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Sarushima Maria


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171 cm (5'7")[1]


October 26[2] ( SCORPIO ♏♏ )

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Suzaku High School Suzaku High School
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Cheerleading Team (OAD only)

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Suzaku High School

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Chapter 33

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Episode 7

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Yuki Takao

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Tabitha Ray

Maria Sarushima (猿島 マリア Sarushima Maria) was the witch of Premonition of Rika Saionji's set, before losing her powers.


Maria is a tall girl with long pink hair that she always wears in a ponytail by a yellow bow and, like almost all female characters in the series, exposed ears with long locks in front of them, amber-brown eyes, a slender build and large breasts.

In her initial appearances away from school, she is usually seen wearing tanktops and shorts, but when she returns to Suzaku High, she wears the standard school uniform.

Other than that, she wears hoop earrings.


Maria is a generally very friendly and easygoing girl who is rarely shown to be in a bad mood and easily able to talk to anyone. She is physically affectionate towards her friends as she likes to kiss and hug them. She is also shown to have a flirtatious streak, especially towards Ryu Yamada as she comes with a few suggestive comments around him and even uses her tongue to kiss him. Due to her flirtatious  and friendly personality along with her attractive look, Maria is a relatively popular student.

While mostly a positive character, Maria has shown some subtle negative traits: she gave up trying to prevent the fire from occurring at the school and simply shut herself away at home and doesn't ask anyone for help, partly because she didn't think that anyone would believe that she can see the future. Prior to meeting Ryu, Maria has only been shown to use her power for herself only.  

Maria abusing her power for self gain.

Had she never meet Ryu and understanding the negative side of her power, she is likely to be the witch who abuses her power for self gain the most, as shown during the time that her memories of Ryu were erased: she clearly uses her power to gain high score in the exam and alike. By meeting with Ryu, she understands that sometimes the future aren't meant to be see, both in good futures and bad futures, and only use her power to help Ryu and his friends when needed.


Sometimes before the story, Maria returned from studying oversea to Suzaki Highschool. She was chosen to be among the six "smartest girls" to be one of the seven witches, in her case, the Premonition Witch. Due to her often kissing her friends and alike for greeting, Maria quickly acknowledged her power and uses it for day by day personal gain: predicting future exam, free period and alike.

However, one day Maria foresaw a terrible tragedy of the old school building being burned down after kissing Kentaro Tsubaki, and that she is blamed as the perpetrate alongside an outcast student named Ryu Yamada with no one believes her words at all. Fearing for this, Maria stopped going to school in order to prevent the event from happening but to no success.


Futuristic Arc

Many months later, Maria is visited by Ryu Yamada and Toranosuke Miyamura who come to confirm about the fact that she is a witch from Meiko Otsuka, another witch in the same class as her. Although initially only asking them to help her cleanup her house, Maria eventually decides to tell Ryu of the problem after seeing that their meeting must be destined even though she tried to avoid him before. Hearing this, Ryu agrees to help her and ask to kiss her to copy her power. Although a bit shocked, Maria feels very happy and wishes that she can go to school again.

Later, after studying her power and its effect carefully with the help of Meiko, the group come to conclusion that Kentaro Tsubaki is behind the accident at the old school building, with his failed love confession toward Urara Shiraishi being the cause. With Maria being at risk of being expelled, Ryu decides to confront Kentaro to stop him but to no avail. The group decides to stall Kentaro instead by having Ryu in Urara's body lures him far away from the school until the time that the fire breaks out with Maria using her power on Miyabi Ito to see if the future is changed or not. During this time, Maria foresees the worst future with Urara being blamed for arson instead of her or Ryu. Fortunately, Ryu is able to swap body with Kentaro in time to prevent the accident. 

Although happy and grateful to Ryu's help, Maria learns a valuable lesson from this accident to not abuse her power: the future that she sees cannot be controlled and sometimes both good and bad futures aren't meant to be know of.

Culture Festival Arc

By the end of the day of the Culture Festival, Maria happily claims that she is thankful to have a power of use. Ryu Yamada thanks her back, sitting by a wall, She ponders on how many people he had to kiss. She asks if they are even now, he reminds her that she does not have to pay him back for stopping the fire. She then asks him if it is possible to lose her Witch powers, without changing schools. He questions her reasoning, as she tells him that she does not like her power. Due to always knowing what to expect, only being half as happy when she sees a good future, and worse as she sees a bad future, noting how they nearly failed to stop the fire. She also notes that recently witches are targeting her because of her power. She then gives her main reason, wanting to fall in love, without seeing their future every time they kiss. They watch as the festival continues.[3]

Witch Hunting Arc

Maria is asked by Nene Odagiri if she could get her future read, which she agrees as well as to go to her house to study.[4] In Nene's house, Maria is lectured by Nene for not understanding the problem, commenting she should calm down. Earlier that night, she is kissed by Ryu Yamada, causing her to remember him. After Meiko Otsuka had fallen asleep, She notes that when she wakes up her memories will be back, which Nene confirms. She hugs Ryu, comforting him for his loneliness over the past few days, adding that he should have kissed her sooner. She notes that she would do anything for him, with Shinichi Tamaki noting that that he was forgotten as well. As Shinichi reminds them that the team has now grown exponentially, she announces her Premonition power. However after Ryu announces his, she the others question if they really need the use of two identical powers.[5] The following day, she and the others tell Ryu that about their plan, which if something goes awry she will use her premonition power to correct it. Proud of their plan, they await for complements, but Ryu complains, making them glare at him. As Shinichi arrives, stating he failed, she is surprised to hear this and she is accompanied by Saeko Fukazawa, who asks a favor. She listens as she requests them to stop Noa Takigawa, making her question why.[6] Later after Ryu brings Noa to the Nurse's Office, from the outside she and Meiko laugh as Shinichi holds back a jealous Nene.[7]

Winter Break Arc

Maria finds Ryu Yamada around the halls, having thought of visiting him. She shows him that she had won a modeling contest, she then leaves with two of her friends, Ryu says that he is impressed with her.[8]

Second Witch War Arc

Maria was asked to help the Student Council experiment on the new witch power they obtained. However, she gently refused as she had a photo-shoot for her modeling career.[9]

Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

After Shinichi Tamaki wishes to bring back all the memories, Maria starts to remember all her erased memories.[10] Which some time after, she visits Ryu Yamada about this where she rants to him that he should have told her sooner.[11]

Former Abilities

Premonition: Maria's witch abilities is Premonition, when Maria kisses another person she can foresee a brief scene in the future. It is noted that the scenes she sees are from the point of view of the person she kissed. However, she cannot control what she could see in the future, for both good and bad one, and that the future itself cannot be changed unless there is another witch power involved in the equation. She lost this power after Ryu Yamada wished for all witch powers to disappear from the school.

Appearances in Other Media


Second Coming of the Suzaka Fest: A Hot Springs Resort! Everyone Gather Up!

Maria along with the cheerleaders are practicing their cheer as Urara Shiraishi, Ryu Yamada and Miyabi Ito are running behind them towards the Supernatural Studies Club room. Later at the School Clubhouse she and the Cheerleading Team decide to use it for their training spot. She then asks them if they're ready to practice their pyramid routine, which they all answers with a yes. Back at Suzaka High while the cheerleaders are practicing, Ryu and Toranosuke Miyamura ask her if she could help them with their dance for the festival, calling them awesome for doing so. As Toranosuke asks her, she thinks about it until one of her teammates call her, which she responds that she's coming. She apologizes that she can't, as their cheer practice is still going on and that she can't do both. She then says goodbye as she heads to her team. Later the club members are called to the Student Council Office to determine what order the teams will perform in, with Maria selected to pick for her team.[12]

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!


Ryu Yamada

In Chapter 34, Maria blushed when Ryu said to kiss him and it seems that she doesn't mind him after they kissed. She thanked Ryu by giving him a hug for helping stop the fire, which allowed her to return to school and was amused by his shy behavior. They became good friends afterwards and she doesn't hesitate to show Ryu her modeling pictures once he helped her lose her witch power.


The Precognition Witch of the first set
Preceded by Years Succeeded by
Unknown 2010-2011 Unknown Third Year Student


  • The name Maria means "wished-for child", "beloved", "love" and "star of the sea" in Latin, which is referring to her being friendly and popular.
    • While Maria is a Japanese name, it is also a western name.
  • Maria's surname Sarushima means "monkey" (猿) (saru) and "island" (島) (shima), which is reffering to her playful personality.


  • Maria placed 10th on the character popularity poll in 2016.


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