Perverted, Just Perverted! is the 80th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Haruma sends out a letter to all of the Witches, asking them to meet at a certain room on a set date. However, Nene quickly informs the Witches who have been freed from Rika's power that they must get all of the Witches together before then. At the same time, Ryu heads out to kiss Urara, but is shocked upon discovering that someone else is posing to be her.


The Witches get a letter

The Witches get a letter

All of the Witches receive a letter from the Student Council instructing them to head to a specific room, which Nene claims is where the ritual will be held. Maria announces that she does not wish to go, but Meiko assures her that if they do not go, they will be in trouble. Meanwhile, Noa complains and Shinichi holds a letter in his hands, realizing that he is being called a Witch. Subsequently, Nene concludes that Haruma is trying to get all of the Witches together before they can. However, she tells the others that they have until the date on the paper to get all of the Witches together and hold the ritual themselves. They leave the room, prompting Nene to question where Ryu is. Shinichi explains that once he discovered the letter, he rushed towards Urara. As they walk out the room, Rika appears and greets them. Nene questions her presence, only to be told that she is outraged.

Rika reveals that Haruma will remove Ryu

Rika reveals that Haruma will remove Ryu

Rika asks them to stop digging into her past, but Nene insists that they need to know more. Once she asks why no one knows who she is, she explains that it is because she is the Seventh Witch and due to the fact that she erases memories. Shinichi questions what Haruma has been doing, only for Rika to reveal that Haruma has been bothered by Ryu, and thus he will be removed; she leaves. In the Supernatural Studies Club, Ryu arrives and confronts Urara, asking her to kiss him. In shock, Miyabi questions what is going on. However, Urara simply denies him, as Miyabi is here. Ryu does not step down, leading Miyabi to stand in front of Urara and protect her. Albeit, Urara claims that Ryu would not force anyone to kiss him. Just then, Ryu pushes Miyabi aside, claiming that he will do just that. He grabs her face and mentally begs her to remember him. Before he can kiss her, he opens his eyes and watches as Urara tells him that noting will happen if kisses her, her behavior prompting inquisition. She jumps from the chair, landing behind Ryu and being asked for her identity.

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Abilities used

  • Amnesia
  • Body Swapping


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