Underwear is Where It's At! is the 67th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Haruma explains to Ryu that everyone has forgotten about him. Despite the fact, he heads to the Supernatural Studies Club and joins the group, where he tries to befriend everyone once again. However, things do not turn out as planned, as a hurt Ryu comes to terms with his solitude.


An angry Ryu arrives at the Student Council office

An angry Ryu arrives at the Student Council office

Rushing into the Student Council office, Ryu demands that Haruma explains himself. Putting his hand on his forehead, he announces that he was right to believe that Ryu had the wrong idea. He listens as Haruma begins to explain that this solely happened because Ryu cannot be affected by the Witch powers. He also reveals that only the President may know of the seven Witches, which is why he was forced to make the decision, explaining to Ryu that the memories will never return to his friends. Haruma hugs him, asking him to forgive him, but Ryu pushes him away, reminding him that he does not mind if he is forgotten. Haruma suggests that Ryu should become the next president, but he refuses. Albeit, he assures him that Toranosuke will be the next President.

Happy without him

The group is happy without him

He asks Ryu what he plans on doing next, wondering if he will go back to his friends. He offers to introduce Toranosuke to him, but Ryu begs him not to. He leaves the office, wondering what to do now. Suddenly, he announces that he has an idea. He heads to the club and everyone is utterly shocked when they hear that he wants to join. They discuss his entry, but Urara announces that there is no problem with it. He tries to get close with them, using his knowledge as a base. However, they simply act as if they do not care, leading Ryu to leave the room momentarily. When he return however, he gazes through the door, and watches as they begin to enjoy themselves without him. Hurt, he leaves. Urara turns her head as she hears the closing door.

Ryu heads to the roof, where he comes to terms with what is happening, admitting that he has no problem being alone. At the same time, Shinichi watches from behind a wall.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Mikoto Asuka
  2. Haruma Yamazaki
  3. Ryu Yamada
  4. Urara Shiraishi
  5. Toranosuke Miyamura
  6. Kentaro Tsubaki
  7. Miyabi Ito
  8. Shinichi Tamaki

Abilities used

  • Amnesia


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