Could It Be Me?!! is the 70th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Urara's answer leaves Ryu wondering who the person she loves could be. When he comes across Miyabi, he realizes that, in Urara's memories, he is replaced with other people. Eventually, he tells Shinichi that he will join forces with him to take down the Student Council.


Urara loves someone already

Renaming speechless after Ryu asks her if she would like to go out with him, he soon realizes what he just asked her. Eventually, Urara apologizes, leading Ryu to claim that it is okay. Howbeit, she quickly announces that she is in love with someone else, shocking Ryu beyond disbelief. She runs out of the classroom, apologizing, as Shinichi watches on. He enters the room, watching as Ryu weeps in despair. He reminds him that life keeps on, only to then ask him if he would like to join forces with him once again. At the same time, Ryu angrily questions who this person could be, leaving the room to gather information. Staying behind, Shinichi is surprised by his reaction.

Moments later, he encounters Miyabi, explaining to her that he has left the club. After she expresses that she saw it coming, she reminds Ryu that he would simply not fit in. Additionally, she claims that Urara is in love with Toranosuke, as other guys do not stand a chance against him. Stunned, he wonders what she means, only to be told that Urara had a fateful encounter with Toranosuke when they fell down the stairs together. Realizing that, that was his encounter with Urara, he questions if he has been replaced with Toranosuke in her memories. Miyabi then tells Ryu that it could be Kentaro, as he caught some peepers; something which Ryu did.

Ryu will join forces with Shinichi

She then states that it could be her that she is in love with, as she told her that it is because of her that she enjoys school now; something which she told Ryu. Miyabi then wonders why Ryu is so interested. Regardless, she reveals to him that Urara claims she cannot remember who it is she is in love with. He heads back to the classroom, where Shinichi awaits for him and berates him for his actions. Getting up, he asks Shinichi if he believes that what Haruma said about the Witch's members being gone for good is true. He claims that he is not sure, surprised when Ryu announces that he will side with him, but in return he wants him to help Urara regain her memories.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Shinichi Tamaki
  2. Ryu Yamada
  3. Urara Shiraishi
  4. Miyabi Ito

Abilities used

  • Amnesia


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