The Graduation arc is the eleventh story arc of the Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo series.


while the Supernatural Studies Club having their time, Yamazaki suddenly came and told Yamada that he needs his help, afterwards the help was to help Yamazaki confess to Leona, and Yamazaki asked Yamada to ask how Leona feels to Yamazaki. When Yamada thinking how to ask Leona suddenly Rika shows up and ask Yamada how to confess to Yamazaki and tells him if shes' finally go out with Yamazaki, she will tell him how to retrieve the lost memories and then Yamada and Miyamura went to Leona's to ask, but Yamada was trying to use his power from Kotori's mind-reading power and got caught by Leona herself. Leona asks what are they talking about her and intimidate them using her scissors skills and made Yamada tells everything about Yamazaki sent him to asks how Leona feels about Yamazaki, and Leona says that she likes him too and said that she want everyone has to graduate with smile. And so does Yamada's interest about Asuka true intentions why she and Ushio made the Japanese Chess Club.

Witches and Powers Introduced

  • Ch. 181 = Konno Tsubaki, Submission Power
  • Ch. 182 = Chikushi Aiko, Foresight


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