I Have Underwear! is the 83rd chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Rika announces that she will only help them out if Leona returns to school. Ryu wishes to leave her out of this, but Leona calls them to her house and explains to them that she was part of the Supernatural Studies Club before, along with Haruma.


Rika's demand

Rika's demand

Rika decides that she will work with the trio, but on one condition, asking them to bring Leona back to school. They look at her in question, but are told that Leona is the only one who was capable of avoiding having her memories erased and her pride will not let that pass. Nene and Shinichi get ready to ask Leona, but as they walk towards the door, Ryu claims that they cannot do such thing, asking if there is something else they could do. Rika refuses, kicking them out while telling them to return only if Leona is with them. Outside, Nene yells at Ryu for stomping on their only chance, but he reminds her that they cannot bring her into this as Rika could simply remove her memories once again after the ceremony is over, and since she is not a Witch, Ryu would not be able to help her out.

Leona along with Haruma

Leona along with Haruma

Meanwhile, Toranosuke heads out, watching as his sister looks out the window. Looking at a picture, she reminds herself that she must prepare for anything. Back at Suzaku High School, the trio ponders their next action, an angry Nene breaking the silence. Ryu looks at his phone, checking an email sent by Leona, asking them to head to her house. Once they arrive, she asks them to update her on their conversation with Rika, with Ryu claiming that nothing much happened, as Rika refused them. Regardless, Leona is able to figure about that Rika wants her to go back to school. She gets up and hugs Ryu, thanking him for being so kind-hearted. Shinichi and Nene watch in disbelief, only to be asked if they wants hugs too. She reveals to the trio that the reason they are in this mess if because of her, explaining that she was a member of the Supernatural Studies Club.

She announces that another member was there as well, and they searched for the Witches together. However, when they found the Seventh Witch, Leona ran away and the other member's memories were erased. She hands Ryu an image, showing him the face of the other member: Haruma. Shocked, they question how he was able to become president if he lost his memories. Leona admits that he is Student Council President for her sake.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Rika Saionji
  2. Ryu Yamada
  3. Shinichi Tamaki
  4. Nene Odagiri
  5. Toranosuke Miyamura
  6. Leona Miyamura
  7. Haruma Yamazaki (flashback)

Abilities used

  • Amnesia


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