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Masamune Ichijo

一条 政宗


Ichijo Masamune


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Masamune Ichijo (一条 政宗 Ichijo Masamune) is a witch in Rui's set, with the power of Provocation. He had competed in the election for the New Student Council President, having lost once Ushio erased Nene's speech about him just before the voting had started.[1]


Masamune's Appearance

Masamune is a boy with messy light-colored hair, some strands pointing up. According to Ryu he is quite short, even compared to Yuri Miura of the Shogi Club.

His uniform consists of a black jacket with a white vest and collared shirt underneath each. He also wears a blue tie tucked underneath his vest, plaid plants and leather shoes. He later appears without his jacket, using only his white vest and collared shirt.


Agressively wants to become Student Council President

Masamune is mostly known for his ambition: his desire to become a leader. However, according to Midori and Jin, Masamune has a very bad attitude towards his classmates and always misses his class as well as being oppressive, reckless, and self-centered in general, which doesn't really help with his goal. He is also described as an attention seeker.

Whenever he failed in becoming a leader of something, Masamune seems to lose interest in it entirely with the exception of his attempt to become a Student Council President, which he repeatedly attempted but always failed. Despite not being a member of Shogi Club, he is willing to cooperate with them to achieve his goal. He is also somewhat of a coward, nearly exposing the entire plan to Ryu when threatened by him.


Second Witch War Arc

In the meeting room, Masamune stands to announce a speech for the rally, greeting everyone for coming to the rally. He starts by saying that he was called to do a speech, however he states that he hates long winded speeches and gets straight to the point. Instructing them to destroy the current student council as he will be the new president. Afterwards the new members fall in line, he casts a spell on them with his hand shakes. He greets Ryu as he comes, with the latter greeting him as well.[1]

In the halls he sees the Student Council marching to the Shogi Club room. He notes to himself that they are finally up to speed.[2]

Watching from the distance, he chuckles and praises Yuri's power on Meiko's speech. He notes that the Student Council will soon be gone.[3] The following day, a notice is posted for the entire school to see, which dictates that the current Student Council has been removed from office. Meanwhile, the Shogi Club members watch from the side, Masamune claiming that he will be the next President.[4]

Later, Ichijo enters the Shogi Club Room carrying boxes, as Kaori asks him if he wants some tea, he snaps, whining about it. After Mutta had lost against Yuri, he jokingly asks if he lost again.[5] As Kaori announces to start strategizing for the election, Masamune along with the boys of the Shogi Club head towards the door. She asks them where they are going, with Masamune responding that they will go to the bathroom, as Mutta asks if she would like to come with them. She jokingly calls them gross and acuses them of sexual harassment.[6]

Much later on Monday, Masamune and Yuri went to Urara's house to lift the spell on her. Informing her that it wasn't necessary anymore.[7]


Handshake of provocation

Provocation (扇動Sendō): By shaking hands with another person, Masamune makes that person be filled with discontent and unable to keep their emotions in check. The power appears to not be instantaneous but grows stronger overtime until the victim is unable to contain their emotions longer, allowing them to be easily manipulated. The power varies in effect among each person, and the emotions ignited can be anything but mostly jealousy.


  • His name Masamune can be translated as "political domination", while his surname Ichijo means "number one article", fitting his ambitious personality and goal.


The Emotion Manipulation Witch of the first set
Preceded by Years Succeeded by
Nene Odagiri January 2013 Incumbent


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