Susshi is the 97th chapter of Miki Yoshikawa's Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo.

Taking the day off, Ryu heads to the Supernatural Studies Club, where Noa tells him that the second volume of Witch notes is missing. She also reveals to him that she has found one of the new Witches, but will not tell him unless he accepts to kiss her.


Noa hugs Ryu

Noa hugs Ryu

Realizing that locating the Witches will not be easy, Toranosuke tells the others that they can take the day off, as he will be doing something different today. Nene announces that she wants to go shopping, with Midori asking if she can tag along. Shinichi claims that he will be going to the book store, while Jin is reminded that a new volume is out. Meanwhile, Ryu ponders where to go, eventually deciding to head to the Supernatural Studies Club, where Miyabi is taking photos of a duck and Kentaro is cooking. They invite him in after noticing that he is standing at the door, and they begin to eat. Ryu asks them if this is what they have been doing, prompting them to remind him that no one comes to the club anymore. He apologizes, but reminds them that the Student Council is keeping him busy. Suddenly, Noa appears from under the table, hugging Ryu as she tells him that she misses him.

After teasing him, she asks if he knows where the second note of Witches is located. Miyabi reminds her that she had them, but Noa claims that it disappeared. Miyabi heads to where they keep the first volume, shocked upon realizing that their volume is missing as well. Noa questions if Ryu has found the new Witches, leading him to take her outside and question her. Noa reveals that she came across a Witch, but she will not tell him her name unless he kisses her after kissing a Witch, to put her under a shield as well. Ryu eventually agrees to do it, and Noa takes him to the gym. She explains to him that the girl's basketball team has changed, blaming it on a Witch power. Noa tells him that the Witch is player number four, Tsubasa Konno; shocking him.

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  • In their release, Crunchyroll mistranslated the name of the first new witch as Tsubaki Konno.


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