Mikoto Asuka

飛鳥 美琴


Asuka Mikoto


Female Female


165 cm (5'5")[1]


January 23

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Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

Suzaku High Symbol Suzaku High School
Student Council
Shogi Club



Previous Occupation

Student Council Secretary and Vice-President
Shogi Club President


Haruma Yamazaki

Previous Partner(s)

Ushio Igarashi

Base of Operations

Shogi Club room

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Manga Debut

Chapter 2[2]

Japanese Voice

Kana Hanazawa

English Voice

Jeannie Tirado

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Mikoto Asuka (飛鳥 美琴 Asuka Mikoto) used to be one of the three Vice-President and the secretary of the Student Council. She was the president of the Shogi Club, prior to Ushio Igarashi using the Amnesia power to erase everyone's memories.


Asuka is a girl of average height with long indigo straight-cut hair that she wears down with a red headband, blue eyes, a slender figure and large breasts, just like most of the female characters in the series.

Her attire consists of the Suzaku High uniform. 


Not much is known about Mikoto, but according to Ryu Yamada, she is "that girl I always see with the president", indicating that her relationship with Haruma Yamazaki is close. She seems to be protective of the president, if not more as she politely warns Nene Odagiri not to include him in her circle of friends if not she would have to intervene. Beneath that layer of pleasantness, Mikoto seems to be hiding her slyness and cautiousness. She is also capable of giving a malicious aura to anyone who tries to defy her goal, as well as mocking those she deems unworthy. While normally a cool and aloof person, Mikoto can show a moment of fear and anger as seen from her reaction to Shinichi Tamaki's confidence in his intention. She is also capable of giving sympathy to others, shown when she wanted to help Ryu find a way to remove Maria Sarushima's ability.

She was described as beautiful, smart, athletic and influential, and was considered to be quite popular and well-known among most students. However she did not want this and would rather be a normal student.

She is shown to be quite sadistic as seen when she tortures Ryu due to her falling for his charm power. And later before leaving Suzaku High School for college, she brought out a whip.


During Mikoto's first year, due to her natural born beauty and being the daughter of the president of a famous company, she quickly became the topic of conversation. Added with her excellent grades and unmatched motor skills, she attracted the attention of all the students in school. However she felt pain from this, as she wanted to be an ordinary student.[3]

During her second year, Mikoto was previous secretary of the previous president of the Student Council.

Mikoto was later gathered by the previous president along with five "smartest" female students in the school for an unknown ceremony. The ceremony made her a witch with the power of Invisibility.

By November, she was chosen by Haruma Yamazaki to be his secretary. With this she felt like she could be an ordinary student.[3] Around this time, she had the Witch Killer Shinichi Tamaki take away her power for an unknown reason.


Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

In the Student Council Office, Mikoto along with the other members discuss the many complaints levied against the school's problem child, Ryu Yamada. She includes the numerous complaints about him.[4] Later they discuss about how Ryu, managed to pass the make-up exam. She also includes that the peeping incident has been solved thanks to Urara Shiraishi. As Jun is shocked to hear this, she adds that with both events, makes a very curious situation. After the president states he could care less about the situation, she sits down to have a snack with them. She then watches as Toranosuke Miyamura leaves the room, noting that he didn't want to ruin his appetite as she continues eating.[5]

In the Student Council Office, Mikoto is surprised to hear that Urara wants to go to college. She states that it brought favor to Toranosuke and that Nene Odagiri needs to catch up.[6]

Charming Telepathy Arc

In the Student Council Office, as Ryu Yamada searches for Nene Odagiri, he asks Mikoto and Jun Inose. She informs him that she didn't came to the office. She watches as he leaves, she is then asked by Jun as to why Ryu is looking for Nene, a;though she replies that she doesn't know.[7]

Witch Hunting Arc

As the Student Council has announced that there is a harasser in the school, they send Mikoto to spy on Ryu Yamada's group.[8] Later, Nene Odagiri somehow stole the keys of the Student Council from Mikoto.[9] Near the station, Mikoto slaps Ryu in the face as he and Urara Shiraishi were about to kiss. She warns him that rules are made to be followed, even if they are not on campus she states that she can not sit idly when presented with debauchery. She states her name as he realizes who she is, as she also sends a picture of him and Urara to Haruma Yamazaki.[10]

Seven New Witches Arc

Winter Break Arc

Mikoto is in the Shogi Club room as Ryu Yamada secretly watches them after having been chased by Noa Takigawa. She is playing against Ushio Igarashi after she finishes her move letting Ushio's turn start. She is informed by Ushio that he has a lot to learn from her leadership, which she replies that he has a long way to go. She then announces that they should have a break, stepping out of the room.[11]

Second Witch War Arc

The following day, a notice is posted for the entire school to see, which dictates that the current Student Council has been removed from office. Meanwhile, from the side the Shogi Club members watch. As the other members express their excitement, Mikoto and Ushio Igarashi assure them that this is only the beginning.[12]

Once the boys leave, Kaori Yasojima turns towards Mikoto, but her only concern is the black tea she requested a few minutes ago. She has no response after Kaori taps herself on the head, revealing that she forgot.[13]

Graduation Arc

It is revealed by Ushio Igarashi that the kissed they shared on the trip was to test the power and that after the first ceremony she approached him, stating she got a recommendation to a university, and wanted to help him reach his goal.[14]

In the Music Room, Mikoto plays the piano as she states she was wondering who came. She greets Ryu Yamada, stating it has been a long time. He asks what she is after and what was she trying to accomplish with the Shogi Club, which she stops playing and gives him a sly smile.[15] She continues to play, as he asks again. She asks him on why he is interested. After he gives his answer, she claims that she wanted to spend some time and being the secretary gave her a recommendation for college. She notes that she appreciates Haruma Yamazaki and Ushio, stating that they're still good friends. He retorts that she doesn't know what they are doing, which he decides to use force to reveal her real intentions. She looks back, and remarks on what a dirty doll he has, which upsets him. As he aims to kiss her with the doll, she quickly jumps and uses a music stand like a sword against Ryu. She aims for him again, as he dodges it became stuck to the wall as she struggles to get it out. She stops another of his attempts, by throwing a stand at his doll, making it hit the wall. She picks up two more stands, claiming he will meet the same fate. She runs towards him, and jabs them by the floor near his arms, asking him his honest answer. She asks why he is persistent about her, as he gives his answer, she steps on him. He finally reveals his real reason, wanting her to graduate with a smile.[16]

Ryu wants Mikoto to graduate with a smile

Ryu wants Mikoto to graduate with a smile

Hearing this, she stands and calls him a nuisance. She rests by the piano as she explains that her reason for joining the Shogi Club; was to find a replacement for Haruma. She asks him on what he thinks of her. After he gives his answers, she responds that that is how other students see her. She explains that due to her natural skills, she became the topic of conversation for the other students, however she only wanted to be normal. During November of her second year, she became the secretary of Haruma, adding that with him, she could be an ordinary student. She was happy that she could be of use to someone, but after the term was over she was alone again. Ryu notes that she approached Ushio about the Shogi Club, she notes that he was in the same position she was. She thought he could be able to replace him, however she states that he was not. She asks him if he's interested, causing him to fluster and deny. Though he notes that she still has feelings for Haruma, causing her to blush. He informs her of his idea and tells her to come to the Supernatural Studies Club room after the graduation ceremony.[17]

The Third Years graduate with smiles

Rika and the others graduate with smiles

The next day, after the graduation ceremony, Mikoto hides by some boxes in the club room. After Haruma reacts to his rejection, she reveals herself from her hiding spot, noting that he has taken an unfortunate turn. She claims that she will cheer him up, she prepares to punch him as he requested to make him realize that he is not dreaming. She starts chasing him after her first punch. After school, she and the others wave goodbye to the Supernatural Studies Club, with smiles on their faces. As they leave she pulls out a whip as Haruma starts chasing Leona.[18]


Hand to Hand Combat: Mikoto has been shown to be an expert at martial arts, being able to kick down Ryu Yamada multiple times.

Keen Intelligence: Mikoto has stated herself that her grades are quite excellent.

Piano Specialist: Mikoto has been shown to be a good pianist, having played a song on a piano correctly.

Former Abilities

Invisibility: Mikoto was able to use invisibility, until she asked Shinichi Tamaki to take it away due to her dislike towards the power. She got her power back in Chapter 87, but lost it again after Ryu wished for all witch powers to disappear from the school. To use the invisibility power, the person with the ability can kiss another to make themselves invisible to that person. It is also implied that the power will make the person forgets about the moment they kiss. This is shown through Shinichi when he attempted to kiss Ryu to make the latter forgets about him.

Appearances in Other Media


Second Coming of the Suzaku Fest: A Hot Springs Resort! Everyone Gather Up!

In the Student Council Office, Mikoto brings Haruma Yamazaki tea as Urara Shiraishi, Ryu Yamada and Miyabi Ito are run past the office as they head towards the Supernatural Studies Club room. At the School Clubhouse she calls the attention of the SSC, informing them the other clubs have already picked their acts. Nene Odagiri asks why she is there, which she replies that she's there to check on the clubs as an orders from the President. She chuckles, stating that he may have felt uneasy entrusting Nene with everything there, shocking her. She and Jun then leaves them entering another room, while informing them to keep their act within the bounds of the school's moral code. Later in the evening, she gets a call from Haruma, informing him on the teams status, noting that the most likely to win is the soccer team. She then tells him that she hasn't received a report on what the SSC will be doing. She then listens that the team in last place will be disbanded, replying that she understands and that she will keep it a secret. She states to him that she follows his orders alone. Later in the office, Mikoto holds a lottery box standing next to Haruma as he informs the clubs that they will determine what order they will perform in. After their positions had been picked, She then watches as Nene, Miyabi and Kentaro beat up Ryu as punishment. Chuckling at him as he states that they're the best for last.[19]

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!


The Invisibility Witch of the first set
Preceded byYearsSucceeded by
Unknown2010-November 2012Unknown Third Year Student


  • The name Mikoto means "beautiful" (美) (mi) and "Japanese harp" (琴) (koto).
  • Mikoto's surname Asuka means "to fly" (飛) (asu) and "bird" (鳥) (ka).



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