter what. The next morning, Miyabi wakes up, realizing that they partied last night and crashed at Toranosuke's house. She looks around, noticing that everyone is present except for Ryu. Opening his eyes, Toranosuke assures Miyabi that Ryu left without saying goodbye. Regardless, the four of them claim that they will be working hard from now on.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Leona Miyamura
  3. Miyabi Ito
  4. Urara Shiraishi
  5. Kentaro Tsubaki
  6. Toranosuke Miyamura

Abilities used

  • Body Swapping


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