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Tea! is the 92nd chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Toranosuke, as the new Student Council President, elects Ryu as his secretary, and asks Nene and Shinichi to work under him. The group then moves towards electing two, new Vice-Presidents, with five applicants in line.


Ordering Ryu around

Prepared to form the new Student Council, Toranosuke calls forth Nene, the Clerk, and Shinichi, the Treasurer. The two complain about working under him, but Toranosuke assures them that he has his reason behind recruiting them. Before Nene can asks, Toranosuke snaps his fingers, ordering Ryu to bring him his tea. Once he does, he sends him back to make it again, claiming that its taste is tepid, angering the latter. He explains to Nene and Shinichi that he is solely the Secretary because Toranosuke threatened to make Urara the Secretary if he refused. Shinichi and Nene note that the Secretary must always be by the President's side, prompting Toranosuke to admit that he is aware, and that he likes Ryu. However, Shinichi denotes that it is simply because Ryu is simple-minded and easy to use. Toranosuke asks the two once again if they will work under him, leading them to ponder. They eventually agree, and begin to order Ryu around.

Candidates for Student Council Vice Presidents

Toranosuke then announces that their first task will be electing two, new Student Council Vice Presidents, bringing out a list of applications. He informs the two that he intends to reenact what Haruma did, narrowing it down to five First-Year students. He tells them that they will start the process after school, surprising Ryu. Soon enough, school ends and the Student Council begins the interviews. Three applicants hand their questioner to Ryu, showing their dislike for him. The fourth entry, Jin Kurosaki, calls his attention, rudely handing it to him. Holding himself back, he is later approached by applicant number 5, Midori Arisugawa, who hands him her application after questioning if she finished in time. They soon begin the interviews, with Ryu asking them to form a line. Eventually, Toranosuke and the others finish, and talk about the candidates. Nene and Shinichi claim that number four and five, Jin and Midori, are out of the question, while the other three candidates seem like potential Vice Presidents. However, Ryu notes how the last two candidates were the only ones who acted like themselves throughout the whole time. With that in mind, Toranosuke announces the two new Vice Presidents: Jin and Midori. Meanwhile, Ryu sneaks out of the room.

He runs towards the Supernatural Studies Club, looking for Urara, but finds the room empty. Nene walks pass him, telling him that she would not wait that long for him. She begins to question if he would like to walk home with her, but Urara returns from the bathroom just then, prompting Shinichi to asks Nene if she would like him to walk her home.

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