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Arisugawa Midori


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Chapter 92

Midori Arisugawa (有栖川 翠 Arisugawa Midori) is one of the current Vice-Presidents of the Student Council, alongside Jin Kurosaki.


Midori has long straight pink hair that curls at the end, light-colored eyes or dark-colored eyes, a more noticeably very voluptuous figure where she sports the largest breasts of all the female characters and an average height.

She is mostly seen wearing school uniform of Suzaku High School and she has a rather scantily choice in undergarment (as later revealed by Ryu Yamada).


Midori appears to be an airhead brainless beauty at first glance to most people. However, this belies an intelligent and somewhat manipulative personality. So far, she has shown understanding in the witches' powers and skillfully manipulates people into doing her bidding. She's also a lively and cheerful girl and appears to be popular with boys but seems to have little to no social life as she was not seen or known to hang out with any friends prior to being part of the student council as found out by Ryu Yamada during their body switch.

It is later revealed that in the past, Midori was something of a prodigy. She believed that her life was planned and there wasn't anything meaningful until Jin Kurosaki told her to join Suzaku Highschool.


According to Midori's parents, she used to run away often.[1]


Student Council Formation Arc

After the Student Council gains a new president, Midori sends an application to become a vice-president. She was later selected to be one of the top five candidates.[2] Later after school, she was called to wait by the Interview Room, writing her answers on a questionnaire.[3] After finishing, she stutters as she gives Ryu Yamada her answer sheet, worrying asking if she missed the time to give. She is relieved to hear that she isn't, she greets him a good day walking away. However, Ryu calls her attentions as she hasn't done the interview yet, she turns around and apologizes. As the others begin to chatter, she asks them if they want candy. She and the others are soon told to quietly sit and wait.[4] During her interview she acts relatively the same, being described as an airhead Nene Odagiri and Shinichi Tamaki.[5]

Seven New Witches Arc

After gathering information on Kotori Moegi, Ryu Yamada explains to Midori and Jin Kurosaki the reason why they were asked to do so. She starts of that Kotori is a typical quiet student, only having to friends in her class. She then remembers that Toranosuke Miyamura sent Ryu a doll to use. After Kotori finds them, she and Jin runs away.[6]

Winter Break Arc

Second Witch War Arc

In the office as they try to experiment with Yuri Miura's power, Midori and Nene Odagiri explain that Maria Sarushima and Meiko Otsuka are busy and they refused. She then watches as Ryu Yamada attempts to activate the power on Noa Takigawa. She then listens to Nancy as she states that Noa is under the spell.[7]

The next day, she and Nene watch an outdoor speech, Nene questions how it happened, with Midori telling her to not be loud. She watches as Meiko gives a speech about the unfairness of the Student Council.[8]

After Shinichi Tamaki had finished his speech, Midori is surprised to hear that he will do another. She then suggest to use his power, though he declines to do this, she then complains shaking her head.[9]

later during the voting, she gets her memories of Nene's speech erased by Ushio Igarashi, forgetting both him, Ryu and Masamune Ichijo.[10]

Stolen Notes Arc

The next day in the office, Midori and Jin Kurosaki ask Shinichi Tamaki on what to do about the witches causing havoc. Nene Odagiri asks to give them the report, which she announces about the problems of Tsubasa Konno, Akane Kikuchi and three witches causing a disaster. Before she can add another, Nene stops her. She then listens as Shinichi shouts at Nene about his position.[11]

A couple of days later, Midori is surprised to see Shinichi bring Ryu Yamada to the Student Council Office. As she, Nene and Jin are told to leave the room by Shinichi, she questions on what he wants that involves Ryu.[12]

Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

In the Office, Midori is lectured by Nene Odagiri for slacking on checking the inventory. As Ryu Yamada enters, informing that he was asked to go there, she comments that he was the secretary to Toranosuke Miyamura. Sometime before, Shinichi Tamaki had informed them about Ryu and their time together by Toranosuke's term.[13]


Master Actress: Midori is really good at impersonating people as shown when she body swapped with Ryu Yamada.

Appearances in Other Media


Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!



  • The name Midori means "green" (翠).
  • Midori's surname Arisugawa means "exist" (有) (ari), "nest" (栖) (su) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).


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