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No-Underwear Policy!! is the 89th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

After reuniting with the member of the Supernatural Studies Club, Ryu gathers everyone who knows about the Witches, telling them that his wish was for all of the Witch powers to disappear from Suzaku High School. They support his decision, but Ryu seeks Urara out, asking to speak to her in private.


Welcome back party

Ryu enters the club room, finding several drinks and food on the table. After questioning what is going on, Urara and the others enter room and, throwing confetti up in the air to welcome him back. He reminds them that it was them who regained their memories, making them gasp. Regardless, they welcome him back after everything that has happened. Miyabi announces that today they shall drink and party, which they all begin to do. She then offers Urara a piece of cake, which she accepts. Ryu looks at her, blushing and turning to face another direction. Kentaro then offers to chug a cup of coke down Ryu's mouth, but he interrupts him, calming that he has something to tell them. Albeit, Miyabi tells him that Urara has already told them about the Witch Ceremony; asking him if they can now make any Witch they want at any given time.

Ryu reveals his wish

Ryu dismisses the inquiry as the others begin to announce the things they would like to wish for. Toranosuke notes that, despite knowing of the Seventh Witch, their memories still remain. Just then, Ryu tells them that, that is what he wanted to talk to them about, including the people who know of the Witches. A knock is heard at the door, with three Witches entering the room, assuring Ryu that they have not used their powers like he asked them. Subsequently, Nene and Shinichi enter the room, looking suspicious. Nene asks him if he is going to confess to Urara, while Shinichi questions if he will ask them to let him join the club. Howbeit, Ryu denies both questions, angering them. Before long, Haruma and Leona enter the room, with Rika defending the former from Leona. Eventually, they urge Ryu to reveal what it is that he wants to tell them.

Ryu turns around and reveals that he did not wish for their memories to return, rather, for all of the Witch powers to disappear from Suzaku High School. Shocked, the group questions him. Toranosuke moves in to kiss him, to see if his statement is valid. When he does, nothing happens, as confirmed by Meiko. Maria kisses Miyabi, but sees nothing. At the same time, Noa announces that she did not have any nightmares the previous night. The group supports Ryu's decision, thanking him for everything he has done for them. They continue to party, but Ryu seeks Urara out, asking if they can speak in private.

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