Mind Reading



Kotori Moegi
Ryu Yamada (through Duplication)
Ushio Igarashi (through Grasp; formerly)

Mind Reading is a Witch Power and a variation of Mentality.


The user is able to read minds by receiving the thoughts of those under the spell, the user's thoughts will also be sent to those under the power. This power can be used through a medium for it to be one way. Unlike the other two Mentality Powers, Mind Reading does not need concentration to receive or give messages. The recipient's thoughts while under this power become harder to hear when they are farther away from the user. On the contrary the closer they are the clearer the thoughts are.[1]

Risk/ Drawback

Unfortunately the messages cannot be blocked out as long as the those under the spell are nearby.

The user can be consumed by the power by either a sense of strong desire or guilt. An example of this was when Ryu desired to know what Urara thinks of him. Kotori was gradually overwhelmed with guilt of feeling responsible when the information of the students' secret she read were leaked, which nearly lead her to subconsciously abuse her power even further.[2]

Casted Spells

Name Casted By Status
Class 2-E Students
(sans Hideaki Tsurukawa)
Kotori MoegiActive
Karen KimishimaKotori MoegiActive
Urara ShiraishiKotori MoegiLifted
Kotori MoegiRyu YamadaErased
Jin KurosakiRyu YamadaErased
Midori ArisugawaRyu YamadaErased
Miyabi ItoRyu YamadaErased
Kentaro TsubakiRyu YamadaErased
Maria SarushimaRyu YamadaErased
Meiko OtsukaRyu YamadaErased
Noa TakigawaRyu YamadaErased
Toranosuke MiyamuraKotori MoegiErased
Nene OdagiriKotori MoegiErased
Midori ArisugawaKotori MoegiErased
Kentaro TsubakiKotori MoegiErased
Mikoto AsukaUshio IgarashiErased


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