Weakling!!! is the 86th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After capturing Mikoto and returning Urara back to normal, all seven Witches gather at Suzaku High School to perform the ceremony, with Ryu and Shinichi present.


Nene and Shinichi approach Mikoto

Nene and Shinichi approach Mikoto

Miyabi gets up to go to the bathroom, informing Mikoto, who is inside Urara's body. Once she leaves, Nene and Shinichi appear from within a box, in costumes, claiming that they will capture her. Mikoto simply watches as they run towards her, evading their every move. Shinichi decides to get serious, only to be kicked by Mikoto. Nene announces that she is next, but she simply snaps her fingers and has all of the Witches appear. They eventually grab her and tie her up, with Nene announcing that now it is up to Ryu. At Mikoto's house, Toranosuke explains to Ryu that his sister asked for him to bring him here, expressing his shock once she started going back to school. They eventually manage to enter Mikoto's house, greeted by the house keeper, who tells them that Mikoto asked to be alone. Toranosuke turns to face Ryu, but he suddenly disappears.

Running to Mikoto's room, he opens the door and finds Urara reading books, who is too ashamed to look at him after doubting what he told her about her powers. Ryu pulls her close to him, telling her that it does not matter; apologizing for taking so long. Urara begins to cry, revealing that she was scared. Ryu tells her not to worry, as he shall return her back to normal. He opens the window and tells her to hurry, as everyone is waiting. Meanwhile, Toranosuke is talking to the house keeper, questioning where Ryu is. A storm begins brewing around Suzaku High School. Nene look around as all of the Witches are present, with Urara back in her body. In the center of it all, Ryu announces that everything is now ready.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Abilities used

  • Amnesia
  • Body Swapping


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