That's The End Of The Club! is the 84th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Recollecting old memories of when she was in school and part of the Supernatural Studies Club, Leona announces that Rika came to them as a trial member, but eventually revealed her true colors.


Haruma will become Student Council President for Leona

Haruma will become Student Council President for Leona

Leona looks back on the events that lead Haruma to assume presidency for her sake, revealing that it was a year prior, shortly after the Spring, finding herself looking for clues on the final Witch. When she questions Haruma's opinion, the latter solely ponders their lack of new entries to the Supernatural Studies Club. Leona, however, assures him that once they gather all seven Witches, they will be able to make a wish. Haruma reminds her that the former club president informed her that the final Witch manipulates memories and once they learn her name, the person's memories will be gone. Leona claims that she is aware of that, but admits that it is the only way for them to save the club. Albeit, Haruma announces that if he were to become Student Council president, it can stay alive. Leona contradicts his thinking, informing him that once he becomes president, he would not be able to visit the club. But he assures her that he will, in order to spend time with her, making her blush.

Leona narrates that she loved those peaceful day, and on a similar day, Rika, a senior just like them, asked if she could join the club as a trial member. Leona warmly welcomes her, but Rika can only glare at her. Rika begins to ask Haruma questions about the items around the room, giggling as she looks at Leona.

Haruma kisses Leona

Haruma kisses Leona

For the following days, she would come to the club, making it obvious to Leona that she was in love with Haruma. However, Haruma reveals to Rika that it is because of Leona that he wishes to become president, which angers her beyond disbelief. After noted incident, Rika stopped coming to the club, but Haruma stilled continued to run for presidency. Until one day, however, when Haruma comes into the Supernatural Studies Club room and tells Leona that she must run away. He explains to her that Rika is the seventh Witch, as she herself revealed it to him in the Student Council's office, in hopes of removing their memories after having learned her name. Leona refuses to leave Haruma alone, but he assures her that he will not forget her as he lands a kiss on her lips. Leona subsequently reveals that, that was the last time she saw Haruma.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Ryu Yamada
  2. Shinichi Tamaki
  3. Leona Miyamura
  4. Haruma Yamazaki (flashback)
  5. Rika Saionji (flashback)

Abilities used

  • None


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