You're A Real Creep! is the 74th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

With her memories now back, Nene is updated, including the fact that Toranosuke will be the next Student Council President. Noted fact leads her to disband her group, and reveal to Ushio that she will go after what she really wants, without the use of her power.


Nene wants to know what is going on

Nene wants to know what is going on

Nene reveals that Ushio has forgotten about him as well, questioning what is going on. Ryu is in disbelief, while Shinichi concludes that it was the kiss that released Nene from Rika's power. Ryu begins to look back, explaining that he kissed Toranosuke and nothing happened. Shinichi states that it must only work on Witch. Before they can continue, Nene angrily calls their attention, asking them to explain what is going on. They eventually tell her what is happening, prompting Ryu to question if she truly remembers him. When she responds affirmatively, Ryu displays a smile. Shinichi then wonders why Haruma simply did not not have Nene's memories wiped again, with Ryu's only conclusion being that he is not aware they have returned.

Nene frees Ushio

Nene frees Ushio

Nene suddenly questions what happened with the presidential election, shocked upon being told that Toranosuke got the credit for Ryu's discovery. She stomps to the door, claiming that she will ask Haruma herself, but before she can, Ryu thanks her for remembering him. She slams the door shut, blushing. Now outside, Nene is met by Ushio, who urges her to come up with a plan. She heads to their headquarters, where she disbands her group and claims that she is no longer interested in the Student Council. Albeit surprised, they leave. Ushio stays behind, with Nene thanking him for all of his hard work. Soon enough, she closes in to kiss him, but he evades her and questions her sudden change. Nene reveals that Toranosuke has won as she kisses Ushio, releasing him from her power. She leaves the room, but Ushio follows her. She stops and asks if he is still under her control. He assures her that she has lifted the spell, but his love for her remains. Regardless, Nene begs him to stay away from her.

Ushio claims that he will, but begs to know where she is headed. Looking out the window, Nene explains that, although she had her power, she never got what she truly wanted. With a blush across her face, she looks back at Ushio, assuring him that she will get what she wants without it. Back in the classroom, Ryu and Shinichi wonder what to do next, that is until Nene appears and offers her help. Coming close to him, she reminds him of the problem at hand, asking for him to follow her. Meanwhile, Shinichi watches as Ryu is left questioning Nene's behavior.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Nene Odagiri
  2. Ryu Yamada
  3. Shinichi Tamaki
  4. Ushio Igarashi

Abilities used

  • Amnesia
  • Charm


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