It's You... is the 65th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Having revealed the final Witch's name to Haruma, Toranosuke is elected as his successor. Shortly thereafter, Ryu returns to his body, and Urara announces that she will be the first to kiss Ryu once he loses his memories. Once all is said and done, the final Witch, Rika Saionji, appears before Ryu.


Mikoto and Haruma congratulate Ryu

Mikoto and Haruma congratulate Ryu

The following morning Ryu arrives to Haruma's office. Once Haruma asks him for the name of the Seventh Witch, Ryu reveals it to be Rika Saionji from Class F-1, a Senior. With a blank expression, Mikoto jumps over Ryu, landing alongside Haruma and opening a ball containing a congratulatory sign as Haruma announces that he is correct. The display does not amuse Ryu, saddening Haruma, who spent three days making noted item. Haruma quickly returns to the topic at hand, questioning if Ryu had a vision and thus is why he swapped bodies, as he predicted Shinichi to be the one to win the game. Ryu wonders how he can be so smart. Haruma questions how he found out, only to be told that Toranosuke's sister was the one who helped him. After Ryu claims that losing the memories of the Witches is no big deal, Haruma closes up on him and states his new interest in him; expressing that if he is in need, he can come to his office. However, Ryu reminds him that he will be losing his memories, leading Haruma to ponder what he means. Albeit, before the conversation can progress, Ryu leaves the room.

Urara will reclaim Ryu's first kiss

Urara will reclaim Ryu's first kiss

Moments later, he locates Urara, shocked by how different she made him look, but soon gets down to business. They head outside and kiss each other, swapping back. Ryu then wishes to go elsewhere, asking Urara to return to the classroom, but she refuses and follows him. He tries to explain to her that it may be dangerous when he loses his memories, but Urara explains that she will kiss him the moment he does to remind him of the Witches. Ryu tries to stop her, but Urara follows behind him. Eventually, he turns around, but trips on a rock and lands on top of her. he apologizes, but Urara reminds him that she was the first to kiss him, and she will regain that spot no matter what.

Shortly afterwards, Ryu removes himself from his position and Urara leaves, a happy and blushing Ryu feeling accomplished. He then begins to wonder what he shall do next, but before long, a figure appears behind him. Turning around, Ryu faces the final Witch, Rika Saionji.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Haruma Yamazaki
  2. Ryu Yamada
  3. Mikoto Asuka
  4. Urara Shiraishi
  5. Rika Saionji

Abilities used


  • Urara and Ryu's classroom is again labeled as Class 2-A.


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