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Ryu Yamada

山田 竜


Yamada Ryū


Dragon Dayama (as fortuneteller)
Masked DK


Male.png Male




172 cm (5'8")[2]


August 31,[3] 1995 VIRGO ♍♍

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Professional Status
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Suzaku High School Suzaku High School
Supernatural Studies Club

Previous Affiliation

Handicrafts Club
Student Council


Witch Killer
Development Department worker

Previous Occupation

Student Council Secretary(Chapter 91 onwards)


Supernatural Studies Club

Previous Club

Handicrafts Club

Base of Operations

Supernatural Studies Club room

Personal Status



Towako Yamada (Mother)
Unnamed Father
Tatsumi Yamada (Younger Sister)
Urara Shiraishi (Wife)
Unnamed Son
Unnamed Daughter



Currently Used


Previously Used

Body Swapping, Charm, Telepathy, Premonition, Retrospective, Submission, Mind Reading, Prediction, Time Travel, Mind Control, Reminiscence, Amnesia, Witch Detection & Power Detection

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Ryōta Ōsaka

English Voice

Newton Pittman

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Ryu Yamada (山田 竜 Yamada Ryū) is the titular character and main protagonist of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo.


Yamada has spiky teal hair and blue eyes. He is often seen with a small, silver hooped earring on his left ear. Since the scenes are usually taken place in school, he wears his school uniform with his sleeves rolled up. It was said that before he entered high school, he had a different hairstyle. He has a birth mark on his back.[4]


Yamada is a hot-headed yet kind-hearted person. Depicted as a delinquent, he is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. To him, his life was a dead bore because he was unable to get along with anyone in his high school until he met Urara and the Supernatural Studies Club.

He is a former delinquent too, but even though he's a delinquent, he helps people when they're in trouble. After many events that happened to him, he became nicer and earns many friends due to his change in demeanor. With his change in attitude, he slowly became the object of affection from several girls however, he was too dense in not realizing that Nene Odagiri or various other girls have had crushes on him until he learned from them or another source. After learning this, he was very shocked and dismayed that he gained so much attention and was mad at himself for not noticing.

He also has feelings for Urara which he realized during the hunt for the first set of the seven witches. Having thought about their time together, Ryu was conflicted in trying to approach the issue out of fear of rejection. After the situation, he overcame them and asked her out and was happy she reciprocated his affections. Even though his powers require him to kiss other girls, he was guilty in doing so as Urara meant so much to him and although he got her permission he wasn't too sure. Even though Ryu learned there were other girls who liked him, he remained dedicated to Urara since he learned how much she liked him. Also through her, he became more considerate with others and with her help, he became more intelligent in his studies.

Ten years after graduating, he became more mature and intelligent as he learned how to better work with others. This was shown as he obtained popularity and a good career. Despite that, bits of his past self remain as shown he wildly celebrates with his old friends after work. Also, he maintained his love for Urara after spending a decade with her, he soon got the courage to ask her to be his wife. Following his marriage, he is shown to be happy with her and their children even being happy about his old school life


In his Junior High School, he complains that he is in the same class with Ushio again. Soon enough starting a fight. Later that year, he complains that Ushio is better at grades, height and popularity. One day students from another school taunt them, he fights them alongside Ushio. After the fight, he rests and notice Ushio by a pile of rubbsih, which he carries him, causing Ushio to note that he is stronger than he is, which he agrees on.[5]

As he entered high school, he met Urara Shiraishi, who he said was "boring" because studying was all she ever cared about, with no social freedom that he believes every young person should have. He is left unaware that his words had sparked Urara's romantic interest in him.


Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

Ryu trips on the stairway

In the Teacher's Lounge, Ryu sits in a chair as a professor berates him for his poor conduct in school. Albeit, he only mumbles to himself and sighs when noted professor announces his grades. As he walks in the halls and thinks to himself about the start of the school year, noting how boring his life has become, two other students converse among one another about his problems. By a flight of stairs, he watches as Urara Shiraishi, a girl whose grades meet no competition, heads upwards. He murmurs to himself comments about her intelligence, he decides to go past her. Meeting her gaze once he comes pass her, he suddenly takes the wrong step, tripping and falls on top of Urara.[6]

He wakes up confused about where he is, and believes that he died. He is shocked to know that he is still alive, and realizes that he is in the Nurse's Office. When he looks down at himself however, he finds himself with a pair of breasts. After groping around for a while, he realizes that his manly part is gone as well. Bewildered, he ignores the nurse to find a mirror. He sees Urara's reflection, and concludes that he has turned into her. The nurse informs that he and Urara were found collapsed at the bottom of the stairs. He checks and sees that she has already left, which the school nurse tells him that she has gone back to class. He leaves the room, realizing that if he is in her body, she must be in his, and is exasperated that she returned to the classroom, being very studious. Incensed, he grabs Urara by her collar and drags her out of the room, ignoring that class is still going on.[7]

He takes her up to the roof and demands to know why they switched bodies. He is enraged as she nonchalantly responds, complaining how calm she is in this situation. He is stopped as she reveals how they can switch back, by falling down on the stairs again. Which he insists they go to the stairs, however he is shocked as she refuses, not wanting to skip out on class again. In disbelief, he accuses her of wanting to stay this way, which she denies due to the thing between her legs, which embarrasses him. He is asked to wait until after school, and that no one will suspect anything as long as they act normal. Which he claims she has ruined his image, to which she replies that he should deal with it, as she notes the situation is his fault in the first place. Which he claims she has a point.[8]

Frustrated, Ryu wonders what he is should to do while he waits. Which he suddenly realizes that he can look at her body, causing a bit of a commotion in the girl's restroom. Which although he feels guilty after doing so, he tries to justify it with the fact that she has seen his too. As the teacher asks him to take a stack of notebooks to the math department, initially angering him, but realizes that he needs to act, he politely agrees. Complaining on the way, he accidentally drops the stack, a few of Urara's admirers offer to pick them up, creeping him out. In order to make them believe that he is Urara, he tries to act cutesy, which disturbs them. He delivers the books to the math department, where the teacher stares at his breasts. Once again, he goes against his initial reaction of violence and sweetly asks him to stop. Exhausted, he slumps on the ground and wonders if Urara has to go through this every day, wishing for his body back.[9]

While this he is found by Rin Sasaki and her friends stumble across him and invite him to eat lunch together. He's hesitant at first, because although she is in their class, she does not seem like the type of person Urara would hang out with, but he decides to go along with them anyway. When he opens Urara's bento, he finds the contents have been clutttered, but eats it anyway and thinks it is delicious, not seeing the other girls laughing at him. Rin asks if he brought his notebook as there is a quiz in history that they should study. As he opens the book, he finds all the pages have been vandalized with curses and insults. He mistakenly believes that this is normal for smart people's notes, still not noticing the others' laughter. When he looks over questioningly, Rin says that they should get ready for the next class. As he opens Urara's locker, the contents spill out with even more curses inside the locker, making him finally realizes that Urara is being bullied. Back on the roof, he complains to Urara about how bitchy girls are and asks why she never told him anything, blaming her for his bad day. As she apologizes, she offers to switch back now. However he declines, knowing that she wants to attend class. He tells her that he also loathed her, but now he understands her. He offers to take care of her bullies after they change back, since they technically bullied him as well. Asking if it is alright with her, he is grabbed by his collar by Urara, who tells him that she does not need his help, because it will make everything worse.[10]

He glances over, noticing that Rin has seen everything, before shrugging off his assent. He meets with Rin, who asks him what he was talking to 'Ryu' about. Which he responds that they talked about nothing, which he is knocked over with her bag, and Rin calls him pathetic for clinging onto a boy. Which he confirms his assumption that she thought he asked for help. He then hears her calling him a loser, among other things, and doubts he could even do anything, angering him. He replies that he really does know, and that 'she' was feeling bored since there was no one in this school 'she' could fight. Panicking, Rin reminds 'her' of the consequences, which 'she' ignores. He thinks that Rin is the type of person to back off if she is taught her lesson just once. Readying his punch, Urara steps in front of her. She asks what he is doing, unfortunately he is unable to stop and punchers her instead. He calls her a moron, telling her that he was not going to punch her. As she tears up and blames him for really hitting her, he claims that he could not stop in the middle of it. When she asks him, he explains that he did it because she would not. From this they see Rin running away, confusing them both. The bell rings and Urara forgets about the situation at hand, much to his disbelief.[11]

Ryu and Shiraishi kiss

After school, they head to the stairs and both agree that this was the worst day ever. He ponders if Rin will still bully her, which she responds that she does not know, but she feel vindicated when she saw Rin run away. As she thanks him, it makes him blush and think she is straightforward. Afterward, they throw themselves down the stairs, but still find themselves in each other's bodies. After repeating the action several times and failing every time, he wonders aloud if they are going to be stuck like this forever. Urara reveals to him that they have not tried one thing yet, which makes him grab onto her collar, demanding to reveal it is already. She explains that when they fell, they kissed. He pushes her away, embarrassed on her statement, questioning why, as she responds he fell on her. She says they should try it, and kisses him, who is completely embarrassed. They find themselves in their original bodies, and she smiles at him before heading home, making him blush.[12]

The next day, he enters the classroom and sees that everyone fears Urara because she beat him up, a delinquent. He notices that Rin has started to stare at him, although he does not know why. Ignoring that, he asks Urara if she is the wild type, since she so nonchalantly kissed him the other day. She asks completely unamused, if he is "touched in the head", much to his confusion and annoyance.[13]

In the courtyard, Ryu and Urara lock lips again. As a result, they end up in each other's bodies once more, which confirms Urara's suspicion that the switch depends on neither time nor place, but only on the condition that they kiss each other. As she tries to understand the implications of that,

Ryu and Urara hides from the students

Ryu notices some students passing by, and swiftly shoves them both into a hedge. When she asks why they are hiding, he points out that more strange rumors will spread if they are seen together. She acknowledges his reasoning, and suggests they keep this "their little secret" as she kisses him. He agrees, and she leaves with a smile, to his bemusement. As he wanders the school grounds, Ryu reflects on the fact that he can switch places with Urara whenever he wants, although he is hesitant to do so after what happened last time, and especially since he has to kiss her every time.

He wonders how she can kiss him so easily, and daydreams that it is because she loves him. As he passes by a bulletin board, he sees an announcement with his name listed for making up the midterm, which he completely forgot was today. If he does not receive at least 80 points on the exam, he will be expelled. He finds Urara and begs her to switch with him, which she agrees to do since he took care of Rin for her.

As she takes his test, he pretends to be her and attends her next class, which fortunately for him, is gym. His hopes for a good show, however, are ruthlessly crushed when all the girls change too quickly for him to see anything. Annoyed, he begins changing himself, but a nearby classmate quickly covers him up with a shirt. She says he needs to be careful because there has been a peeping tom around lately. The teachers have not done anything about it, and the girl warns 'Urara' that the boys are particularly crazy for 'her'. He is mildly surprised that Urara is so popular, but ultimately does not care about the peeper, until the girls say that the peeping tom is Ryu, since he never goes to gym class in the first place.Shocked, he asks what he ever did to them, confusing the girls. Abruptly remembering 'her' cover, 'she' says Ryu would not do that, but the girls dismiss 'her', since Ryu is a delinquent and seems like the type to do such a thing.

As the girls leave, he hears a noise outside the window. When he checks it out, an arm appears from a nearby bush and takes a picture of him, with his shirt unbuttoned and clad only in a bra and skirt. The peeper escapes, and he lets out a death threat. The peeping tom shows the picture to his friends, who are delighted because the picture would net them a lot of money. The ringleader is wary since it looks like 'she' saw the peeper, but the peeper isn't worried about 'her' bothering them, right as 'Urara' appears behind them, asking to see the picture too. The boys panic, and try to push the blame onto Ryu, but 'Urara' obviously does not believe them. 'She' beats them up, delivers them to a shocked teacher, and switches back with Urara, who easily completed the midterm. [14]

Ryu's enjoyment is cut short, however, when a group of girls friends invite him(in Urara's body) to eat lunch together, but he ends up enjoying their hugs instead, calling it a fair trade off. Ryu remarks that Urara was right when she said things have changed at school earlier that day. Five hours ago, she noticed that thanks to their body-switching, he has good grades and she has friends. The biggest change of all is that school has now become enjoyable for the two of them. In response, he proposed an experiment: spend the day as the other until school was over.

Toranosuke arrives

Awakening from his thoughts, Ryu is gorging himself on the food offered to him by Urara's friends, who are entertained by how he devours everything. He muses that people are not noticing the difference between her and him, since body-switching seems too absurd to even think about. As he is lost in thought, Toranosuke Miyamura comes to the classroom and calls out to Urara, saying that it has been a while and hthat he wants to talk. Ryu is wary, and wonders if Toranosuke knows her, especially since he has a reputation in the delinquent circles, which seems inconsistent with Urara's proper lifestyle. When a friend of Urara's asks if Toranosuke is looking for a date, he denies it and invokes his authority as vice-president of the Student Council, requesting a conversation with the top student of their year. Seeing no way of getting out of it, Ryu plays along and leaves with him.

Toranosuke takes Ryu out on a date

On the rooftop, Ryu asks Toranosuke what he wants. Toranosuke mentions that he did not think Urara was the type of girl who would rough up those peeping toms. Ryu is immediately taken aback, wondering if he suspects something, but reconsiders and thinks that he would not know that he is not Urara. Ryu plays the part of a clumsy girl, saying that he slipped and punched them. Toranosuke leans in, and after looking at him, suggests that he likes strong women. Thoroughly uncomfortable, Ryu concludes that he is in love with Urara and inches away from him. Toranosuke asks if Urara remembers the promise they made, which is to go on a date today. Ryu is immediately chagrined, shocked that Urara would agree to such a thing. Ryu walks down the street with Toranosuke, cursing Urara in his head for not giving him any warning and forcing him to go on a date with a guy. Ryu's vexation only grows, as girls flock to Toranosuke, despite his callousness to them. Toranosuke then asks her about the rumor that she and Ryu are best friends, which she immediately denies. Toranosuke comments that a top student like her and a delinquent like him being close is completely ludicrous anyway, which pisses Ryu off.

Toranosuke admits that he knows Ryu is in Urara's body

Before she can adequately respond, however, the peeping toms she caught appear and heckle her, blaming her for their expulsion while she sees it fit to go off and enjoy a date. Ryu acts helpless, and asks Toranosuke to save him. He agrees, and tells him to hide, but he is quickly beaten. Believing Toranosuke to be unconscious, Ryu knocks one of the peepers unconscious with a roundhouse kick. When he turns to face the other two, however, he finds that they have already been defeated. Toranosuke shows up, explaining that he knew something was off with the peeping incident, and admits that he does not even know Urara, let alone promise anything to her. He recognized the kick he gave the peeper, and asks if he is really Ryu. In his attempt to deny it, Ryu slips up and says things Urara would not, further proving his point. Toranosuke grabs him by the collar and asks him for a favor.[15]

Ryu reveals his and Urara's secret

Ryu explains to Toranosuke that he and Urara can switch bodies by kissing, although he finds it strange that Toranosuke is not that shocked, and is more intrigued instead. He is also irritated that the secret that was supposed to be kept between Urara and him got out. Ryu then asks about the favor Toranosuke spoke of. Toranosuke explains to him that he needs him for something only he can do: discover what motives Urara. In a survey, asking what the students' plans for college were, Urara put down that she did not intend to go, despite being the top student of their year, which would reflect poorly on the school. When Ryu brings up the possibility that she may have extenuating circumstances, such as family issues, Toranosuke notes that there are none, and that even her parents want her to go. Ryu agrees to find out, on one condition, being that Toranosuke does not tell Urara that he knows their secret.

Urara finds Ryu and Toranosuke in her room

Ryu and Toranosuke arrive at Urara's residence. Ryu contemplates that despite switching with Urara back and forth, he does not truly know her. Ryu and Toranosuke enter Urara's house. While Ryu observes that her house is pretty normal, Toranosuke points to where Urara's room is, entering and shocked upon the girlish room within view. Toranosuke takes out an E-cup bra and shows it to Ryu, despite Ryu's warning not to touch anything. After searching through Urara's underwear, Toranosuke lies on her bed, excusing his actions by claiming that he might be able to find something. While Ryu desperately fixes the bed, Toranosuke observes that the only books on her bookshelf are textbooks and reference books, and in her drawers are stationary supplies. As Toranosuke reasons that Urara must have an incurable disease, Urara, as Ryu, enters the scene.

Toranosuke and Ryu apologize to Urara. Urara, extremely irritated, asks them why they are in her room. Ryu explains, and Urara expresses her hatred to school. Urara kisses Ryu to switch back, and explains that she will go to college if Ryu goes too while smiling at him. Shocked upon hearing her resolution, Ryu blushes in a stunned state as Toranosuke assures Ryu that he will be receiving extra lessons everyday from now and on. [16]

While in Class 2-B, Ryu is looking quite bored, explaining that Urara and him have not swapped since Urara decided to go to college, which was one week ago. Urara became popular, and Ryu became liked by teachers. They were busy, so they did not have a chance to swap places. Ryu thinks that Urara does not need to swap places because school is not that bad anymore. Toranosuke suddenly appears and yells that Ryu is losing his place in the world. He states that he is bored when Ryu and Urara cannot swap, so he has got a plan.

Toranosuke brings Ryu and Urara to the club room

A girl in Urara's class calls the former over, explain that Toranosuke is looking for her, only to notice that Ryu is hiding behind Toranosuke. Toranosuke brings Ryu and Urara to a dusty, vacant classroom. Toranosuke explains that this room used to be the disbanded Supernatural Studies Club, and he gives the room to Ryu and Urara for them to use for their body swapping. But Toranosuke gives a condition, being that Ryu and Urara will need to join the Supernatural Studies Club. Toranosuke also explains that he joined the club to keep it from dying.

Ryu calls Urara out

Ryu thinks who would ever think Toranosuke was in the Supernatural Studies Club. Ryu say to Urara that joining a club is too late, to which Urara agrees. Ryu goes and states that he would rather die than join a club, to which Urara replies that a club would be fun. Urara's friends calls over her and they leave, leaving Ryu thinking that it is not necessary anymore to keep switching. While Ryu goes up the stairs and Urara walks away, Ryu calls Urara over, and tells her that he is going to join the club and that she is going to come with him. Urara smiles happily and follows after him. In the Supernatural Studies Club, Toranosuke decides that Urara will be President, he will be the Vice President, and Ryu will be "Rookie." Toranosuke goes on and states that he expects them to help out with the Student Council, to which Urara complains about, and Ryu agrees. Shocked, Toranosuke asks if Ryu or Urara have ever kissed another person until now. Urara plainly informs him that she has not, and Ryu, whilst blushing, repeats Urara's words. Toranosuke explains that if they were first-timers, then they may be able to switch places with other people by kissing them.[17]

Toranosuke kisses Ryu

After Toranosuke states the possibility that Urara and Ryu may be able to switch bodies with other people, Urara states that it could be true. Toranosuke goes on and tries to kiss Urara to test it out, but Urara denies his attempt, with Ryu sighing in relief. Ryus claims that they cannot go around kissing other people, but Toranosuke suggests that Ryu and he kiss. Ryu promptly rejects the idea, but Toranosuke explains that a kiss is a small price for a swap. Even Urara goes along with the idea and grabs Ryu so Toranosuke can kiss Ryu. When they kiss, Ryu and Toranosuke swap places. 

Nene confronts Toranosuke(Ryu)

Ryu, now in Toranosuke's body, explains that Toranosuke's body is a lot different from a girl's. When Ryu wants to switch back, Toranosuke has already gone out to take a walk around school in his body. Ryu, in Toranosuke's body, walks around the school and many girls call him out, and he answers back, but the girls are disappointed to see that his alluring aura is gone. Shortly enough, Nene calls out to him, thinking that he is Miyamura. Ryu thinks that Nene knows him too well, assuring himself that she will not be fooled, but Ryu realizes that Nene and Toranosuke do not like each other. Nene begins to talk about the Supernatural Studies Club, speaking of how it is not that important and questioning why Ryu is in it. Ryu becomes angry, but he manages to conceal his emotions. While leaving, Nene tells him to have fun with his club while he still can. Ryu then wonders what she meant by claiming that the club is important to Toranosuke. Subsequently, Toranosuke finds Ryu, and Toranosuke note that everybody hates Ryu; as Ryu is annoyed at this especially when Toranosuke questions him on this. Disappointed, he now wants to switch back. 

A girl interested in joining the club

In the Supernatural Studies Club, Toranosuke decides that Ryu can switch with Urara and him. Toranosuke announces that he will find a girl who is fine with kissing anyone and bring her over to see if Ryu can switch with anyone he kisses. Urara stops him from doing that, leading Ryu to thinks that she is jealous of Ryu kissing other girls, but Urara explains that Ryu's secret is to be kept within the club and its members, because if it became common knowledge, then it will be terrible, much to Ryu's disappointment. Toranosuke creates a rule to never reveal the secret to anyone outside of the club and plans to investigate Ryu, to which leads Ryu to remind them that he is not a lab rat. While conversing, a girl stops at the door and states that she wants to join the Supernatural Studies Club, shocking the others. [18]

Miyabi Ito, the girl who had requested entrance to the Supernatural Studies Club, questions if her request was heard. Ryu is surprised that someone wants join the club, calling the club a sham. Toranosuke states they cannot reject her, noting that there is a certain school rule that forbids them from doing so. They then decide to let her join.

Miyabi bends a spoon...?

Miyabi asks them if they are doing anything, to which Toranosuke and Ryu are unable to answer, with Urara solely sitting at a nearby chair with a book in her hands. Ryu tries to explain that they just started the club, and thus why they are not sure of what activities there are for them to perform. Miyabi exclaims that she knows the perfect thing and brings forward a spoon and tells them to watch her bend it with her mind. She concentrates, using all of her might to bend it, but ends up bending it physically. Ryu thinks to himself that he could have done that. Miyabi continues, and explains that, that was Psychic Power, and that with practice they will eventually learn how to do bend a spoon. But Miyabi is not done just yet, and pulls out a picture of a UFO. However, the others can clearly see the string in the picture hanging from above, but Miyabi acclaims that people are seeing it all around the world and assures them that it appears at important points in history. Just then, Miyabi pulls out another "supernatural" object and shows off a Materia stone, to which Ryu and Toranosuke note to be a regular stone. Miyabi goes on to say she has a lot more in her collection.

Miyabi returns to the room with cleaning supplies

Miyabi is surprised that the smartest Junior, Urara, and Toranosuke from the Student Council are in the Supernatural Activity Club, but quickly dismisses Ryu's position. She smiles and exclaims that life is about to get a lot busier, and returns to her classroom. Ryu feels bad that Miyabi is fired up about what the club is actually for, and to tell her that they just want the room for their body swapping activities would only harm her, knowing that they are unable to reveal their secret to her. Urara say that Miyabi is not suspecting them, and Toranosuke informs them that they will just have to keep her from knowing the truth. Miyabi comes back into the class, bringing a box full of cleaning supplies to clean the room. Miyabi orders Ryu to take the garbage out, and when he complains, she tells him to be a part of the team. Toranosuke whispers to him to do what she says if he wants the room.

Miyabi interrupts

Ryu does what he is told and throws out the trash, but complains about Miyabi. He thinks to himself that he will not have any chance to swap bodies with Urara. When he returns to the club room he finds the room empty except for Urara, who is reading her book, quickly he realizes that Miyabi is not going to be in the room every second of the day, allowing them plenty of chances to swap bodies. Ryu asks Urara if she can take his test in the elective class, with Urara responding affirmatively. Ryu and Urara try to kiss, but Miyabi opens the door, looking for dust cloths. Miyabi subsequently orders Ryu to find the dust cloths. Ryu finds it and returns to the club room to find Miyabi's gone again. Ryu tells Urara to make it a quickie, but Miyabi comes in again to asks him if he has found the dust cloths, ordering him to wax the floor. Ryu and Urara are continuously interrupted by Miyabi, and the test quickly approaches. Toranosuke comes into the club room to see that they have not swapped yet. Miyabi comes in, and Toranosuke assures the others that he will handle this. 

Miyabi's reaction upon seeing Urara and Ryu kissing

He goes over to Miyabi and tells her to submit her application for joining the club to the Student Council President. Miyabi goes to submit it to him, and Toranosuke explains that the President loves to chat and will probably keep her occupied until the bell rings. Ryu and Urara try to kiss once again while Toranosuke thinks of another way of blocking Miyabi out, but Miyabi returns to see Ryu and Urara kissing. Miyabi screams, prompting Toranosuke to ask her if she submitted her form, but she informs him that the President was not there. Miyabi admits that she knew something was off, due to the fact that none of them looked interested in Supernatural phenomenons, and nobody wanted to do any club activities. Miyabi starts crying and reveals that she was very happy, leading her to threaten them; claiming that she will make them pay.[19]

Miyabi's revenge

Miyabi's revenge begins early in the morning; Ryu notices a poster posted on a bulletin board, stating that Ryu and Urara are going out, much to Ryu's horror. Ryu rips apart the poster and the flyers that were handed out to the boys. While Ryu questions who would do this, Miyabi appears and claims there is no stopping her. As Miyabi leaves, sending a final death threat, Toranosuke comes over to console him. However, Ryu returns to the building and heads to class, gazing at the lonely Urara reading a book.

Ryu kisses Miyabi

At the club, Ryu tells Miyabi to take back the rumors she spread. Miyabi refuses, and as she tries to leave the room, Ryu tells her that she will have to kiss him to get out. After refusing multiple times, Ryu kisses Miyabi and successfully swaps bodies with her. In the midst of Miyabi's confusion, Ryu, as Miyabi, punches Miyabi, leading her to faint. Ryu apologizes and hopes Miyabi will forgive him. Toranosuke's suspicion is confirmed, reassuring himself that Ryu has the ability to switch bodies with whomever he kisses. Ryu undresses himself, but then realizes that he has to clear all the rumors using Miyabi's body.

Urara explains that she asked everyone to leave her alone

As Ryu tries to clear up all of the rumors, it seems that all the students already expected that what Miyabi said was false. As Ryu ponders the meaning of this, he goes over to Urara's friends to clear things up. When Ryu begs for them not to hate Urara, they start laughing, claiming that it was obvious that the rumors were nothing but lies. Urara's friends tells Ryu that Miyabi's conspiracies are never believed. They further inform Ryu that she will never be able to have friends if she continues to lie. Ryu feels as if he wasted his time doing what he did. Outside of the building, Toranosuke and Urara, who is leaning on a tree, question when Ryu was able to switch bodies with Miyabi, to which he replies that she is taking a little "nap." Ryu and Toranosuke wonder why Urara was all alone, but she explains that her assessments are to blame; she told everyone to not talk to her, shocked the boys.

Ryu runs back to the club, but he discovers that his body is not where he left it.[20]

Ryu's reaction to Miyabi's actions

Miyabi becomes an official member of the club

At the park, a group of delinquents defeat Miyabi, who is within Ryu's body, with the men claiming that he fought like a maniac. As the delinquents debate that Ryu is super weak, they are greeted by Ryu, in Miyabi's body. They tell Ryu to give them the money, but he assures them that he shall not. Ryu throws away the fake supernatural evidence Miyabi had in her possession, but the delinquents state that it was Miyabi who came running to them, asking for noted items to get people to like her. As the delinquents gang up on him, Ryu fights them off and defeats them, with Toranosuke and Urara arriving shortly thereafter. Back at school, Miyabi sincerely apologizes to everyone in the club, while Ryu complains about Miyabi getting into a fight without experience. As Miyabi tries to leave the room, Ryu stops her and reassures her that she is part of the club now. With a happy look on her face, Miyabi joins the Supernatural Studies Club.[21]

Ryu and Urara get ready to switch

Panting and blushing, Urara asks Ryu to switch bodies with her, with the latter agreeing after pondering why her face is red, switching bodies with the former imminently. Now on the ground, Ryu breathes heavily, whilst Toranosuke and Miyabi question what is happening. Shortly enough, Ryu is wrapped up in a blanket as he explains to Toranosuke and Miyabi that Urara caught a cold, and that due to them switching places, he now has the cold. Miyabi places her palm in front of Ryu's forehead, reassuring him that he is burning up with a fever. Ryu sneezes after admitting that Urara completely fooled him.

Toranosuke, however, solely ponders if he will be okay, moving in to inspect Urara's body as he informs him that he shall be utilizing his "tender loving care" to care for him; Ryu can only weakly push him away. Miyabi tells Ryu to head back and switch with Urara once again, but Ryu admits that he will be able to skip class and sleep in the nurse's office for the rest of the day due to the cold. Miyabi announces that she has thought up an idea, telling Ryu to switch places whilst in Urara's body. This leads Ryu to announce that he has never tried switching bodies whilst in someone else's body, urging Miyabi to bring out her laptop and document the current events. Toranosuke grabs Ryu's face and kisses him as Miyabi blushes at the sight of Toranosuke kissing Urara, but reminds herself that in actuality it is Ryu whom he is kissing.

Toranosuke teases Ryu with Urara's body (manga)

The two successfully switch bodies, and Miyabi documents that Ryu is able to switch despite not being in his own body, claiming that his ability must be related to his mind, not his body. Now recovered, Ryu is sexually approached by Toranosuke in Urara's body, but the latter faces Urara's cold; collapsing to the ground. Suddenly, Miyabi closes in on Ryu, kissing him and switching bodies. Miyabi, now inside of Toranosuke's body, strips and looks into Toranosuke's underwear, calling the 'thing' between his leg a phenomenon. Toranosuke calls their attention, leading Ryu to kiss him using Miyabi's body, making it look as if Miyabi and Urara are the ones kissing; noted scene making Miyabi's heart beat. Shortly enough, the three return to their original bodies, with Miyabi noticing Ryu's weak state. Toranosuke grabs him and takes him to the nurse's office. However, before they go, Miyabi ponders why Urara came to school with such a cold, leading Ryu to inform her that she planned to switch with him to be able to study.

Urara listens to Ryu

Now at the nurse's office, Ryu sits in a chair as the nurse orders him to head home, shocking him. Regardless, he heads to Urara's house, tucking himself into her bed as he recollects the first time he entered her room. As he begins to doze off, Urara comes in, enraged that Ryu left school with her body. Urara informs him that she did not want the teachers to send her home, asking Ryu to switch back. Once they do, Urara explains that she did not want to stay home, as she would be alone, surprising Ryu. Ryu heads to the door, but soon enough returns, informing Urara that he will nurse her back to health as he puts a wet cloth on her forehead; telling her to stay in bed. Covering her face, she does as she is told, with a smile running across her face. The following day, Urara enters the club's room, baring witness to the others who now have her cold. They ask her for help, but she refuses, telling them that she has to study.[22]

A motivated Ryu heads to the Student Council

During lunch, at the club room, Ryu enjoys his bread bonanza. When Toranosuke asks for some, Ryu refuses. Suddenly, Miyabi rushes into the room, telling herself that it is not fair. The Supernatural Studies Club's funds are being withheld, signalizing that the funds can help them do things as a club. As Miyabi complains about how the President went on forever about random things that do not relate to the budget, Ryu questions the reasons for needing funds for their club. Miyabi explains that if they had money granted by the funds, they would be able to make the place look more like a club. Toranosuke and Ryu do not care at all, meanwhile disappointing Miyabi, who claims that they would be able to do fun things as a club. Ryu asks if they can have a microwave for his cold lunches, with Miyabi assuring him that it is possible to buy one for plasma and heat conduction research; and after hearing such claim, Ryu grabs Toranosuke and heads off to speak to the Student Council's President.

Ryu threatens Haruma

On their way to the President, Toranosuke tries to warn Ryu about talking to the President, mentioning that it will be a waste of time. Ryu busts into the Student Council Lounge, asking the President why he is withholding the Supernatural Studies Club's budget. The President is unmoved by Ryu's entrance, and even questions his identity. Toranosuke intervenes and explains to the President that Ryu is the guy who almost got expelled. However, Haruma clearly does not remember. Toranosuke explains that the President loves girls, but does not pay attention to boys. He informs Ryu that he, Toranosuke, is the only boy in the Student Council. Ryu threatens the President to remember his name, which Haruma indifferently states that he will remember. However, he does not, proving true when he calls Ryu by the name "Suzuki," and asks him if he needed something.

The Old School Building

Haruma announces that he was aware of Ryu's body switching abilities, pointing out that he is also well aware of Toranosuke's presence. Toranosuke questions Haruma, asking him if he was suspecting them like he did at the beginning, with the latter responding affirmatively; informing them that now his suspicions have been cleared, as they smell nothing like women. Haruma question their reasons for being here, much to Ryu's anger, who repeats that the Supernatural Studies Club needs money. Haruma agrees and claims that he will give the club money, but on one condition, being that Ryu will settle a matter for the Student Council. Ryu agrees to do it, but needs Haruma to tell him what that certain request is. Haruma pulls Ryu towards the window to show him the old school building. Haruma explains that there is a project to tear down the old building and reconstruct a new one. Many clubs are using the building as their club room and they need an unanimous agreement from the club leaders to move out before they can start construction. However, the archery team's captain does not consent. That being noted, Ryu's job is to convince the archery captain to move out of the building.

Haruma's true intentions

As they head back to the Supernatural Studies Club room, Toranosuke explains that the meeting for the reconstruction of the old building is taking place after school today. Ryu switches the topic and asks Toranosuke who Haruma is, explaining to Toranosuke that Haruma scared him like no one has ever done before, and expresses that the job he was given is beyond fishy. He explains that if Haruma knew his power all along, then why would he wait until now to ask him to perform such task. Ryu assumes that Haruma wants him to switch with the archery leader and show up at the meeting. He has a feeling that the President is one who uses any tools at his disposal. Ryu refuses to feel used, momentarily thinking about dropping the job. Toranosuke sighs, explaining to Ryu that the President is rather smart. He adds that it would be best if Ryu did the job, because the President will most likely do something to the club if he did not. Ryu and Toranosuke, being the only ones who know the President's true colors, decide to take on the job.

Karen slams Ryu on the ground

After school, Ryu and Toranosuke switch back, and quickly head to the Archery Club's room. They meet Karen Kimishima, the captain of the archery team. Ryu and Toranosuke comment on how stubborn she looks. Ryu asks if they can talk about the reconstruction, prompting Karen to invite them in. Ryu questions her reasons for disagreeing to the reconstruction, with Karen informing them that she loves this room, as it witnessed the blood and sweat of the archers, much to Ryu and Toranosuke's surprise. Ryu and Toranosuke agree that there is no other way, and Ryu tells Karen that he will have to kiss her. However, Karen is utterly strong, and just about when Ryu tries to kiss her, she slams him on the ground. She asks them to leave the room, bowing down.[23]

Ryu complains about his back hurting after being thrown by the captain of the Archery Club. However, he claims that he will not give up, with Toranosuke further encouraging him. Ryu ponders what method he will utilize to steal a kiss from her, without her flipping him, prompting Toranosuke to call him an idiot, reminding him that no girl will allow a boy to abruptly kiss her. Toranosuke tells Ryu that he needs to come at her from a different angle. With that in mind, Ryu tries to asks Karen politely, taking into account that she is rather polite herself, however, Karen still slams Ryu onto the ground.

Toranosuke's plan

Toranosuke proceeds to plan out yet another scenario, which involves a special mood. He starts the music to set the tone, allowing Ryu to ask Karen to kiss him whilst handing her a pack of flowers. But, yet again, she flips him over along with the flowers. Ryu becomes frustrated and demands a kiss. Howbeit,, Karen flips him once again, and asks Ryu for his intentions behind his desire to kiss her. Ryu starts to say something, but instead asks her why she loves this room so much. Albeit, Karen ignores the question.

Ushio tries to convince Karen once again

Suddenly, a student named Ushio Igarashi, whom Ryu had an affiliation with before, appears at the door. Ushio asks Karen if she still intends to persist in her views. Karen reveals that Ushio has been asking her quite a while, to which Toranosuke had no idea about. Karen refuses to assent to the reconstruction, leading Ushio to leave the room leisurely. However, just as he closes the door, he locks it from the outside to prevent Karen from attending the meeting. Toranosuke explains that an empty chair is considered a consent, informing Ryu that the two got what they wanted, and it satisfies the president's request. Karen desperately calls for help, to no avail. Karen claims that she has to attend the meeting. Much to Ryu's surprise, Karen agrees to kiss him, if that is what it takes to get her out. However, Ryu refuses to kiss her, since he is on her side now. He decides to help her, due to the fact that he hates Ushio and is not exactly fond of the President.[24]

Karen stops Ryu

Toranosuke is in disbelief when he hears that Ryu is going to bust Karen out. He reminds Ryu that the Supernatural Studies Club will face the consequences of his actions, but Ryu claims that he is curious as to what would happen. Despite his comments, Toranosuke quickly changes his mind and sides with Ryu, much to the latter's shock. Karen questions how Ryu plans to get them out, with Ryu informing her that he will solely make a hole in a wall. As Ryu gets ready to throw a wooden shelf into the wall, Karen stops him, and reminds him that they cannot destroy the wall; she loves the room.

However, the wall Karen protects so dearly has several Japanese characters engraved in it. The engraving state "Shingi Ikyuu," to which Toranosuke gives a false explanation, misunderstanding the true meaning behind it. The characters are supposed to read "Shingi Ittai," which means mind and skill as one. The tradition in the Archery Club is that whenever their team wins a tournament, they add a stroke in the phrase. Karen explains that she wanted it to be complete, revealing that there is but one stroke left to add. Toranosuke tells her that the wall must come down, since it is stopping her from going to the meeting. Ryu asks her if she is going to watch as someone else destroys it, or if she will destroy it herself. Ryu then adds in the final stroke, and tells Karen to win the next match. She agrees to bring the wall down and goes to the meeting.

Ushio tells the club that Karen voted in favor

Back at the club, the girls are extremely angry because the President already knows about Ryu's power, assuming that the club is going to be disbanded. In the midst of their argument, Ushio enters the room. He insults the club, however he bring news that Karen voted in favor at the meeting, permitting the reconstruction of the old school building. The Supernatural Studies gets the money necessary for its activities, freeing it of any disbandment warning. Ushio asks Ryu how they convinced her to support, but Ryu refuses to tell him, reminding him that he is the person who locked them in the room. The two go into a bickering argument, and when Ushio leaves the room, he assures them that Nene will be the next President. Toranosuke realizes that the reason why Ushio was trying to persuade Karen was because he wanted Nene to become the next president. He also reveals that Nene and him are fighting over who will be the next Student Council President. Ryu ponders why Ushio is aiding Nene.

After school, Toranosuke questions Ryu on his connection with Ushio, but Ryu refuses to go into detail, telling Toranosuke that Ushio and he knew each other back in middle school. Shortly enough, from behind, Karen, in her school uniform, comes up to Yamada and asks for a kiss. Ryu refuses, and is, unfortunately, flipped once again.[25]

Ryu teams up with Miyabi

Ryu finally gets a microwave, albeit when he heats up his sandwich, the results are not to his pleasing. While Ryu, Toranosuke and Urara discuss the reasons for his damaged lunch, Miyabi laments over the fact that the old school building is going to be brought down soon. However, the trio dismisses Miyabi's presence, leading her to add on that there is an unopenable classroom in the old school build. Long ago, the first and second floor of the building were used for the athletic clubs, but the third floor was used by cultural club. Miyabi then claims that a ghost was witnessed on the third floor. She is enkindled by this, and decides to go confirm if such ghosts exist. However, Urara and Toranosuke are too busy to accompany Miyabi, leaving Ryu as the only person available for the task. Ryu tries to get away, but Miyabi blackmails him with the price of the microwave, urging Ryu to excitedly follow behind Miyabi's steps. Meanwhile Toranosuke states that he just witnessed the formation of the world's stupidest duo.

In the old school building, the duo arrives at the staircases of the third floor. However, it befuddles the two that the off-limit tape is too easy to trespass. They arrive at the unopenable classroom. As Ryu gets ready to throw a desk at the door to open it, Miyabi easily opens the door, despite its reputation as the "unopenable classroom." Once again, they are easily able to go through the chains wrapped around the door. They enter the classroom, and Miyabi notices a sign that reads "Supernatural Studies Club," which she assumes means that it was the old room used for the previous Supernatural Studies Club. Ryu notices that on the floor there are footprints all over, which suggests that the classroom is far from unopenable. He adds that there are half-eaten snacks and drinks.

Nene stops the kiss

Suddenly, someone comes upstairs, prompting and Ryu and Miyabi to conceal their presence within a closet, much to Miyabi's embarrassment. The people coming upstairs turn out to be Ushio and Nene. Ushio states that he suspects somebody was in their current location, but Nene tells him he must be imagining things. Ushio apologizes for his inability to persuade the Archery Club's leader. He then compliments her plan of locking Karen inside. Nene sighs, enraged that Toranosuke attained the glory for it. Ushio consoles her and almost kisses her, claiming that he loves her. However, Nene stops him before their lips meet. Ryu is left in bewilderment as Miyabi asks if they are dating. Ryu and Miyabi return to their club, where Toranosuke is surprised to hear that the ghost was actually Nene. The Supernatural Studies Club members tell one another to be cautious of what Nene plans to do next. Ryu tells them that the way Ushio was acting was strange, since Ushio has always hated girls, and for him to suddenly be infatuated with Nene horrifies him.[26]

Charming Telepathy Arc

Urara throws up on the bus

Ryu squats in displeasure when arriving to school and seeing the buses for the school field trip. Toranosuke and Miyabi arrive and, after greeting Ryu, ponder his presence, knowing that the boy is not one to take part in school trips. However, Ryu rapidly informs them that it is better than staying in school, studying. Before Toranosuke and Miyabi head to their bus, the former tells Ryu to have fun in the bus of class B, knowing that Urara will be riding noted bus as well. Ryu can only blush as he dismisses his comment. Just then, Urara appears behind Ryu and calls him out, taking him to the woods, with Ryu focusing on her summer uniform as she walks in front of him. Now aboard the bus, Ryu, in Urara's body, recalls their ability to switch places, doing so to allow Urara time for her to read books while in Ryu's body. After conversing with the girls, Ryu turns to take a look at Urara, shocked upon discovering a sicken Urara vomiting into a bag.

The girls thank Urara for coming

Finally arriving, Urara sits in a chair as Ryu is called out by some of Urara's friends. Ryu asks Urara if she would like to explore the area, but she denies the offer, reminding him that she is still feeling sick. Four hours later, Ryu returns to the building, where he finds Urara in her room, studying. Ryu questions where the others are, with Urara informing him that they all left because they don't like Ryu. The conversation approaches its end, however, when Urara asks if she can stay in his body a while longer, wanting to finish the current book she is reading; Ryu agrees, heading to the dining room. After eating their meals, the girls head to the bath, with Ryu tagging along. Albeit in denial, he enters the hot springs and bathes with the girls. Subsequently, they head to their room, where Ryu thinks to himself that Urara does not seem to want to switch back yet. Before the girls go to sleep, they begin to tell each other stories, with one of them thanking Urara for coming, noting that she seems to skip field trips all of the time.

In the blink of an eye, Ryu leaves the room and heads to where Urara is, only to find her reading more books. Whilst there, he questions her motives for coming to this field trip, only to be told that she simply wanted to try it. As Ryu tells her that he wants to switch back, Urara pulls him in for a kiss, switching bodies with him imminently. After thanking Ryu, Urara heads back to where the girls are. Ryu then heads out of the room, encountering Nene Odagiri walking about in the halls. Nene tells Ryu that she has something she wants to speak about with him, asking if they can speak in private while placing a finger over her lips.[27]

An image of Ryu in Nene's phone

Outside, Nene notes that she and Ryu have never talked in private. She rapidly takes out her phone and asks Ryu to take a look at a picture she took earlier, surprising him upon seeing himself in the girl's dorm grabbing a book out of Urara's bag. Recalling the earlier events, Ryu places a hand on his head as he understands why Urara was not in the room after dinner. Giggling, Nene ponders what would happen if the picture was viewed by the students of their school, terrifying Ryu while thinking about what Nene could be after. However, Ryu tells Nene that it does not matter, as he was solely looking for a book Urara asked him to brig to her. With an emotionless look, she shows him her phone once again, displaying an image of Ryu with a pantie in his hands.

Miyabi loses

The image astounds him, prompting Nene to call him a pervert. Quickly revealing her true intentions, Nene informs Ryu that if he were to do something for her, the picture will disappear. Ryu asks her what she is after, with Nene telling him that she wants him to prevent Urara from taking the Country-Wide Mock exam coming up. Ryu is filled with questions, but Nene dismisses them all and walks away while notifying him that someone else has the picture already, and that it will be futile to attempt to delete the one in her phone. Meanwhile, Miyabi holds a set of cards in her hands as she plays with Toranosuke, losing to the latter when Ryu comes in.

Nene kisses Ryu

Sitting next to Toranosuke, Ryu begins to play with the two while informing them of his conversation with Nene, prompting Toranosuke to state that she must be doing it to make him look bad in front of Haruma Yamazaki, the president of the Student Council. When Ryu explains that he can just claim that Urara asked him to get those for her, Miyabi and Toranosuke stare at him in disbelief as they do not wish for Urara to be known as the one who asked Ryu to fetch her panties. As the game ends, with Ryu as the loser, he tells the others that he will just have to switch places with Nene and get rid of the picture. Later that night, Ryu calls Nene out, angering her. He quickly asks her for a kiss, pulling her face in. However, she stops him half way, warning him that something may happen, and that she does not plan to take responsibility. She kisses him, but Ryu notices that they did not switch bodies. Walking away, Nene sticks out her tongue.[28]

Ryu tells the others that he has lost his ability to swap bodies

Returning to the dorms, Ryu informs Toranosuke and Miyabi that he was not able to swap bodies with Nene, shocking them both as he fills them in on their conversation and Nene's odd behavior before they kissed. He ponders if Nene has some special power, leading Miyabi to wonder the same. However, before the two can further analyze the problem, Toranosuke swiftly moves in to kiss Ryu, testing if they can switch bodies. But just like previously, he is unable to do so. Miyabi then moves in to kiss him, but the two achieve the same result. Toranosuke calls Ryu's attention, speculating that his body swapping abilities have disappeared, vividly horrifying him. Miyabi then suggest that it could be his current mental state, wondering if it could be that he is tired. Ryu wonders if she is right, noting that he is also hungry. But Toranosuke claims that it could be because he spent too much time in Urara's body. The three cease their conversation, quickly getting ready for bed.

Urara thanks Ryu for coming along

Two days later, at the school trip's barbecue, Ryu recalls trying to swap with Toranosuke and the others again, which resulted in failure. As he thinks about his dilemmas, Urara arrives with a plate of noodles. He sits and, after taking the plate from her hands and while eating, he explain to Urara what Nene is up to, questioning her reasoning behind digging her bag while in his body. As he is about to tell Urara that he has lost his ability, she interrupts him to thank him for making this field trip memorable. Urara then leaves to help her friends gather their things before they depart. The following day and back to school, Ryu notes how the images are not being leaked thanks to Urara skipping the Mock Exam.

Miyabi and Toranosuke reveal their feelings

As he enters the Supernatural Studies Club room, Miyabi greets him good morning, showing him the bento she made for him, with a heart placed in the center. He turns to ask Toranosuke what is wrong with Miyabi, but the latter is also awaiting for him with a bento at hand, similarly to Miyabi's. The two begin to argue and question Ryu about whose bento he will eat, only to be disappointed when he announces that he has brought his own food. Ryu questions their behavior, shocked upon hearing that they both have romantic feelings towards him. The two insult him for making them feel this way about him. Albeit, Toranosuke notes that his ability to swap bodies could have been replaced with the ability to charm others, noting as these feelings began when he kissed them during summer camp.[29]

Toranosuke and Miyabi return to normal

Urara is informed of the disappearance of Ryu's ability, prompting her to say goodbye, as there is no need for them to kiss anymore. Talking in his sleep, Ryu wakes up to see Urara staring at him, consequently asking him what he was murmuring about in his sleep regarding his ability. Ryu tells her that it was a dream. Shortly afterwards, Miyabi and Toranosuke begin to feed Ryu the bento they made him, causing him to leap out of his chair and plant a kiss on their lips, which successfully returns them back to normal. After a small conversation, Toranosuke notes how Ryu's new ability can allow him to persuade all of the girls in school to love him, teasing him with making Urara into his love slave. The thought makes Ryu blush. However, he informs them that he has yet to tell her of his new ability.

The three take a sit and begin to talk about what will happen after Urara knows the truth. Just then, Ryu tells the others to keep it a secret from Urara, leading Miyabi to warn him that Urara will find out eventually; Ryu assures her that he will return to normal before then. He notes that the cause could have be Nene. As he is about to leave the room, Urara appears, asking for what "secret" they are going to keep. Howbeit, she dismisses the conversation and asks Ryu if they can kiss to swap. Ryu pushes her away quickly, urging her to question what is happening.

Urara and Ryu swapped bodies

Ryu then leaves the room and heads out in search of Nene, asking around to those who may know her. As he heads to the old school building, he is met by Urara, who asks him if they can swap places now. Before Ryu can make a quick escape, Urara questions if he is tired of swapping with her, forcing him to stop and explain what is happening to him. Regardless, Urara insist that he kisses her, shocking him. She kisses him, with Ryu thinking about the consequences. Albeit, the two successfully swap. Urara kisses him again, and warns him not to kiss Nene ever again.[30]

Nene's reaction to Ryu and Urara kissing

Nene finally finds him and Urara, shocked upon seeing the two locking lips. When Ushio questions Nene about their relationship, Nene ignores the question and heads off with a disoriented expression.

Meanwhile, Ryu and Urara converse about the Witches' abilities, with Urara informing Ryu that his ability is not Body Swapping; rather, duplication. Ryu wonders how he was able to get the Body Swapping ability in the first place, leading Urara to remind him of their first meeting, assuring him that the ability belongs to her. Before they can continue their conversation, Ushio returns and kicks Ryu in the face, sending him flying backwards. Enraged, Ushio questions what Ryu has done to Nene.[31]

Ryu and Ushio continue their fight

Ryu and Ushio continue their confrontation, whilst Urara stands to the side, reading her book. Ryu questions the sudden kick, only to be informed that it is his fault for harming Nene. Ryu quickly dives in to deliver a kick to Ushio's stomach, pushing him back. Ushio falls to the ground, where Ryu takes advantage of the situation to ask him what motivates him to protect Nene.

Ushio closes up on Ryu and, grabbing him by the collar, informs him that he is the one who started this whole dilemma. Befuddled, Ryu ponders the meaning behind his words, shortly enough being told that Nene is in love with him. From a distance, Urara shuts her book after listening to the problem, explaining everything to Ushio regarding Ryu's copy abilities. After realizing that there are more students with powers, Ushio suggest that all Ryu has to do is kiss Nene, prompting Urara to claim that it will work, but in return he will only copy her powers once again. Before leaving, Ushio asks Ryu if it would be okay to bring Nene, but the latter refuses. Ushio does not give up, lowering himself to his knees and begging Ryu to help Nene. He refuses again, but as he walks away, Urara accepts for him.

Urara slaps Ryu

Ryu, however, remains with the same response, explaining that Nene's love for him will never reach fruition and asking Urara if she is jealous. Noted questions angers Urara, who slaps Ryu and tells him that he will return Nene to normal. After a small discussion, Ryu accepts, leading Ushio to leave their current location whilst telling Ryu that they shall meet after school. Albeit, before he leaves, Ryu questions Ushio if Nene kissed him. Ushio responds affirmatively, explaining that he likes the way he is now, shocking Ryu. As Ushio walks off, Urara notes that they seem to be close friends, asking Ryu about their connection. Admitting that they were good friends, Ryu reveals that it was back when they were younger.[32]

Ryu and Ushio resolve to a new start

One year ago, during the new student orientation ceremony, Ryu resolves to becoming a new person, leaving the fighting behind. Suddenly, Ushio makes his way behind Ryu, the latter shocked upon seeing him. Ryu questions his presence, with the male's reply being that he is now a student of this school. The two head to the men's room to converse, both surprised upon discovering that they are both here for the same reason. After naming each other's faults, the two announce that they are at this school to attain a normal life, asking one another to stay out of their way.

Class begins, and Ryu attempts to befriend a group of students, believing that they are reading manga. However, when he grabs the book and begins to read, he realizes that the concept is beyond his understanding. They question if he likes literature, but before they get a response, Ryu flees the area. Walking around the halls, Ryu tries to speak to numerous students, all resulting into failure approaches. Ryu heads to the men's bathroom once again, telling himself that there is not a single person who he can get along with. Just then, he notices that Ushio is inside the bathroom stall beside him, laughing at him. Before long, Ushio laughs at Ryu as well. The two claim that it is only the first day of school, and that they will surely make new friends. Two months later, on the school's roof, Ryu and Ushio gaze at the sky as they lament over the fact that they were not able to make a single friend. However, Ushio claims that things may not seem to get boring. After school, Ushio and Ryu walk pass a group of guys assaulting a girl from this school. Ushio gets ready to fight them, but Ryu ponders what is right.

Ryu is told Ushio told on him

Ushio, however, is already fighting the men, leading Ryu to join him. After the fight ends, with Ryu and Ushio as the victors, the girl leaves the area without thanking them. The following day, Ryu is suspended from school, informed that two witnesses saw him in a fight. Hearing one of the witnesses' name, Ushio's, Ryu is at a loss for words. Shortly afterwards, the students at the school began to bash Ryu, and Ushio ceased conversations with him entirely. Urara listens to Ryu's story, shocked upon the revelation. Suddenly, Toranosuke and Miyabi arrive, consoling him after eavesdropping on his conversation with Urara. Urara denotes that Ryu's reasons for refusing to help Nene is because the girl who they saved back then was Nene herself. As Nene and Ushio arrive, Ryu explains that she was the girl they saved.[33]

Nene confronts Ryu, revealing that she is aware of his power as Ushio has explained what is happening to her. She then begins to argue with Toranosuke regarding his method to gain popularity, albeit the latter expresses that her own popularity is thanks to her powers. Before ordering Ryu to lift the spell off of her, she announces that she will not let Toranosuke get away with what he is doing, prompting him to accept her challenge. She then heads off with Ryu elsewhere, while the others await for their return.

Nene reveals that she is happy

Nene takes him inside the old school building, where the unopenable door is located, asking if he is shocked to see that the door was able to be opened; Ryu mentally reveals that he had known beforehand. Nene quickly changes topic, informing him that her day has been the worst thanks to him, and that she witnessed his kiss with Urara. However, Ryu rapidly dismisses her story, moving in to kiss her, but is stopped half way as Nene places her hand over his mouth. Shocked, he listens as Nene wishes to stay like this, as she has never felt love for anyone else, and that seeing her power making someone else happy has made her happy. She places her hands together, asking if it is alright with him, or if her love bothers him. Ryu simply slips his hand behind her head, leaning in to kiss her. He then releases her, explaining that he cannot simply honor her request as he does not love her. After Ryu leaves the room, Nene returns to her former self, insulting him after he shuts the door.

Ryu and Nene return to where the members of the Supernatural Studies Club and Ushio are and explain that everything is over. Miyabi suggest that they should join their club to help further investigate the power of the Witches, but Nene denies the request mainly because Toranosuke is currently a member. Meanwhile, Ushio and Ryu converse, the former thanking the latter for returning Nene back to normal. Ushio then informs Ryu that he will not apologize, however, for pushing all of the blame on him the previous year regarding the fight, as they both have attained what they wanted. Miyabi and the others call Ryu over, telling him that it's time to go. At the same time, Ushio and Nene leave the old school building as well. [34]

Ryu's grades

Sitting in an empty classroom, Ryu laments over his poor grades, admitting that his only option is to switch with Urara and have her take the makeup exam for him. Just then Ushio appears at the door, insulting him for using Urara's powers for such a cause instead of studying himself. Before Ryu can respond to his comments, Ushio tells him that he wishes to show him something, asking him to come along. Ryu follows him, and they arrive to a room, where Ushio shows Ryu a book containing details on the seven witches of Suzaku High. Ryu is in shock as he continues to read, until he arrives at the end, where a text reads that more information can be found in volume two. He holds his hands out, asking Ushio to hand over noted volume, but the latter explains to him that he was unable to find it while he was searching.

The two begin to argue, but quickly cease their bickering. As Ryu hands the book back to Ushio, he notes that the powers are inherited, and more witches with new powers linger around the school. Before leaving, Ushio tells Ryu not to reveal anything to anyone. Howbeit, the minute he returns to the Supernatural Studies Club, he reveals the secret of the first volume to the members, each having different reactions. Ryu gets up from his seat, telling the others to be careful as he heads out. However, before he can head on back home, Miyabi stops him, explaining that they will go witch hunting. Ryu claims that they can just use Urara, but she refuses.

Ryu accepts Urara's request

Moments later, Ryu firmly explains that he does not wish to mess with other witches, as he wants their relationship to remain the way it is. Albeit, Urara contradicts his thinking, reminding him that his powers are helping these people; they are waiting to be saved. Ryu is teased by Miyabi and Toranosuke as he accepts Urara's reasoning. But he stands on his decision on refusing to kiss random people for the sake of their safety. Urara understands, announcing that finding volume two should be their first action. Ryu reminds them that Ushio was not able to find it, but Toranosuke reveals that there exists another club room belonging to the Supernatural Studies near the beach.[35]

Arriving at the clubhouse

On a sunny day, Ryu, Miyabi, Urara and Toranosuke are all ready to head out to the club house near the beach. They soon arrive, with Ryu proving to know more about the club house than the others. Toranosuke realizes that Ryu is missing, leading one of them to explain that he is taking make-up exams.

Playing at the beach

Within a classroom, Ryu complains over Urara's refusal to take his exams. He then moves over to where three other students are, who greet him with disgust. Ryu soon returns to his seat and they begin their examination. However, by the end of the day, they all receive failing grades. Ryu returns to his room, where Toranosuke and the others are playing games. They tell Ryu that they have yet to find the book, as the teacher with the key has yet to arrive. Ryu complains, but nonetheless decides to throw himself on his bed. Just then, Miyabi interrupts him, explaining that it is time for more experiments; testing what happens when two powers collide.

Miyabi and Toranosuke are quick to kiss Ryu, falling in love with him. Subsequently, Miyabi kisses Urara, shocked to see that they did not switch. They conclude that the effects cannot be stacked. Urara is then told to switch with Ryu, which she does. They two manage to switch bodies, and the effect of Ryu's previous powers are gone. They announce that they have attained enough information for today, leading Ryu and Urara to switch back to normal. Ryu gets ready to head on to bed, but before he can do so, he realizes that he needs Nene's powers to returns Miyabi and Toranosuke back to normal, as the two rub up on him.[36]

Toranosuke hugs Ryu while under the Charm power

The following morning at the club house, Ryu's alarm begins to beep, the teen refusing to wake up as he decides to stay in bed for another five minutes. Howbeit, as he removes the covers from himself, he realizes that Toranosuke, while under his Charm spell, is wrapped around his body and calling out Ryu's name, leading him to get up. Shortly thereafter, he meets with Urara and Miyabi, the latter feeding him a piece of bread with her hands as he complains about their inability to undo the spell without Nene's help. Urara then offers to switch bodies with Ryu, much to his liking as she will be able to take the exams for him. Ryu warns her that she will be stuck inside a stuffy room, but she claims that it is no big deal as remedial lessons sound fascinating. Urara gets up from her chair as Ryu eagerly gets ready to go to the beach.

Having switched bodies, Ryu plays in the water within Urara's body, much to Toranosuke's pleasure and Miyabi's dissatisfaction.[37]

Nene and Ushio at the clubhouse

Ryu's group is still in disbelief at the fact that Meiko is one of the seven witches, as Urara claims; revealing that she suddenly kissed her. The group comes to a decision of staying hidden for now, as Ryu will continue to take remedial lessons and pass his exams. Ryu heads out to the classroom, and rapidly encounters Meiko, who apologizes if she scared him earlier and assures him that everything will be okay. She then turns around and walks to her seat.

Urara tells Ryu that he must kiss Meiko

The three begin to take their test, but nothing happens, and eventually they all receive failing grades. Ryu gets up and confronts Meiko, but she runs away and begs him to forget what happened the other day. As Ryu gets ready to leave the classroom, Nene and Ushio make an entrance, questioning his presence. Ryu looks at both his classmates, eagerly moving towards Nene and begging her to kiss him. Nene, scared, jumps into Ushio's arms and denies his request. Moments later, Ryu takes Ushio and Nene to his room, where he explains what is happening. Albeit, Nene informs the group that the teacher in possession of the key will only arrive after all four students in remedial classes pass their exams. Remembering what Meiko said to him previously, Ryu believes that her powers will allow them all to pass the exam. Urara reaches the conclusion that Ryu must kiss Meiko.[38]

Miyabi and Toranosuke want to stay in love with Ryu

Ryu complains about Urara's idea of simply kissing Meiko, explaining that he does not interact with her and he does not know what type of powers she possess. Miyabi and Toranosuke interrupt him, hugging him and defending his reasoning for the sole reason of wanting to stay in love with Ryu. Ryu screams, while Nene questions what is happening with Meiko. Shortly enough, the group fills her in, and subsequently decides to help Ryu. Nene kisses Ryu, returning Miyabi and Toranosuke back to normal, and angering Ushio. As promised, Ryu heads out to meet Meiko and land a kiss on her lips. He mentally tells himself that he will be careful of what powers he copies from now and on.

Meiko refuses to kiss Ryu

Arriving to the classroom, he encounters a lone Meiko eating lunch. She notices his arrival and runs away, but Ryu stops her midway and asks to be kissed one more time. Meiko refuses and tells him to forget about the kiss. Ryu attempts to force her, leading her to run away in fear and express Ryu's different personality compared to earlier. Left with no other option, Ryu heads to Urara's location and asks to switch places with her. After they do, Ryu stays behind and takes a bath for Urara, soon enough joined by Nene. Nene begins to play with Ryu, believing it to be Urara, but the latter moves away from her and takes a quick bath. Nene realizes that it is Ryu inside Urara's body, but when she does, her towel drops to the ground, leading her to scream loudly. On the other side of the bathhouse the boys hear the scream, pondering what could be happening. Elsewhere, Nene begins to call Ryu various names, but Urara arrives just then, informing Ryu that Meiko has accepted her request.[39]

Ryu kisses Meiko

Urara tells Ryu that Meiko will be waiting by the entrance to kiss him. Shocked, Ryu questions Urara, asking if Meiko may know about her ability to switch bodies. Urara believes she does not, but states that Meiko realized there was something different about her. Nene interrupts, informing Ryu that their personalities are completely different. Confused, he questions her reasoning. Nene tells him that body movements and the way he talks may give it away. Urara eventually returns to the topic at hand and kisses Ryu, returning to her body and telling him to kiss Meiko. Ryu meets Meiko by the entrance, the latter warning him that strange things may happen. The two kiss, leading Meiko to run back inside the building. Back at the girls' room, Ryu kisses Miyabi and Toranosuke, but nothing seems to have changed. Nene and Ushio question if Ryu really kissed Meiko. Miyabi soon states that the power may take a bit of time to awaken, like Nene's Charm. Eventually, the boys head to their room to sleep, when suddenly, Ryu hears a voice inside of his head calling out to him, the voice belonging to Meiko.

Meiko communicates with Ryu via Telepathy

After waking up, Ushio turns on the light, asking what is happening. However, Ryu begins to look around for Meiko. He then hears her voice again, telling him that she has the power of Telepathy. The next morning, Ryu meets up with Meiko and asks for an explanation. Meiko begins to order Ryu around, her Telepathy being the total opposite of her shy personality. They begin to test the power, asking Ryu to turn around and send something to her mind. He attempts to do so, but fails. Soon enough, Mitsuru and Hideaki arrive to their location, explaining to Ryu that they will reveal their real intentions behind using the power of Telepathy.[40]

Refuse to spend their summer studying

Ryu stares at Mitsuru and Hideaki in shock, wondering why he is able to hear their thoughts as well when he only kissed Meiko. Hideaki soon explains that those who kiss Meiko share the power Telepathy with her, and the only challenge to overcome is imagining a picture of the person who he wants to communicate with. Ryu comprehends, and states that by communication via Telepathy will help them all pass the exams. Amazed by the power's sudden usefulness, Ryu screams out in joy. However, Meiko reminds him that if he is not able to master the power of Telepathy, then it will be for naught and they will spend their entire summer studying. Soon enough, Ryu is given a method to help him along the way, being an image of Meiko, to help him in the imagining process. He turns around and remembers Meiko's face, sending her a message successfully. After celebrating, Ryu questions how they will use this power to pass their exam, only to be told that they will get answers from him. In shock, Ryu points towards himself as the group showers him in complements of being book smart. Meiko holds Ryu's hands, asking if it will be alright; he agrees.

The group celebrates

Back to his room, Ryu reports to the others, his comrades surprised to hear of her power. When suddenly, Ryu receives a message via Telepathy from Toranosuke; in disbelief that he was able to master the power of Telepathy so quickly. Miyabi asks Ryu to teach her, but Urara intervenes and announces that he can now pass the exam. Ryu leaves to the classroom and begins to take the test. Toranosuke soon communicates with him, telling Ryu to read him the problem. Once he does, Urara quickly answers him. He then passes the answer on to Meiko and the others. Ryu looks at the time and realizes that they will never finish like this. He connects with Meiko, asking her to trust him and let him finish the test first. They agree. Ryu then concentrates and is able to finish the test and send out the answers in due time. The teacher gives back their grades, each scoring 92, 89, 94, and 98 respectively. The teacher congratulates them, leading the group to jump in joy. Shortly enough, Ryu collapses due to "overusing" his brain.[41]

On the fourth day of their trip, Ryu is met by Meiko, Hideaki and Mitsuru, informing him that they will now begin to enjoy what remains of their summer by going to the beach before heading home. The trio subsequently leave Ryu alone after he denies their invitation to come along. Shortly thereafter, Ryu reunites with the others, who inform him that the teacher with the key has yet to arrive.

Ryu saves Meiko

After voicing his displeasure, he announces that he will go take a nap. However, Miyabi stops him and tells him that they will investigate Meiko's Telepathy; as it seems that they are allowed to use it as if they themselves were Witches. Ryu dismisses the chore, but Nene comments on how the power is useless, as a phone can do the same things. As she continues to talk, Ryu suddenly hears someone say something about Nene's boobs, an image appearing within his mind. Toranosuke admits that he was able to send images to Ryu's mind, shocking the latter. Before he can celebrate, however, Meiko uses her Telepathy to contact Ryu; claiming that it is an emergency and he needs to report to the beach right away.

After arriving there, Ryu watches as Meiko is struggling against small waves. She falls out of her floating tube and is unable to swim to the top, but Ryu appears just in time, pulling her up. Once they are floating on top of the water, Meiko reveals that she may be in love with Ryu, but assures him that she is confused. She questions his sudden difference at times, asking to be informed. Ryu mentally tells himself that she is in love with Urara's version of him. He soon decides to reveal everything to Meiko, explaining Urara's power; leading Meiko to have Ryu promise to reveal who is in whose body the next time they meet. Much later, Ryu meets with the trio, who wish to say goodbye before leaving. As a present, they leave an image with him in case he wishes to communicate with them whenever—he unwillingly accepts it. After the two boys leave, Meiko pulls Ryu to her level and whispers into his ear that one of his friends was unaffected when she kissed them.[42]

Ryu makes an appearance, prompting Miyabi to question his previous whereabouts. Ryu interrupts her, claiming that he has something of interest to inform them. Back at their room, Ryu reveals that Maria Sarushima is one of the Witches, as Meiko claims. Howbeit, despite the information, Ryu reminds the others that he does not know her all that well. Miyabi gets up, thinking that she may be here, but Toranosuke stops her, claiming that Maria has not been to school in a long time. The others wonder if her Witch power is to blame, leading Ryu to claim that thus is the reason why he will drag her back to school, with the others supporting the idea.

Ryu wants to save the Witches

The night soon arrives, and the group throws a celebration party fitting for their last day at the clubhouse. Urara heads to where Ryu is, taking with her a massive fireworks container and asking Ryu to light it up. After watching her in disbelief, he lights up the fireworks, leading Urara to question his motive for helping the other Witches. Ryu reveals that he wishes to know why the Witch Powers exists, denoting that the Witches receive their powers based on their desires. He then questions his power, with Urara moving to his side and asking the same. [43]

Futuristic Arc

Toranosuke visits Ryu

After returning home and relaxing within his house with a drink in his hands, Ryu's peaceful afternoon is disrupted when his little sister, Tatsumi Yamada, enters his room and announces that Santa came early, as Toranosuke makes an entrance. After asking him how he entered his house, Toranosuke admits that Tatsumi allowed him inside, displeasing Ryu. Regardless, Ryu takes him to his messy room, where Toranosuke complains about Ryu having removed his Telepathy. Subsequently, he tells Ryu that they will go pay Maria a visit. Ryu, confused, reminds Toranosuke that it is still summer break. However, the latter reveals that Nene and Ushio have already began their own investigation. After thinking things through, Ryu accepts the request, pondering if Maria may know about the Witch Powers. Shortly after leaving, they arrive at Maria's house and attempt to brake in. Just then, a girl appears behind them and warns them that it is her house they are trying to brake into. Casually, she goes pass the two boys and tells them to stay safe, only to head back outside and ask for their help; rearranging things within her house.

Maria asking for help

Ryu heads towards Maria, telling her that he is finished rearranging her room, surprised to find her watching television. She then orders Ryu to clean her bathroom, angering him. Toranosuke grabs Ryu and reminds him why they are here. Unwillingly, he cleans the bathroom, only to be told that her mattress needs to be cleaned as well. After he is done, he returns to the living room, where Maria has fallen asleep. Ryu decides to head back home, but Toranosuke stops him and tells him to kiss her. Ryu refuses, but eventually gives in. However, as he is about to kiss her, Maria opens her eyes slightly and tells Ryu to help her. Ryu then leaves the house, with Toranosuke fallowing behind asking him what is wrong. After revealing what just happened, Ryu asks Toranosuke to stay outside for a while,heading back inside. After returning, he listens to Maria as she claims that she knew he would be coming to her house.[44]

Maria's Premonition

Ryu asks Maria what she means by claiming that she knew he would be coming to her house. Maria informs him that she can see the future, informing him that his clothes will be coming off soon. Ryu begins to fantasize about Maria, believing that said fantasy is the reason why he will take off his clothes. He takes a step back, crashing into someone carrying cups filled with water and getting his clothes wet, allowing him to realize that this is what Maria meant. The two take a seat and converse, with Maria revealing that she must kiss someone in order to get a glimpse of their future, prompting Ryu to realize that she is truly one of the Seven Witches. Maria reveals that she has seen something terrible that will happen to her, admitting that she only attained said power after transferring to Suzaku High School. She begins to look back on how she began to look into the future, leading to her vision of the old school building on fire. Eventually, however, she also tells Ryu that, while trying to stop the fire, she would be blamed for it and thus her friends will abandon her.

Ryu tells Maria that they can still stop the fire, as well as asking her, her reasons for telling him. Maria reveals that Ryu was present, along side her, when the building was on fire. After much pondering, Ryu asks Maria to kiss him. She kisses him, allowing Ryu to get a glimpse of a certain future. Eventually, Ryu leaves Maria's house. However, before he does, Maria announces that she wishes to enjoy the upcoming semester at school with everyone else, leading Ryu to states that, that was what he "saw." [45]

Returning to the club room, Ryu informs the others of Maria's Precognition powers, leaving them in disbelief. Just then, Nene enters the Supernatural Studies Club room and tells the members that Maria is a Witch, waiting for the group's reaction. As she turns around to leave, full of confidence in her powers, her skirt flips up, revealing her panties. Once Nene and Ushio leave, not before Nene slaps Ryu, the group realizes that this is what he meant by "Nene hitting him." Before long, Ryu ends the conversation, only to announce that they have a problem; the old school building is going to catch fire. The others conclude that this is why Maria stopped coming to school. Ryu begins to analyze the power, claiming that the user can only see through the eyes of the person they kiss. Ryu asks Miyabi to kiss him, but she refuses due to being asked so suddenly. However, Ryu grabs her and kisses her, seeing himself in a wig. Just then, the principal enters the club room and Miyabi crashes into him, leading his wig to land on Ryu; the future he saw.

Ryu realizes he was able to change the future

Suddenly, Toranosuke grabs Ryu and kisses him, asking him what future he saw. Ryu sees himself being flipped by Karen. Just then, Karen enters the room and requests a duel with Ryu. Moments later, Toranosuke realizes that the future does not seem changeable. Ryu questions what he should do, only to have Toranosuke pull him in for another kiss, allowing him to see another future, this time one of Urara collapsed on the old school building. The group heads to the old school building, where they quickly locate Urara. Urara slips on the stairs, with Ryu attempting to catch her. However, he fails. Before she falls, however, Ryu switches place with her. When Ryu gets up, Toranosuke questions the vision he saw, asking about the "panties." Realization strikes Ryu as he notices he was able to change the future.[46]

Ryu draws an image

At Maria's house, Ryu reveals that he is able to change the future, shocking the former. Maria questions how, leading Ryu to recollect on the information he shared with the Supernatural Studies Club; swapping bodies is the method Ryu used to changed the future. He explains his vision, revealing that Urara's panties were visible, but when they swapped bodies, that fact changed. Urara agrees with Ryu's reasoning, asking him to head over to Maria and find something out for her. Pulling Ryu out of his thoughts, Maria asks Ryu if he truly cannot tell her, the latter affirming that he cannot, asking her to solely trust him. She agrees, making Ryu blush. Subsequently, Ryu asks her for details on how the fire may have started, requesting pen and paper before hand. Ryu draws an image of what Maria could have possibly seen, the image itself scaring her due to its hideousness.

Ryu then request Maria to kiss him once again, which she does, prompting Ryu to receive yet another vision of the terrible future. With that, he leaves Maria's house. The following day, Ryu heads to the Supernatural Studies Club's room, finding its members, along with Meiko, present. Meiko informs Ryu that her power is apparently needed, causing inquisition. Urara begins to explain why Meiko is present; her powers are needed to investigate if Ryu may have possibly missed something. Moments later, after much kissing, Ryu, exhausted, listens to the others as they shower Meiko with complements for her amazing drawings. Urara moves towards the drawings and separates them according to who it was kissing Ryu.

There was a third person

After analyzing certain things, Urara denotes that the future the person sees belongs to the person whom they kiss, as they attain the vision through their eyes. Ryu, however, claims that this does not help, but Urara interrupts him, informing him that they do, in fact, have a lead. She points towards the image Ryu drew, announcing that only Maria and Ryu can be seen. She questions who was watching them, with Ryu questioning who could be the third person present.[47]

Ryu meets Kentaro

Ryu returns to Maria's house, where he explains to her that a third person is involved. He asks her if she may remember who it was. She does, but is hesitant to reveal anything as she assures Ryu that it was a guy friend of her's. She begins to make excuses to Ryu, but the latter could not care less. Moments later, Maria reveals his name and asks if it would be better for them not to meet him, as he may be the antagonist who started the fire. He reminds her that it is the only way to stop the fire. Ryu leaves Maria's house and locates Kentaro's whereabouts, leading him to an arcade. Ryu heads towards him in an attempt to begin a conversation, but is quickly dismissed by an enraged Kentaro playing in the arcade. Ryu grabs Kentaro by his shirt, telling him to listen, but Kentaro refuses, grabbing Ryu by his shirt and asking him to beat some curiosity into him. With a smirk, the two begin their face off.

Kentaro ultimately defeats Ryu in the arcade game they were playing, but Ryu refuses to give up, challenging him to other games. However, Ryu is defeated in every single one. Despite having won, Kentaro decides to listen to Ryu, announcing that he, too, has something to tell him. They head elsewhere, where Kentaro reveals that he is head over heels for Urara, shocking Ryu. He begins to explain to Ryu how Urara and he met, revealing that Urara had basically dismissed him without a second thought, but was the first person to speak to him since transferring to Suzaku High School; which made him realize that she is what he wanted. He tells Ryu that he will asks question about her later, returning to the topic at hand and asking him what he is looking for.

Kentaro fries Tempura

Ryu, however, believes that Kentaro is not to be blamed for the fire, and does not question him. Albeit, Kentaro tells Ryu, that as proof of their friendship, he will show him something special. He takes him to the old school building, leading him into the cooking room. Ryu begins to worry that he will burn down the building. Kentaro simply grabs the tools he needs and begins cooking Tempura. When he is finished, he presents it to Ryu as a symbol of their friendship. However, Ryu scolds him for cooking Tempura in the old school building. Kentaro removes his apron, announcing that he will confess to Urara tomorrow and asking Ryu to tell him everything he knows about her.[48]

Ryu reacts to Kentaro's decision to confess his true feelings to Urara, and calculates that Urara will deny him, which will lead Kentaro to fry Tempura nonstop in the old school building. Ryu leaves the cooking room and is called by Maria, who informs him that she will be coming to school tomorrow to speak with the teachers; or she will be kicked out. Realizing that all of the events are aligning perfectly, Ryu denotes that the fire will take place tomorrow. Maria is confused, but Ryu assures her that coming to school will be fine, as he now knows what causes the fire. The next day, Ryu explains to Toranosuke and Miyabi what transpired the previous night, and states that he will be kissing Kentaro to stop the fire.

Ryu asks Kentaro to kiss him

Moments later, Ryu and Toranosuke head to Kentaro's location, the latter believing that Urara sent him in her place in order to reject him. Ryu affirms him that, that is not the case. Kentaro grabs him by his shirt and asks what is going on. Ryu calmly asks him to kiss him. Kentaro believes it to be a joke, and restates that Urara did send Ryu to reject him in her place. After Kentaro refuses to kiss Ryu, Toranosuke grabs him from behind to allow Ryu a chance to kiss him. However, Kentaro stands his ground, pushing them off of him. Shortly afterwards, a beat up Ryu and an unharmed Toranosuke return to the club room, where they find Maria and the other girls, who expected the boys to fail.

Maria claims that, by kissing Miyabi, she was able to predict they would fail. After discussing what happened, Ryu provides a plan: he will swap with Urara and accept Kentaro's feelings in her place, which will stop the old school building from catching fire. Urara rejects his plan, thinking about what will happen afterwards. Toranosuke, on the other hand, claims that Ryu should swap bodies with Urara and go on a date with him to distract him; Ryu accepts.[49]

Toranosuke goes over the plan

Ryu swaps with Urara, surprising Maria and arousing her knowledge on the Witch Powers. Toranosuke subsequently begins to detail his plan, with Maria and Miyabi affirming their understanding. Ryu ponders what their roles will be, only to be informed that they will keep him updated regarding any changes, as Miyabi kissed Maria once again and was involved somehow with the fire. Maria also reveals that she was able to get a glimpse of the time the fire will be occurring: 8:02 PM. The group looks at the current time and notes that the fire will occur within two hours from now, but if the same vision is seen, then everything will be for naught. Toranosuke tells Ryu that they will keep in updated via phone calls, asking him once again if he is sure he can handle this mission—he claims he can do this in his sleep.

Kentaro will confess his feelings

Moments later, Ryu heads towards Kentaro's location and greets him in Urara's body, making the clueless Kentaro blush madly. Ryu teases Kentaro, and just as the latter is about to confess his feelings for Urara, Ryu stops him midway and asks if he would come shopping with him. Kentaro agrees, which prompts Ryu to call Toranosuke for an update on the future, but he explains that nothing has changed. Meanwhile, Maria and Miyabi kiss once again, telling the group that things are only getting worse as Miyabi is now standing with them in front of the burning building. However, Ryu keeps at it, asking Kentaro if they can continue this tomorrow. After he agrees, Ryu runs out elsewhere, ending up in Avenue Love and getting yelled at by Toranosuke for his reckless actions. Kentaro appears behind Ryu, confessing his feeling, while Maria claims that things are only getting worse.[50]

Urara kisses Ryu

Kentaro reveals his feelings to whom he believes is Urara, which leads Ryu to accept his proposal due to the gawking eyes surrounding them and to prevent him from cooking tempura tonight. However, Urara reveals her presence, in Ryu's body, and stops the conversation, with a worried Toranosuke running behind her. Kentaro, confused, questions what is happening. As Ryu is about to make up an explanation, Urara heads towards him and kisses him, switching back to her body and leaving Kentaro watching the scene before him in shock.

Urara apologizes and, while hugging Ryu, announces that her lips have a previous engagement. Kentaro runs away, while Ryu scolds Urara for her actions. However, she explains that their body swap was not going anywhere. Ryu looks at the time and runs towards the old school building, telling the other two that he will swap with Kentaro before he begins the fire. Meanwhile at the Supernatural Studies Club, Maria requests another kiss from Miyabi in order to see if anything has changed. Albeit, nothing has. At the same time, Ryu arrives to Kentaro's location and tries to open the door, but the latter refuses to let him in. Noting as nothing is working, Ryu decides to reveal everything to Kentaro about the future they saw.

Kentaro locks the door and heads to where he keeps his cooking tools after telling Ryu that he believes him, but stops midway there when he hears Urara's voice on the other side of the door telling Ryu that they need to get out as quick as possible. Kentaro opens the door, leading Ryu to use this moment to his advantage and, grabbing Kentaro's face, plant a kiss on his lips. Maria jumps up in joy, announcing that she received a new vision, one of the old school building with no fire. She hugs Miyabi as they claim to have stopped the fire.[51]

Pointing towards himself, Kentaro is in disbelief as he is told that he swapped bodies with Ryu due to a Witch Power. However, displeased with his reaction, Ryu grabs Kentaro and confronts him, but Maria stops the argument, reminding him that everything worked out in the the end. She also explains that she had another vision, which involved the renovation of the old school building. After Ryu warns Kentaro to stay off school grounds when cooking, the latter asks if he can join the Supernatural Studies Club, shocking its members. He explains that he has grown interested in the Witches. Urara claims that she does not mind, while Miyabi says that she does not like him. They begin to argue over his real intention behind joining the club. At the same time, Maria asks Ryu if he could step outside with her for a minute.

Maria hugs Ryu

Now outside, Maria throws herself into Ryu's arm, thanking him for everything he has done and announcing that she will return to school the following semester. Ryu accepts her gratitude, and question the bad vision she had. She looks at him in shock, thinking that Urara would have told him already. Regardless, she reveals the vision, admitting that Urara would be blamed for the fire. Maria concludes that Urara was planning on taking the blame for Ryu, prompting Ryu to locate Urara and converse with her in private. He thanks her, and Urara accepts his thanks. However, Ryu turns around and grabs her book, telling her to never pull something like that again.

Smiling and blushing, Urara grabs her book back and presses it on her chest, telling Ryu that she will not repeat said actions. They return to the club room, where Miyabi has accepted Kentaro as part of their group, but reminds him that they have their own rules. Just then, Kentaro hugs Ryu to celebrate. Subsequently, Nene and Ushio appear at their club room's door, announcing that they have discovered Maria's power. She teases them, asking if they wish to know. However, before long, the boys notice her unbuttoned blouse and look at her underwear. Nene furiously smacks them for looking at her chest.[52]

Culture Festival Arc

Toranosuke shows Ryu the application for the Culture Festival

On September 1st, the second semester begins, and Ryu begs Toranosuke for his homework, claiming that he was too busy searching for the Witches and forgot all about it. However, he refuses to give it to him, questioning why he is not asking Urara. Ryu grows silent, leading Toranosuke to ponder if they had an argument. A new conversation, however, starts when Ryu is presented with a poster of the upcoming culture festivals. The two head to the Supernatural Studies Club room to discuss things further. An uninterested Ryu is told that the festival attracts a lot of attention and the school itself is unified for this event. Ryu turns to his notebook and begins to do his homework, telling Toranosuke that he is too busy to focus on the festival. However, Toranosuke whispers to Ryu's ears that the major part of the festival's attendees will be chicks, albeit all Ryu is interested in is Toranosuke's homework; he refuses to hand it over.

Miyabi gets ready for the festival

Moments later, Kentaro enters the club room and, making loud noises, announces the culture festival's arrival. He hands Ryu a pair of matching uniforms, but he simply throws it aside. At the same time, Miyabi also enters the room with a kart filled with festival stuff. In shock, Ryu tells her to remove whatever she brought, and explains to her that he is busy. Shortly thereafter, Urara enters the room, with the exact uniform Kentaro has, announcing the culture festival and asking what they will be doing. After explain to Ryu that she was not in a club last year and thus did not attend the festival, Urara admits that she wishes to have fun this year with her comrades. Ryu simply turns around and continues his homework after listening. Miyabi explains to Urara what is going on, leading her to tell Ryu that he can just copy her homework, but Miyabi and Kentaro scold her for doing so. However, Ryu puts on his outfit and gets ready for the festival, angering the Kentaro and Miyabi.

Noa's introduction

The group then begins to brainstorm on what they will be doing, with Ryu proposing a Yakisoba Noodle Bread Shop, while at the same time denying Kentaro's Tempura idea and Miyabi's animal attraction. Toranosuke agrees with Ryu's idea, but explains that something is missing: Urara and Miyabi should wear maid uniforms and sell the bread. However, when they take the application to the Student Council, Haruma denies it. After telling the boys that, as a culture club, they should find something they call all participate in, he accuses them of being busy with their Witch Hunting, shocking them. Ryu looks at Toranosuke, but he shakes his head. Just then Asuka enters the room and congratulates Ryu on stopping the fire. Returning to the topic at hand, Haruma tells the boys that if they deal with a group of trouble makers, he will accept their idea. Ryu initially disagrees, but Haruma stops him midway and explains that it is a Witch.[53]

Nene and Ushio appear

Returning to the Supernatural Studies Club room, Ryu explains the situation to Miyabi and Urara regarding Haruma's request. Toranosuke takes out three photos of the freshmen, explaining that they have done disruptions, mass cheating and have been involved in fights. Miyabi suggest using force, but he explains that, that is not going to work, as the students were well respected and liked before, taking out a picture of Noa Takigawa and explaining that she is most likely the mastermind behind all of this. Urara and Miyabi look at her picture, asking if she is the Witch. Seconds later, Nene and Ushio appear at the door, claiming that it should not be a shock to them that a freshman would be a Witch and also assuring the group that her powers may be similar to Nene's. Before long, a pumped up Ryu announces that he will locate Noa and investigate her power, with Miyabi and Kentaro cheering him on.

Noa and her group

However, Toranosuke stops him and asks him if he will just force her to kiss him, but he denies such claim, explaining that he will give her a reality check. The three leave the room, in search of Noa. They quickly locate her and her friends, asking to speak to Noa in private. She agrees, leading Ryu to ponder if she is really as bad as they thought. Ryu confronts her on the school roof, threatening and warning her. Noa, however, dismisses the blame, claiming that her friends are the ones causing trouble. Angrily, Ryu begins to scold her, but she stops him midway and questions if he is interested in younger girls. Shocked, he is taken aback as she admits that she is interested in older guys. Noa teases Ryu, leading him to asks her if she wants a kiss, filled with confidence.

Noa, displeased, leaves the scene after insulting Ryu, while Miyabi and Kentaro watch from afar. Returning to the club room, Ryu puts his head down as the others comment on what just happened, while Urara tells Ryu that she believes he is not a freak. The group then concludes that they will be attacking separately, with Ushio joining in and going after one of the boys, Toranosuke confronting the soccer team's ace and Miyabi heading after the smart girl. Kentaro, assuming leadership, cheers them on, but is soon kicked about by the others. Meanwhile, Urara asks Ryu if he is okay, leading Kentaro to interrupt and tell her to forget about Ryu and focus on him. However, an angry Ryu picks up his head and claims that Noa's lips will be his.[54]

Noa holds a broom in her hands as she tries to keep Ryu away from her, who is trying to kiss her. She manages to push him away, prompting Ryu to ponder things through. He asks her if he could be part of her gang, but she rapidly turns him down. Ryu changes tactics, revealing that he is aware of her Witch Powers and how they work, leading Noa to force herself on top of Ryu and ask him to reveal more. She also accepts him into their group, for the sole purpose of knowing more. As Noa is about to kiss him, Ryu stops her midway, claiming that he changed his mind, asking her to forget all that just happened. The group reunites in the Supernatural Studies Club room, discovering that no one has any leads on Noa as all of her friends said the same thing. They asks Ryu if anything happened, but he claims that it is nothing worth mentioning. Urara watches him in disbelief.

The destroyed club room

The following morning, Ryu converses with Ushio, explaining Noa's reaction when he mentioned the Witches. Kentaro suddenly enters the conversation, explaining that there is trouble in the club room. When he heads over to witness what has happened, he stares at the destroyed room. Urara walks inside the room and begins to clean up, telling the others that they can search for the culprit later. Ryu, however, walks out, running towards the Student Council and confronting Haruma, asking for an explanation. Submitting, Haruma states that he will explain Noa's intentions, which involve the removal of the other Witches in Suzaku High School. [55]

Repeating what Haruma just said, Ryu ponders what she will gain from erasing the other Witches. Haruma reminds Ryu that the Witch Powers are something inherited by students of Suzaku High School.

Haruma reveals that Noa has volume two of the Witch notes

In his office, Haruma reveals to Ryu that Noa's group was the culprit behind the fire in the old school building. And by Ryu preventing it, they became aware of Maria's Witch Power. Angry, Ryu yells at Haruma for not telling him sooner, but the latter claims that it was information only he knew, and rather he should be thanking him for speaking about it. Seconds later, Ryu wonders how she knows so much about the Witches, with Haruma explaining that she has the second volume of the Witch notes. Reuniting to the club room, Ryu explains everything to the others, warning the Witches not to use their powers. They soon leave, stating that they will not use them. Afterwards, Kentaro expresses his discontent at how the Witch powers work. Miyabi suggests that they stop meeting for a while, but Ryu claims that, that won't stop Noa. He says that they should go after her.

Miyabi worries about Urara, but she says that it is fine, as she is rather thrilled by it as they will gain new knowledge on the Witches. Much later, the group heads to Ryu's house, delighted with Ryu's little sister, Tatsumi. The group soon begins to formulate a plan, with Toranosuke claiming that they may have to get her expelled if she continues to harass people. However, Ryu claims that their point of focus should be the second volume of Witch notes, which is in her possession.[56]

Saeko overhears Ryu's conversation with Urara

At some point, Saeko comes across Ryu and Urara conversing about something.

Saeko,Keigo and Ren soon arrived to the Supernatural Studies Club, finding Urara alone. Saeko enters the room and quickly gets down to business, kissing Urara after admitting that she is aware of her Witch powers. She celebrates, but calls out Keigo and Ren to grab Urara. As Saeko gets ready to leave the room, she turns around to witness Keigo and Ren being tossed around by Urara. Ryu, who was pretending to be Urara, then looks at Saeko, who is in utter shock, and claims that it was a good idea to switch bodies beforehand.[57]

Saeko's group captured

Saeko and the two boys are captured by Ryu and Urara. After questioning what will happen to them now, Toranosuke appears and asks the trio for the location of the second volume of Witch notes. Howbeit, Keigo refuses to talk, leading Ryu to use Saeko's body to tease them. Asking him to stop, they are only met by the same question. However, they assure them that they do not know, as they only know of what Noa tells them. Miyabi and Kentaro complain, claiming that this has turned into a waste of time. Ryu then moves on to question Noa's power, but Saeko refuses to reveal anything, which forces Ryu to announce that he wishes to get naked and walk around the school. Initially, Saeko is worried, but does not back down. Realizing that it is a waste of time, Ryu says that it is time for Plan B.

Moments later, Toranosuke and Kentaro switch bodies with Keigo and Ren, respectively. Thy head out in search of Noa, asking around to see if anyone has seen her, but everyone keeps avoiding a conversation with them. Eventually, they conclude that maybe everyone hates them. Just then Noa appears and asks for them to follow her. When they do, they head outside and are questioned about Urara. Eventually, Ryu believes that asking for the book now would be the best option, but when he does, Noa simply takes out a dictionary and slams it on his head. Noa announces Ryu's name, insulting his acting skills. Albeit, Noa compromises, telling them that she will reveal her power to them as long as they release her friends. [58]

Saeko will speak with Noa

Noa tells the boys that she will reveal her power to them, but in return they shall release her friends. Toranosuke and Kentaro wonder what Ryu's next action will be, shocked upon hearing him say that they are no longer interested. Noa wagers the Witch notes, but Ryu denies them, reminding her that what he wishes is for her to stop trying to get the Witches expelled. She refuses. Ryu and the others head back to the Supernatural Studies Club room, where, after returning to normal, Miyabi and Kentaro beat Ryu up for his recklessness. Questioning what they will do with Saeko and the two boys, Miyabi complains about Ryu and his pride, reminding him that they cannot keep them tied up in the club room for eternity. Urara, on the other hand, is rather surprised to know that the trio were not Noa's puppets. Toranosuke suggest that they should brake the gang up with the Charm power, but Saeko states her disapproval.

Noa kisses Ryu

Toranosuke tells her that they are not giving them much of an option, which prompts Saeko to asks the group to give her a chance to speak to Noa about forgetting about the Witch powers as she does not want Noa to be all alone. They agree, and let them ago. Moments later, Ryu calls Noa back, asking about her friends and reminding her that they were popular before. Noa angrily grabs Ryu by his shirt and tells him that he does not know anything, landing a kiss on his lips; knowing what his powers are, and telling him to learn the truth himself.

Back at the club room, Miyabi walks in with a paper that grants them permission to open their stall in the festival. However, Ryu stays mute, which angers Miyabi and causes her to yell at him. She explains that they can leave the Witch investigations for after the festival. Everyone heads on home. Ryu, while sleeping, looks into the past, watching as Noa sat in a room alone, reading volume two of the Witch notes and is locked inside by a pair of students. He wakes up and looks around, realizing that he is in his room. He places his hand over his head as he wonders what just happened.[59]

Miyabi wants to test the power

Arriving to the club room the following morning, a tired Ryu announces that he knows what Noa's powers are. But before he is able to reveal anything, he falls. Moments later, Ryu wakes once again and states that Noa's power is to see the past. Toranosuke questions this, which leads Ryu, after falling asleep and waking up subsequently, to assure them that they receive part of the person's past as a dream. Urara asks him what he saw, with Ryu revealing that he saw her reading the second volume of the Witch notes in the Supernatural Studies Clubhouse. Kentaro questions if that is all he saw, to which he responds positively. Miyabi then suggests that they should test out the power, with Toranosuke and Kentaro agreeing, but Ryu refuses, as he does not want to spend another night without sleep.

Ryu confronts Noa

When he asks if they wish to keep him up all night, Toranosuke teases him, which angers him. He soon leaves the room, claiming that he will go sleep in the nurse's office. However, he heads elsewhere, locating Saeko and the others. He asks them if they know where Noa is, which leads them to reveal that she may be in the old study room. When they ask what he intends to do, he simply tells them that it is none of their business. Ryu heads to the old study room and, opening the door, thanks Noa for the disturbing dream. Noa turns to look at him, asking him if he now understands. Ryu assures her that he does, explaining that her power allows a person to see a traumatic event of the person's past. He explains that he is aware that she was locked in that room for hours, and only received help when a patrolling teacher walked by.

Noa informs him that he is correct, further explaining that her friends had it worse, as they were framed. Ryu nods, telling her that she should not let it bother her, as anyone would have pissed themselves. Blushing, she dismisses him and asks if he enjoyed the show, but Ryu claims that he was not interested. When Noa questions his real reason for coming here, he admits that he simply came for that. Noa turns to leave, but Ryu stops her, by grabbing her and telling her that he is here to provide her with any help. Noa hugs him, and begins to weep as she asks him to help her friends.[60]

Ryu asks Noa if she could wait outside, but she refuses to do so as she wants to remain next to him, leading the others to angrily gaze towards their location. Moments later, Noa tells the club members that her powers share traumatic events, and thus why Ryu could not reveal what he saw. However, Noa teases Toranosuke and Kentaro by claiming that Ryu witnessed a jaw-dropping experience. They look at him and demand to know what it was, but he denies to do so. Noa gives him her approval, however he still refuses, angering the two boys. Ryu questions why Noa is sticking to him like glue, but she reminds him that he said he would help her.

Toranosuke wishes to experiment, but both Noa and Ryu deny him. At the same time, Urara notes how dangerous this power could be, as the user could see their deepest secret and use it for blackmailing. Before long, Miyabi and the others kick Ryu and Noa out, explaining that they will never be done by the time the culture festival start with the two of them flirting about. Urara also realizes that her power has another facet, which includes gaining empathy for the other and forming bonds with them. She denotes that Noa uses her power to create a nice relationship with her friends, which could apply to Ryu. Elsewhere, Ryu and Noa walk along one another, discussing their next course of action. Ryu says that he will find the culprit and beat them to a pulp, but Noa disagree with his reasoning, leading her to smack him with a book.

Ryu will use violence

He asks her what she desires for them, with Noa assuring him that she solely wants for them to regain their former lives. She tells Ryu that if they stop hanging out with her, they could regain their popularity. He asks her if she is okay with that, and she assures him that she is, as she has her Witch power for company. Ryu smiles and calls her a child, which leads her to smack him with a book once again. They decide to think of a plan tomorrow, each heading their separate ways. As Ryu walks home, Ren appears in front of him and punches him. He is unconsciously taken elsewhere, where, once he wakes up, Saeko and Keigo stand alongside Ren. Saeko asks Ryu what they have done to Noa, but he claims that they have done nothing. He then begins to explain that Noa wishes to help them by staying away from them, blaming them for making her suffer. Keigo heads towards Ryu, accusing him of lying and ready to punch him. However, just then, Ryu releases himself from the tied rope they had around him, claiming that he will be resorting to violence to make them understand.[61]

Ryu kicks Ren

Ryu knocks Keigo down, with Ren watching in disbelief. As he musters the power to run towards Ryu, he calls him a liar, while at the same time Ryu expresses his disappointment in his old friend. He manages to land a punch on Ryu's face, but the latter counterattacks with a powerful kick that knocks him down. He asks him if he is done already. However, Ren's only reply is that they already knew what was going on, and that he was not lying to them, albeit they did not know what to do or how to get it done. Ryu sits on the ground, joining the other three, as he confesses that he, too, is confused and does not know how to help Noa, informing them that she claims that the trio will only have a bleak future if they continue hanging out with her.

The following day, Noa looks at Ryu's injuries, questioning how he got them, while Miyabi holds herself back. He tells her that it is nothing to worry about. At the same time, Miyabi points towards the door, Saeko and the others standing present. They call Noa out, telling her that they want to go their separate ways, as they have been putting some thoughts in their future. Ryu attempts to interrupt them, but Noa stops him before he can. They begin to leave the room, claiming that it is all they wanted to say. As they continue to walk forward, they remind Noa of their hanging out spot, asking if she will show up today. With a smile, she assures them that she will. Later, Noa reunites with her friends, revealing to Ryu that she originally intended to use their memories to blackmail them.

Noa takes Ryu outside, where she hands to him the second volume of the Witch notes, but makes him promise that he will stop searching for the Witches. However, Ryu refuses to stop, leading Noa to hide the book. She tells him that he can always come to her and ask her if he has any questions, noting that she has more than enough rivals already. Ryu is left questioning her response, but is told by Noa that she has fallen in love with him. Miyabi and Kentaro surprise Ryu, reminding him that he has to get his work done. Meanwhile, Haruma looks out the window, witnessing Ryu's conversation with Noa and announcing that the Culture Festival is tomorrow.[62]

The Culture Festival begins

The Culture Festival finally commences, with all of the students cheerfully walking about. In the Yakisoba Noodle Bread Shop, Ryu advertises his sandwich, but once he announces the price, everyone but Meiko heads elsewhere. Confused, he questions why everyone suddenly left, but Meiko reminds Ryu that in the cafeteria they sell them for a mere 140 Yen. He argues that his bread is somehow different, while Toranosuke, in a Yakisoba Bread costume, allows some customers to take pictures with him. At the same time, Urara and Miyabi, dressed as maids, seem to be having a good time. Additionally, Kentaro also enters the scene, announcing that he placed first in a card contest.

Ryu kisses Ushio

The group does not manage to sell anything, blaming Ryu for using such expensive ingredients. However, he claims that they just need to formulate a plan. Toranosuke puts Urara in his plan, saying that for every ten bread that they sell, she will remove a layer of her clothes, but Miyabi denies his idea and comes up with one herself. They open up a fortune telling stand, with Nene and Ushio passing by. They are told that, if they buy a sandwich, they will have their fortunes told. Nene decides to try it, paying for a sandwich and sending Ushio in for herself. Once he is inside, a masked Ryu welcomes him in. He tells Ushio to close his eyes, which he does. Ryu then begins to count to three, closing in on Ushio. Once he is close enough, he kisses him, leading him to open his eyes and push himself back. Ryu claims to have seen the future, which involves an indirect kiss with Nene. He then kicks him out, were Nene gives him what remains of her sandwich. The next person to enter the stand is Karen, who flips Ryu the minute he kisses her. Shortly enough, the line begins to grow and the group sells out.

By the end of the day, Maria happily claims that she is thankful to have a power of use; asking if they are even now. Ryu reminds her that she does not have to pay him back for stopping the fire. Moments later, Maria asks Ryu if it is possible to lose her Witch powers. He questions her reasoning, only to be told that she does not like her power, as she will always know what to expect and due to the fact that she wants to fall in love. The two watch as the festival continues. Shortly thereafter, Ryu locates Noa and asks her if Witches can lose their power without having to switch school. She informs him that there is a way, but it's rather unpleasant.[63]

Noa's reaction to Ryu's actions

Shocked upon hearing Noa claim that there someone who can take away a Witch Power, Ryu questions this further. Noa states that it is a guy, and he has the ability to steal a Witch's power and use it himself. Noa questions if Ryu really understand, but concludes that he does not when he states that all he has to do is find the student. As he about to head out in search for him, Noa stops him, revealing that she knows who the student is. Ryu asks for his name and location, but Noa refuses to say anything. She proposes a deal, telling him that if he were to come shopping with her on Saturday, she will reveal his information. However, Ryu places both hands on the wall behind Noa, making her blush as he asks once again. She tells him that his name is Shinichi, a Junior, and is part of Class 2-H.

Ryu heads towards said class, but is met by his classmates, who berate Shinichi for his selfish behavior. Eventually, they tell him that he may find him in the library. Ryu heads there, locating a male student and asking him if his name is Shinichi. But he ignores him, leading Ryu to kick his chair. Removing his earphones, he looks at Ryu and, indifferently, asks him what he wants. Ryu tells him that he needs a favor, revealing that he needs him to remove a Witch's power from his friend. He attempts to play dumb, but eventually is outsmarted by Ryu. Realizing that Ryu will not leave him alone, he asks him to follow him. Once he does, he explains that his power allows him to steal a Witch's power, claiming that he already has one in store.

Shinichi kisses Ryu

He demonstrates his power by kissing a passerby, shocking Ryu. However, the girl simply blushes and continues to walk. When suddenly, Shinichi pulls her skirt, revealing her panties, for which she blames Ryu, who is equally as confused. Ryu points towards Shinichi, telling her that it was him who did it. But she says that there is no one there as she stomps away. Shinichi explains to Ryu that his current power allows him to turn invisible, and he likes such power. He reveals that if he were to kiss another Witch, said power will be overwritten and disappear. Ryu insist, which leads Shinichi to grab him and pull him in for a kiss, planning to make himself invisible to Ryu. However, as he walks way, Ryu stops him, claiming that nothing happened. Putting his hand on his chin, Shinichi calls Ryu a Witch Killer, telling him that he has been looking for him.[64]

Witch Hunting Arc

Shinichi makes a deal with Ryu

Shinichi is surprised upon hearing of Ryu's copy power, comparing it to his own. He reveals the meaning behind naming himself a Witch Killer; he is able to steal a Witch's power, but ponders what Ryu could be. He subsequently asks Ryu for a favor, asking him to find out who will be the next Student Council president, as he himself is interested in the role, and in return he will grant him his favor. He asks Ryu if he has any power at his disposal, as that would make it a piece of cake. He asks Ryu if he is willing to accept his offer, with the latter responding affirmatively. Before heading out, Ryu questions what happens to a Witch after her power is taken by force. But Shinichi assures him that, as long as the Witch is happy, nothing will happen.

Nene refuses to help out

Ryu leaves the room and heads towards Maria's location. Once he locates her, he informs her that her power can be erased. She hugs him, thanking him for all he has done. Ryu then asks her if she is happy in school, with Maria assuring him that she is, and the only thing bothering her is her power. Before he is able to explain, Miyabi and Kentaro appear from behind bushes and, blaming Ryu of skipping out yet again, drag him back to the Supernatural Studies Club. Once there, Ryu explains why he was not able to help them clean up, with the others watching him in shock as he reveals Shinichi's power. He then questions how he will get the president to talk, but Toranosuke reminds him that he can always use Nene's power. They call her to their club room, but she instantly denies Ryu's request; she simply does not want to nor does she want to fall in love with Ryu.

As she is about to leave the room, Shinichi stops her, announcing that she should be interested to know where she stands. He teases Nene, angering Ushio, but eventually decides to lend her powers to Ryu. Once he heads to the Student Council, he finds the room empty, but someone enters the room shortly afterwards. Meanwhile, Toranosuke asks why Nene did not use her power on the president earlier, but she claims that Asuka stopped her. Back in the Student Council office, Asuka locks the doors behind her and questions Ryu's presence.[65]

Asuka kicks Ryu

Ryu sits in a couch as Asuka assures him that Haruma will be with him shortly. After Ryu laments over Haruma's tardiness, the latter walks in, with flowers around his neck, expressing his fun experience at the festival. Ryu asks Haruma if they can speak in private, which he allows, with Asuka standing next to him. Ryu dismisses her presence and decides to push forward with the plan regardless. He tricks Haruma, and jumps to kiss him, but before he is able to, Asuka kicks him in the face, sending him away from the President and landing unconscious on the floor. Haruma questions what they will do which such a ruffian now, but Asuka asks him to leave it to her.

Ryu kisses Asuka

Much later, Ryu wakes up, finding himself tied up and hanging from the ceiling. Asuka comes into the room and questions why Ryu would try to put the president under a Witch spell. Ryu refuses to talk, telling himself that Asuka looks harmless. However, she moves close to Ryu and grabs one of his hands, taking his finger within it and bending it. He quickly retreats his hands, only to have Asuka repeat her question. Albeit, Ryu refuses to answer, leading her to reenact her actions. When she notices that her method is not working, she heads off to find her tools, but Ryu uses this to his advantage and, by grabbing Asuka with his legs, land a kiss on her lips. She falls under his spell. Ryu tells her to get him down, and she does just that. However, she stops half way when she is asked by Ryu if she would let him get out of the room, refusing to do so as their alone time would be over.

She begins to play with Ryu's body, scaring the troublemaker and leading him to remove the spell from her. Once he does, Asuka blankly stares at him. As she is about to resume her torture, Ryu moves away, angrily telling her that he is helping a friend who wants her powers removed. Said words lead Asuka to free Ryu, and explain to him that she, too, had the same wish and Haruma granted it by removing her invisibility power.[66]

Haruma reveals that there are Seven Witches

Ryu gets another chance to speak to Haruma, courtesy of Asuka, but is shocked upon hearing him claim that he has yet to elect his successor, explaining that he still cannot decide. However, Ryu reminds Haruma that he needs to know by the time he leaves the office, prompting the latter to claim that this should be settled with a game. He gazes at Ryu, revealing that there are Seven Witches in the school. Ryu begins to count, ending up with five girls and two boys, but is told that boys do not count. Ryu restates that he is then missing two Witches, but Haruma reminds him that Asuka is a Witch herself, but had her power stolen by Shinichi. Returning to the topic at hand, he tells Ryu that whoever locates the final Witch will be named the new president. Asuka complements Haruma on the thought out plan, which leads Ryu to question their relationship. Haruma solely claims that without Asuka he would not be where he is now.

The Witch Hunt will commence

Returning to the Supernatural Studies Club, Ryu explains to the three candidates for Student President what they must do to be elected. Nene and Ushio leave the room, pumped to fine the final Witch. Toranosuke on the other hand, receives no support from his friends. Ryu confronts Shinichi, telling him to remove Maria's power, but he refuses to do so, claiming that if he does, another invisibility Witch will be born, and thus the Haruma's plan would be for naught. However, he claims that he will keep his word if the last Witch is found. Miyabi ponders why everyone is so excited about the position, only to be informed that many luxuries come along with it. Urara also notes that the president needs a secretary, which leads Toranosuke to claim that Ryu will be his secretary if he is elected, much to his displeasure.

Moments later, Ryu finds Maria, explaining to her that she will have to wait a little longer. She accepts, kissing Ryu for thanking her. He reminds her of her powers, leading her to apologize, but before long Ryu receives a vision of a happy Maria claiming that he power is gone, making her jump in joy. He also reveals that Shinichi was made president, but before long, he receives another vision, which urges him to find Toranosuke and announce that he will make him the next Student Council President.[67]

Ryu's behavior is questioned

Ryu encourages the members of the Supernatural Studies Club, telling them that they must find the final Witch. He orders Urara and Miyabi to get the problem kids checked out, while telling Toranosuke and Kentaro to head out and find them. At the same time, he will head to Noa to know if she has any valuable information. The group is shocked, asking Ryu what is going on; reminding him that earlier he did not seem to care. Toranosuke asks Ryu if he is going to become his secretary, but he does not give him a clear response. He leaves the room, only to return right away and tell Urara that he wishes to speak with her on the roof, Urara nods, while pondering what is happening.

Ryu's confession

Shortly thereafter, Ryu awaits for Urara on the roof, sadden by the fact that Noa does not know anything as she was surprised to hear that there are Seven Witches. He releases a loud roar, thinking about the vision he saw, not realizing that Urara was standing right beside him. Urara questions his intentions, asking if he wishes to switch bodies, but he denies. However, as Urara looks at him, he decides not to tell her anything. She leaves, but before she does, she reminds Ryu that they are celebrating the end of the festival later; inviting him. Ryu, thinking he is alone, is shocked upon hearing Toranosuke's voice. However, he decides that he needs to talk to him. They head to a park, where Ryu explains to Toranosuke that the president's secretary is elected regardless of how the person feels. Toranosuke swings himself on the swing, asking him if he saw the future.

Ryu attempts to deny the claim, but Toranosuke claims otherwise, leading Ryu to reveal that Shinichi will win the game. Toranosuke, however, tells Ryu that he wants to know the important part of the vision. Hesitant, he tells Toranosuke that Urara will be named his secretary. Toranosuke claims that it is not a big deal, as she is the smartest in their year. However, Ryu reveals that, that is not the problem, as he has fallen in love with Urara. Shocked, he teases Ryu, but eventually tells him that he, too, has something he needs to tell him.[68]

Leona's scissor

Gripping a nearby pole, Toranosuke reveals to Ryu that he has an older sister that goes to their school and is a grade higher than them, and that she may know something about the Seventh Witch. He invites Ryu to his house, where he hopes to start a conversation with is sister and get any leads on the final Witch. Once they arrive, Ryu is shocked upon the size of Toranosuke's house. He walks in, questioning Toranosuke along the way. The latter informs Ryu that his sister does not go to school, and reminds him that he is the one with the problem that needs solving; thus why he is the one who will be speaking to her, additionally he reveals that he does not get along with his sister. Ryu watches as Toranosuke knocks on the door, hearing Toranosuke introduce him as his friend. However, as the door opens, a pair of scissors come flying out and slash Toranosuke on his cheek, scaring Ryu. Pointing towards the door, Toranosuke claims to of had warned Ryu.

Leona thanks Ryu

Ryu tries to leave, but Toranosuke stops him and pushes him inside the room, where he is greeted by yet another pair of scissors. Leona glares at Ryu, telling him to get out of her house as she does not want to meet any of Toranosuke's friends. Remembering Urara's face, Ryu turns around and decides to confront Leona, as she is the only one with any leads on the Seventh Witch. However, Leona persist, asking him to leave as she throws more scissors. Albeit, Ryu stands his ground. Angrily, Leona arises from her chair and threatens Ryu. Regardless, he does not leave, revealing to her that he has found his reason for going to school and if he loses it, there will no longer be a point to it; Leona stops her attacks. With a smile on her face, she thanks him for being Toranosuke's friend, but claims that she will not reveal anything.

Ryu heads out of her room, meeting an image of Toranosuke and his sister, when they attended a different school from their current one, asking if they transferred. He heads down to the kitchen, where he finds Toranosuke eating after taking a bath. Ryu comments on the picture he saw, asking Toranosuke various questions, who reveals that everything was great between them, until his sister encountered the Seventh Witch, which is why he transferred to Suzaku High School.[69]

Toranosuke's resolve

Shocked, Ryu listens to Toranosuke as he begins to explain what transpired a year ago. Ryu, as he eats, claims that he is disappointed, revealing that he thought of his friend to be prefect, but he was only chasing after his sister; calling him a dork and insulting his family. However, he claims that now he wishes to make him president even more, making Toranosuke smile.

Miyabi and Kentaro question Ryu

Night comes, and Ryu leaves Toranosuke's house, but not before asking his motives for staying silent. Toranosuke reveals that he did not trust them, blaming the Seventh Witch's power, as Leona claims she is special. They soon cease their conversation and Ryu heads on home. The following day, Miyabi and the others confront Ryu for leaving all the work to them. Pondering what he and Toranosuke were doing. Ryu assures them that they were also searching. However, Urara senses that something is amidst. Ryu is forced to explain that he had a vision of Shinichi becoming president. However, the group claims that there is more to it. Ryu, reluctant to confess anything, finds himself lost. Suddenly, Toranosuke begins to reveal his secrets, shocking Kentaro and the others. Meanwhile, Urara tells Ryu that she will always listen to whatever he has been hiding for her. [70]

The list of trouble students

Presenting a list of students involved in accidents to Toranosuke and Ryu, the two are shocked upon the amount of names. However, Urara works her magic as she narrows it down to two small list, claiming that it could not be the freshmen as Leona could not possibly know them and takes out the list of boys, as the Witch is a girl. Toranosuke warns his friends, reminding them that the Seventh Witch is special. Ryu heads out with Toranosuke to go Witch Hunting, but Miyabi stops them as she claims that they will be the ones looking. Kentaro suggest that they should form pairs of boys and girls, asking Ryu who he wishes to tag along with. However, under pressure he decides he wants to stand guard, but is reminded that his power is needed. He picks Miyabi, prompting Toranosuke to call him a twit. At the same time, he tags along with Urara, pushing Kentaro aside.

Ryu and Noa conclude it must be a teacher

Kentaro stays behind, with the others leaving. Ryu and Miyabi head out in search of the junior girls, but Miyabi's imagination begins to run wild as she wonders why Ryu picked her and not Urara. They come across their first target, but rule the possibility out. Meanwhile, on the same boat, Toranosuke and Urara are unable to find any possible Witches. However, Toranosuke notices Urara's worried expression, attempting to comfort her by claiming that Ryu picking Miyabi is nothing to get worked up for. Urara simply dismisses him and continues to walk forward. They soon regroup, but Ryu receives a text from Noa, who asks him to head to the roof. He runs there, only to be informed that there is no Seventh Witch; Ryu assures her that there is, due to his encounter with Leona.

Noa concludes that the Seventh Witch must not be a student, leading Ryu to ponder her thought, only to be informed that the Witch may be a teacher of Suzaku High School. [71]

Shinichi passes by Ryu and Toranosuke

Toranosuke questions Ryu's reasoning behind his conclusion that the Seventh Witch must be a teacher, but his only explanation is that this person could be keeping her powers for years. Eventually, they pinpoint an image of Kiku Sonoyama, who has been in the school for more than eight years. The two then head to Haruma's office, reporting the news, albeit he claims that they are wrong. Disappointed, they begin to walk out the room as Haruma cheers them on. At the same time, Ryu turns his head around and asks if Shinichi has come around, only to be told that he has not. They leave the room, with Toranosuke questioning Ryu, but just then, Shinichi appears, prompting Ryu to ask him if he has found the last Witch. He informs Ryu that he has not. Momentarily, Toranosuke calls Ryu and tells him to hurry up while Shinichi begins to walk away.

Returning to the Supernatural Studies Club, Kentaro attempts to encourage Ryu, but is shot down when the latter reveals that he predicted noted answer. However, he is troubled by something else. Urara denotes that they cannot just have Ryu kiss the entire school to see who is the Witch, leading Toranosuke to announce that they can only ask his sister, prompting Ryu to shake at the thought. Urara also begins to ponder, asking how Shinichi will win the game when he has no form of information nor any friends. Just then, Nene and Ushio arrive, claiming that Shinichi has not been doing anything; revealing that she has sent some of her people to spy on him. She also announces that Shinichi said that he is waiting for his time to strike, which allows Ryu to realize what is going on.

Ryu thanks Nene

He grabs Nene, thanking her, but the latter is confused and soon leaves the room with an angry Ushio. Shortly afterwards, Ryu claims that he knows how Shinichi will find the Witch, pulling Toranosuke in for a kiss. Nothing happens, however, and Miyabi is pulled in for a kiss next. Likewise, nothing happens. Lastly, Kentaro is kissed, but remains unchanged. He looks at the three of them, revealing that they are under Shinichi's ignore power, shocking them. Ryu explains that, having Maria's power, he did receive any visions when kissing them, further asking Toranosuke if he noticed Shinichi earlier; he says he did not. Kentaro suggests removing the spell, but Ryu assures him that they can use it to their advantage by using Urara's power. [72]

Ryu pulls Urara

Ryu begins to detail his plan, telling the group that he will swap bodies with Urara and remain like so until the game has ended. Albeit shocked, the group turns to face Urara's answer, only to be told that it is possibly their most realistic option to winning the game. However, Miyabi opposes the idea, claiming that Ryu will be sleeping in her room. Urara claims that she will be in possession of his body, and she can do whatever comes to mind with it. Eventually, Miyabi gives in to the idea, mainly because Urara does not seemed bothered by it. Ryu asks Urara to come with him, leading the others to ask why, as they have always swapped bodies in the Supernatural Studies Club room. Ryu excuses himself by claiming that it has been a while. After a small discussion, he leaves the room with Urara, Kentaro and Miyabi questioning his actions, while Toranosuke giggles to himself.

Urara kisses Ryu

Walking outside, Ryu complains about what just happened, with Urara agreeing with him. He realizes that he is still grabbing on to her, and pulls his hand back immediately. Urara asks him if there is something wrong, but Ryu claims that everything is okay. After leaving the building, the two get ready to kiss, but as they are about to lock lips, Ryu pulls back, asking her if she is truly okay with swapping bodies; reminding her that she will remain in his body for a while. He reminds her that his little sister and his mother can be a little troublesome. Before he is able to question Urara further, the latter kisses him, swapping bodies with him. Urara gets ready to head back, but Ryu stops her. He claims that he must tell her something.

He reveals to her that, when he saw the future, she was Shinichi's secretary. Urara dismisses him, announcing that she will be able to juggle both the club and that just fine. However, Ryu stops her, telling her that the reason he does not wish for that to happen is because she looked sad and lonely; something he never wants to witness again. Urara claims that it was probably a mistake, but assures Ryu that they must win to prevent that future. Happily, he agrees with her. [73]

Urara and Ryu return to the room, announcing that they are finished. Toranosuke teases Ryu, while Miyabi asks if it is now time to look for the Witch. Ryu explains that now they will go home, as it is pretty late. They all leave, allowing Shinichi to come out of hiding.

Ryu kisses Leona

On their way back, Miyabi becomes aware that Shinichi was in the club room the whole time, scaring her. Toranosuke then asks what they will do next, leading Ryu to announce that they will go question Leona. Miyabi wonders how things will go, since she already kicked them out once. Once they arrive, Leona throws Ryu a pair of scissors, prompting Miyabi and Kentaro to quickly leave the area, in shock. Ryu turns to walk towards Leona, pretending to have a scissor stabbed within him. Once he is close enough to her, he kisses her and swaps with her. Leona quickly becomes aware of what is happening, calling Toranosuke a fool for messing with the powers. Ryu calls her attention, claiming that he will strip if she does not speak up. However, Leona uses the same tactic as Ryu, stripping herself within Urara's body. Eventually, Ryu surrenders and asks her to put her clothes back on.

Leona begs them to stop searching for the final Witch, as they must have an idea of how dangerous she is. Albeit, Ryu refuses, announcing that he has his own reasons. Leona gives him a chance to speak, but Ryu tells the others that they must be alone first. They all leave, and Ryu returns to Urara's body. After telling Leona that he saw the future, and his love towards Urara, she begins to laugh with a blush on her face. Like Toranosuke, she begins to tease Ryu. She then sits down, warning Ryu that she will tell him everything she knows. However, she warns him that the path to the final Witch will prevent him from seeing Urara ever again, leading him to question what she could mean. [74]

Ryu questions what Leona means by claiming that he will lose Urara if he find the Seventh Witch. He begins to wonder if she will get Urara expelled, threatening to confront her if Urara will be in any danger. Leona throws him a scissor, asking him to calm down and explaining that he will be the one in danger. He wonder what she could mean, but is soon told that once he learns of the Seventh Witch's name, all of his memories of the Witches will be erased. Leona begins to explain what she means to a confused Ryu. She announces that the Seventh Witch only exists for one purpose, and that is to eliminate anyone who knows all of the seven Witches. Additionally, her power can work on other Witches, thus why she called her special.

The group will force Ryu to rejoin the club

Ryu is disappointed, claiming that the Witch is all bark and no bite, and that Leona made her seem to be something is not. She begins to recollect on her experience, revealing that the Seventh Witch could not reach her at home. Regardless, she was able to get one of her friends from the Supernatural Studies Club. Ryu, however, is still interested. Leona is in shock, but decides to reveal her name to Ryu. However, before she can, Ryu tells her that it can wait until the morning. He heads down to meet with the others, finding them eating curry. He explains to them that he will lose his memories of the Witches. Uninterested, they continue to eat. Ryu asks them to remind him of the Witches once he loses his memories, and to force him to join the club. Miyabi wonders why Ryu means, only to be told that the Witches is why he joined the club. And without knowing of them, he would most likely still be on his own. He begins to explains how everyone has meet because of the Witch powers, concluding that if he forgets about the Witches, he will go back to his old self. [75]

Mikoto and Haruma congratulate Ryu

The following morning Ryu arrives to Haruma's office. Once Haruma asks him for the name of the Seventh Witch, Ryu reveals it to be Rika Saionji from Class F-1, a Senior. With a blank expression, Mikoto jumps over Ryu, landing alongside Haruma and opening a ball containing a congratulatory sign as Haruma announces that he is correct. The display does not amuse Ryu, saddening Haruma, who spent three days making noted item. Haruma quickly returns to the topic at hand, questioning if Ryu had a vision and thus is why he swapped bodies, as he predicted Shinichi to be the one to win the game. Ryu wonders how he can be so smart. Haruma questions how he found out, only to be told that Toranosuke's sister was the one who helped him. After Ryu claims that losing the memories of the Witches is no big deal, Haruma closes up on him and states his new interest in him; expressing that if he is in need, he can come to his office. However, Ryu reminds him that he will be losing his memories, leading Haruma to ponder what he means. Albeit, before the conversation can progress, Ryu leaves the room.

Urara will reclaim Ryu's first kiss

Moments later, he locates Urara, shocked by how different she made him look, but soon gets down to business. They head outside and kiss each other, swapping back. Ryu then wishes to go elsewhere, asking Urara to return to the classroom, but she refuses and follows him. He tries to explain to her that it may be dangerous when he loses his memories, but Urara explains that she will kiss him the moment he does to remind him of the Witches. Ryu tries to stop her, but Urara follows behind him. Eventually, he turns around, but trips on a rock and lands on top of her. he apologizes, but Urara reminds him that she was the first to kiss him, and she will regain that spot no matter what.

Shortly afterwards, Ryu removes himself from his position and Urara leaves, a happy and blushing Ryu feeling accomplished. He then begins to wonder what he shall do next, but before long, a figure appears behind him. Turning around, Ryu faces the final Witch, Rika Saionji. [76]

In Nene's house, Ryu and Shinichi watch in disbelief as Nene lectures Meiko and Maria. He is told by Shinichi to kiss Meiko already, which he does, causing her to fall asleep. He notes on it as it was what he saw after kissing Maria. He is shushed by Shinichi, agreeing that it worked. Which right after that is hugged ny Maria, comforting him for his loneliness over the past few days. He questions how he will kiss Noa, prompting Nene to claim that she requires some time to think about a method, but Shinichi reminds them that the team has now grown exponentially, as they each announce their power. He then announces his Duplication power, leading the others to ask if they really need the use of two identical powers.[77]

The following day, he told about the plan, but he complains, stating that he should just force a kiss if she refuses, causing him to be glared at by the girls. As Shinichi enters the room, he surprised to hear that he failed and is accompanied by Saeko, who asks a favor. He listens as she wants them to stop Noa and as she informs that she will attack the Supernatural Studies Club, which he leaves the room in search of Noa.[78]

After he finds Noa, he converse with her about her raids, which she denies. After she admits that she is bored, he grabs her and puts her over his shoulder, carrying her off school grounds. After exiting the school, he talks to Noa ans after a few insults, explains that he is aware of her power and the fact that she wishes to get rid of it. He tells her that he will help, but she must kiss him first, which she does. He carries her to the Nurse's Office after she falls asleep, he notices her waking up. He listens as she reveals that there was a hole in her heart and asks what took him so long. As she puts her hand up, telling that she is grateful to see him again. He states that he feels the same way, grabbing her hand and being pulled into the bed, being asked to sleep with her.[79]

Student Council Formation Arc (need help)

Seven New Witches Arc

Shocked to hear that the entire class is under her power, he asks the two how she did it. Nancy explains to him that the doll acts as an intermediary. He's surprised to hear that someone can be put under her spell without getting a direct kiss. As Nancy states that she would like to know what Kotori's power is, he makes his decision to copy her power through her doll. He then stomps away to meet Kotori, asking to join Sid and Nancy after they find out what Kotori's power is. Later during lunch, he approaches Kotori, carrying a yakisoba doll named Shoba. He uses Shoba to introduce itself, starting a conversation with Kotori's Satori doll. He jokes with her, claiming Shoba wanted to have a chat, which he promptly slaps him. As she claims that she doesn't mind, they continue to play. He thinks to himself that his plan is working, noting that she's quite similar to Tatsumi when she was younger. Shoba is asked by Satori for lunch, to which he complies and makes a mess on himself. As they notice the time, they state they have to get back to their classes, he gets kissed by Satori as thanks. After she leaves, he joyously calls to Sid and Nacy that he copied Kotori's power.[80]

He is however later informed by Nancy that he did not copy the power. As she theorizes, he states that he will force her to kiss him. He is however told not to so as it would cause Kotori to be suspicious. She demands him to give up his plans of joining her and Sid. After they leave, He asks Midori and Jin to gather information on Kotori. After hearing what they researched, he ponders on how she was able to put her entire class under her spell, despite not being popular amongst them. Jin argues with him, as Midori presents to him a doll, from Toranosuke, embarrassed that he saw him earlier. He claims he doesn't need it and drops it down.[81]

He is then found by Kotori, who asks to play with her as the two run off. Satori asks where Shoba is, being informed that instead his little sister, Shobami, will play instead and is relieved to hear this. She asks Ryu to play with off school ground, due to the rumors of him and that some saw them together earlier. As he points out that alot of people dislikes him, she states that he is popular, noting that Karen has a crush on him. she compliments him more, and states that she will be waiting at the entrance after school. After she leaves, he goes to Class 2-E, asking Karen on anything she knows about Kotori. He adds that she seem to be good friends with her. He is however informed that she has never talked to Kotori before, surprising him. He reveals that Kotori knows who she likes, Karen is surprised and grabs him, flipping him again whilst she states that she has never revealed who she likes to anyone. On the floor he realizes that Kotori has the power to read minds.[82]

Winter Break Arc (need help)

Second Witch War Arc

As they continue running, Kaori questions his actions. Ryu responds by saying that he'll find it some way. After she grab her hand back, he listens to the reason for her statement that it's too late for her to find a place where she belongs.[83]

She is surprised to hear this, and asks him why he would do it. He then tells her, he used to be alone as well but someone saved him and now he wants to do the same for her as she blushes in response. Touched by his words, Kaori asks how he could do that as he reveals to her about the witch powers and how her club members used her as a way to the power.[84]

He prepares to do the spell when Nene shows up having been freed from Yuri's spell. She apologizes for dropping her guard before noting she can't stop Ryu which he confirms. Noa leaves the two alone as Nene confesses she likes Ryu which takes him by mild surprise as she questions this to which he reveals Ushio already told him to her shock. Nene asks if he knew the whole time but he states he learned recently as Nene stated it made things easier even stating no matter how many times her memories are erased she'll still have feelings for him. She reveals she had feelings for him in their first year having found a picture on her phone as proof and tells him to pick her next time. Touched by this, Ryu thanks her but gently lets her down by stating he likes Urara. He is then shocked when Sora and Nancy appear both voicing their affections for him which takes him by surprise but he turns them down as well. Ryu soon bemoans the fact that he attracted the attention of three girls wondering what he was doing to attract them. He then prepares the spell but Ushio appears and believing it to be another confession he apologizes only to learn it wasn't to his relief and Ushio's irritation. Ushio then tells Ryu that he will be the one to do the memory erasing spell.[85]

He argues with him, stating he was the one who started it. As he is told to vote for Shinichi, he tries to persuade him to change his mind. He notes about Nene and the Shogi Club, after Ushio gives his answer, he asks on why he came to school in outrage. He continues to convince him, but is grabbed by him. As Ushio gives his reason, He notes in anger that the election would not have happened if he didn't plan it. As Noa tries to persuade their dispute, they punch one another.[86]

They begin to fight each other,throwing punches and kicks back and forth. They comment on how soft the other has, remembering their time together in Junior High, continuing to fight. He thinks to himself, that the only thing he is better than Ushio at is fighting, delivering a powerful kick. He praises himself for defeating Ushio, which Noa reminds him to erase the memories. However he sees Ushio smile, realizing he erased the memories. After Ushio states that he has a lot to lose, he sits and calls him an idiot.[87]

After school, on the roof he happily notes that Shinichi won the election and the Student Council is safe. However, he adds that he had also been forgotten.[88]

Stolen Notes Arc (need help)

Graduation Arc

In the Supernatural Studies Clubroom, Urara, Toranosuke, Miyabi and Kentaro asks Ryu to get their memories back since Kotori's dilemma, he refuses stating he has lots of exams lately and Miyabi added that it is sad not knowing him from the past. They argue that he will not bring back their memories. He explains that he does want their memories to return, but is unable to because he already held a witch ceremony with Nancy's set. He adds that he is alright with things as they are now, Urara agrees with this stating that she is fine if Ryu is there with her surprising him and the others.

Suddenly they are visited by Haruma, Ryu asks why he is there to which he announces that he is going to Tonosama University, claiming that the exam was easy to pass. Ryu annoyed, remembers that he was stressed the last time he saw him. Haruma calmly asks him to talk in private, he reveals that he is going to confess his love to Leona, surprising him as he thought they were already a couple. Haruma plans to confess to Leona after the graduation ceremony. He requests him to know what she feels about him, but Ryu questions why he wants to know her feelings before he asks her, he then grabs his shoulders and states that he doesn't want to be rejected at his graduation, he then politely thanks him and leaves. Afterwards he rest on the grass, thinking if he should help Haruma since Leona is a friend. Suddenly Rika arrives hears him to give him a hand. Then Rika completed the sentence and said to give him a pair of panties maybe. She asks him to find out who Haruma likes and said to confess her feelings to him after graduation and she doesn't want to be sad at the graduation ceremony.Then he said that he doesn't know who Haruma likes then said if he helps her out then she will tell him how to get all his memories back and he is shocked then Rika said that she wasn't the seventh witch for three years to do nothing then she thanks him and said that it is already complicated.

He explains this to Toranosuke and asks him to help him out and Toranosuke said that they are involved in a love triangle or a love square if he includes himself in relationship with his sister.Then he said if Leona doesn't like Haruma then he would give up on confessing his feelings with Leona and Rika may have a chance to ask Haruma her feelings but if Leona likes him then Rika gives up on confessing her feelings to him then she wont tell how to bring back everyone's memories of him.Then Toranosuke said that it is Rika and Haruma for sure, and Ryu said that Toranosuke doesn't know about it yet and tells about Leona and Haruma's relationship in the Supernatural Studies Club.Then Toranosuke heavily punches the wall and said how does he know it .

Recovering the Lost Memories Arc

On the first day of the new school term, he sleeps as Miyabi informs the others that they should get new members for their club, getting yelled at as they are coming as well. At their booth, he watches all the new students come, surprised that it happens every year during the entrance ceremony. He notes that the new students look like Junior High students, adding that they are now third year students, which Kentaro states that the feeling has not sunken in yet. He questions why they need a new member, as they can not tell them about the witches, claiming that they do not need new ones. As Miyabi and Urara arrive, he questions why they are in cosplay, which the former replies to stand out. As she tells him why they need new members, she gives them flyers. As they leave, he complains about the flyers. Soon he notices Ushio and Noa in a booth, looking at Toranosuke, he tells Kentaro that they will be back. As they explain that Shinichi gave them a room, he questions his choice of a club, trying hard not to laugh as he denies any qualms with it. He claims that no one would be interested in a Poetry Club, thus making his work as a seventh witch easy, making Ushio remark that he is in the Supernatural Studies Club. He looks at Toranosuke, questioning about the new school building that they are talking about.[89]

He and Toranosuke are lead to the new school building, astonished by it, he notes that it was still being rebuilt during Haruma's term as president. In the Poetry club room, he marvels on the great conditions they have. He is annoyed on how they received the room without asking Shinichi. As he and Toranosuke leave, Noa informs the two of another recently formed club in the building, and that they will be surprised to see who is in it. They visit the room, and surprised to see Rui having started a club, who explains to them that he asked Shinichi a room for him to rest in. He questions the name of the club, which Rui claims that it is interesting. He listens to him as he explains how he created the club and fear that it might be too popular, which he confirms it will not. He is surprised to see him going to his bed, which he tells them that the new secretary refused his idea of a nap club. Toranosuke explains to him that the Student Council was busy with Kotori's problem and the Graduation Ceremony, that Nene, Midori and Jin were serving as secretaries until that day. By the office, he surprised to see a long line which Toranosuke explains that the entrance ceremony was that day. He decides to wait, noting that if he gave Ushio and Rui preferential treatment then he can do the same for them.[90]

He starts to leave, which Toranosuke asks where he is going, which he answers the Student Council Office. He is asked if he is going to bully the new secretary, which he denies. He angrily claims that he wants a new clubroom. He takes a peek by the door, curious on who took his position, which he is shocked to see Yuri as the secretary. He questions why Shinichi chose Yuri, which Toranosuke explains to him why. He notes that aside from them, Yuri is well informed about the witches and knows what is happening, he is the best person where witches are concerned. As he lists down all of Shinichi's current achievements, he is amazed by Shinichi. But rethinks that he may just be a yes man, as he accepts a student request easily.[91]

In the Office, he is informed by Shinichi that he found a witch. He asks on how he managed to know this, which he looks at Yuri calling him his personal information pipeline, he realizes this because of his connection with Takuma. However, the problem is that he just entered school, thus not aware that he is a witch. Which Shinichi proposes that in exchange for the identity of the witch, he wants him to find out his power, since the Council needs to know, which he gladly accepts. Afterwards in the clubroom, he is yelled at by Miyabi, due to thinking it would be fun.[92]


Copy (コピーKopī): When Ryu kisses a witch, he replicates their power and automatically uses it against them. At the same time, this renders him immune to the abilities of the witch. If Ryu kisses another witch, then the abilities he had won't affect the said witch. Instead, the witch's abilities will overwrite whatever ability Ryu is currently holding. This can be seen when he kissed Nene Odagiri, he did not swap bodies with her because of the principle that two witch abilities will not affect one or the other. Likewise, witch powers won't affect him unless the power is two-way (Meiko and Kotori's power, for example) and only through direct kissing (Kotori cannot read his mind with her doll, but can read after kissing Ryu directly).

Hand to Hand Combat: Because of his brash and short-tempered nature, Ryu is very proficient in hand to hand combat especially when he fights other people like Ushio and thugs from other schools.

Sewing Skills: Ryu is very proficient at sewing, having made a stuff bear overnight and it being quite well made. This was later revealed to have been a skill he learned in the Handicrafts Club when he joined Sora and Nancy to find the witches for the first time.

Former Abilities

Because of his unique Copy ability, Ryu has amassed an arsenal of witch powers which he has used on more than one occasion throughout the series. Every time he kisses a new witch, it overwrites his previous power and bestows him with the current one.

Former Abilities
Body Swapping 入れ替わり Irekawari Charm Toriko
Telepathy テレパシー Terepashī Premonition
Retrospective 元過去視 Genkakoshi Submission


予知 Yochi Time Travel タイムスリップ Taimu surippu
Mind Control Reminiscence ロマンス Romansu
Amnesia Witch Detection
Power Detection Personality Swap


Shoba Doll: After learning that Witch Power can be used without kissing directly through Kotori, Ryu temporary uses his Shoba Doll as his medium for using his Mind Reading Power. It's unclear if he can use this technique to put a power on a witch or not due to the ambiguous nature of Jin Kurosaki's status as a witch at time.

Appearances in Other Media


Second Coming of the Suzaka Fest: A Hot Springs Resort! Everyone Gather Up!

In the halls, while running in Urara's body he calls her if she had done it. They go to the roof to switch back, which he thanks her for doing his make-up test for him. He then begs her to do his classic literature report, to which she complies. Miyabi then finds them and grabs them as they run to the Supernatural Studies Club room. As they run through the school coming across their schoolmates.

They finally meet up with Toranosuke as they enter the club room. As Miyabi announces the club's firs big mission, he complains that he has better things to do. After listening to how much money they have left, he questions Miyabi that she wasted so much money, afterwards he gets surprised from her reaction. As Toranosuke announces that they should use their festival stall, Ryu suggests they should use the fortune-telling one from before. After Toranosuke explains his plan, he is shocked to see Miyabi liking the idea, and refuses to wear the maid outfit for him and argues with him, until Miyabi calls their attention. They then discuss about the Performance Festival and how the grand prize is 50,000 yen. He announces that he wants an oven for his yakisoba, until Urara reminds him they should discuss how they will win the grand prize. He and Miyabi continue to ask for their desired prize, which Toranosuke announces that they're are going to the school clubhouse to prepare.

At the School Clubhouse, they are amazed as Toranosuke explains the other clubs and teams are using the place as well. He then announces that he wants to go to the hot springs first, until he is shocked to see the multitude of clubs and teams there. He notes that the others are fired up for the Performance Festival. They are noticed by Nene and Ushio who the former asks them what business they have there, which he returns the question. Ushio then asks them what they're going to do for the festival, which he gets annoyed, with Toranosuke simply states that they're still thinking about it. Their attention is then called by Mikoto, who states that their competition has already planned their performances. He listens as Mikoto states that the President may have felt uneasy entrusting Nene with everything there, causing him to nod in agreement. They watch her and Jun leave as they advised them to keep their act within the bounds of the school's code, annoying Ryu.

They then head to their room to choose and start practicing on what they should perform. He asks what kind of act they should use as he looks through his bag. He watches with the others of Urara's acts, he and the others gets impressed as she does her tricks. As the others gets excited, claiming they will win, he reminds the that they all have to participate to win. He is then wrapped and hung to the ceiling to perform their mummy dance, much to his confusion. As he gets swung the hook holding him rips off making him fall on his head. He is then forced to be part of Toranosuke's idea of human puppeteering. However as they perform he keeps misplacing his hand making it farther from Ryu. Due to their commotion Toranosuke tosses the hot ramen cup in the air, causing him to switch bodies with him, making the latter scream when it lands on his face. After hours of other suggestions they lay on the floor, still not having nothing to perform. Ryu is then informed by Urara that she can do his report at the moment asking to bathe for her, shocking him.

At the womens' hot spring bath Ryu in Urara's body undress and prepares to bathe, he unexpectedly meets Nene and Miyabi there. He quickly bathes while also trying to peep at at Miyabi and Nene, failing to do so. After bathing he walks down the halls, meeting up with Urara who has finished the report, he then thanks her and switch back. He questions if she is serious about letting him bathe for her. Later he brushes his teeth, while Toranosuke sits on a massage chair. Moments later he makes the sheets nice and straight, angered as Toranosuke orders him around. Later they both fall asleep in their room, before suddenly they realize they still need to have a performance. At the room, all of them are very tired still trying to come up with an idea, he falls behind, turning on the television. Hearing the band on it, he realizes that they can copy it to win. He then suggest they should get three more to help them, getting praised for such a great idea. Later that night after coming from the men's room, he notes that they are ready. He then notices Mikoto talking to the president on the phone, hearing that the team in last place will be disbanded. Shocked to hear this, he is focused not to let this happen.

The next day at the clubroom, he orders Urara and Miyabi to be in charge of the costumes and stage production. He then asks Toranosuke to go with him to find more people. They go meet the other witches, however they fail to get anyone to join. Hopeless he yells that they weren't able to find a single person. They then decide to recruit him, with him and Toranosuke in Urara and Miyabi's bodies respectively. However his cover is blown as Ushio realizes that they body switched. As Nene walks toward them, he informs her that they only wanted Ushio to dance with them as their club is lacking members. He is asked by Nene if he's ashamed for tricking them with female bodies. He states that he is not, asking him if he can help them, he will do anything he wants whilst kneeling to bow. Toranosuke asks why he is acting like this, which he reveals that he overheard Mikoto talk to Haruma, that the club in last place will be disbanded. He is asked by Toranosuke why he didn't inform this sooner, which he replies that he missed his chance. He asks the both of them again, stating that they are their only chance. He states the SSC disbanding would be the worst thing for him. Remembering how they met and formed the club, he tells them that after months of hating school he grew to like it with the help of his friends, if the club were to be disbanded, he would loose his only reason to come to school. He asks them one more time to help, as Urara runs to him to switch back, confused by this. He listens to Urara ash she asks the two to help them. Nene accepts which causes him to happily hug, her before being blocked away by Ushio. Still happy to hear he will help to as he gives a high five to Toranosuke.

The next day in the clubroom, he complains that they still need more person. While saying this he drops a tempura and screams, realizing that he forgot about Tsubaki. After catching Kentaro, they ask him to watch a video on a tablet, asking for his help. After he hears Urara is joining, he is surprised to that he accepted so quickly. As they count the members, he gets surprised to hear an eighth member, however is relieved to see it's just Miyabi and her alien replica.

Later they are called to the Student Council Office along with the other club members to determine what order the teams will perform in, with Ryu, albeit nervously, selected to pick for their club. He screams alerting the others outside, as he checks the paper, with it reading last much to his horror. He then gets beaten up by Nene, Miyabi and Kentaro. Whilst this he states that they are the best for last.[93]

Another of the Suzaku Festival: Sing! Dance! Paranormal Research Department!


Shiraishi saying 'yes' to Yamada's confession

Original first set of witches

Urara Shiraishi: In class, Yamada sits next to her and their first interaction in the manga was on the staircase. Their impressions on each other at the beginning wasn't so great considering Yamada found it annoying how smart she was and Shiraishi didn't like his attitude. However it all turned upside down when Yamada fell back from the staircase, knocking Shiraishi down with him since she was behind him. Their friendship develops throughout the series as they occasionally swap bodies, due to Shiraishi's body swapping powers, to help each other socially and educationally. Yamada started developing feelings for her after becoming closer and closer to her and after she had lost her memories of him, he confessed to her hoping that it'll trigger her memories. She rejected him straight but oddly her heart was beating fast, insinuating that she has feelings for him. Afterwards, in chapter 90 , when everyone had their memories back, Yamada confessed to her once again. As response, she told him that he was the one that she liked and she said 'yes' to his confession of love. After this, they start dating. 

In chapter 239, it was revealed that they had first met during the beginning of their high school lives. Ryu had called Urara boring, because studying was all she ever thought about, with no social freedom whatsoever. It was during that moment where she realized her love for him, and made a wish with the witches to be with him.

In chapter 240, before Urara had departed for America, she left instructions for Ryu on how to re-approach her for the "first time", and said she'll meet him at graduation. Driven by this, he passes the entrance exams for Tono University, saying that it was because of her that he was able to change, just like how she said that it was because of him that she changed.

After the 10 year time skip, it turns out Ryu's kiss restored her memory and they were dating ever since. Ryu contemplated proposing to her even though he already had a ring for her. Urara accidentally finds out that Ryu wants to propose to her, after walking in on him practicing in front of their friends. Without hesitation, she accepted his proposal and the two became happily married. In the final chapter, it is revealed that they had two children whom they tell their past to.

Nene Odagiri: She's the second witch to kiss Yamada. When the two kissed, Nene fell in love with him because her own witch power was copied by Yamada. After he released her from her own power, she fell for him truly but doesn't admit it until later on in the manga. Yamada, being dense, doesn't know about her feelings for him until he was informed by Ushio Igarashi and was shocked by this. In chapter 171, she confesses to him and she is shocked that he learned this fact before they talk and he is surprised by the depths of her feelings. He gently lets her down since his affections are directed towards Urara.

Meiko Otsuka: The two had met before the manga as they re-took their exams. Afterwards, Yamada helped her and her friends in cheating for the test, using her witch power. They became good friends after that.

Maria Sarushima: She never minded Yamada kissing her even though they hardly met. They became good friends afterwards and Yamada helped her lose her witch power. 

Noa Takigawa: She has a one-sided affection for him, clinging to him whenever she has the chance. 

Mikoto Asuka: They aren't really considered friends but Mikoto eventually helped Yamada restore everyone's memory of him. Ryu also wanted her to graduate with a smile like her fellow third years and they parted on good terms.

Rika Saionji: She was quite troublesome for him since Rika was the reason why Yamada's friends couldn't remember him but she turned sides after some persuading was kicking in. 

Second set of witches

Tsubasa Konno: It took time to convince her to kiss Yamada since she wanted her first kiss to be with someone she actually liked. Afterwards she seems to have develop feelings for him as she asked to go another date with him. She helped him in regaining his memories through the ceremony.

Kotori Moegi: Yamada became friends with her after sitting down and playing with her and her doll. She help him in regaining his memories through the ceremony.

Nancy: They are friends both club members of the Handicrafts Club. They also helped each other to uncover the other witches' power and do the ceremony. Ryu forgotten their relationship due to amnesia magic before but then managed to regain his memories after doing the ceremony where he wished to regain his lost memories. In Chapter 165, she revealed that she had romantic feelings for him since their first year and she was jealous of his relationship to Sora which is why she erased his memories. Ryu was shocked to learned this and even more so when she wanted to marry him but gently turns her down. In Chapter 171, she along with Sora and Nene confess their feelings and he turns all three of them down.

Aiko Chikushi: Ryu helped him save people under a disguise. She helped him regain his memories through the ceremony.

Momoko Seishuin: She let her copy her body swapping magic to Ryu so he can use it and she also helped him in regaining his memories through the ceremony. While dreaming about his past in his first year, Ryu discovered that Momoko was his actual first kiss not Urara.

Akane Kikuchi: She help him in regaining his memories through the ceremony.

Sora Himekawa: Ryu has developed some romantic feelings for Sora. They are friends and both club members of the Handicrafts Club but Ryu forgotten her after he was under effect of the amnesia spell. She helped him regain his memories through the ceremony.In Chapter 171, she along with Nancy and Nene confess their feelings and he turns all three of them down.


Toranosuke Miyamura: He is Ryu's friend and they are members Supernatural Studies Club which he is the Vice President and members of the Student Council which he is the President while Yamada is his' Secretary.

Miyabi Ito: They are friends and both members of the Supernatural Studies Club.

Kentaro Tsubaki: They are friends and both members of the Supernatural Studies Club.

Ushio Igarashi: They were former best friends, but more or less reconciled by the end of the series.

Kaori Yasojima: Initially enemies, he later defends her from her ex-boyfriend and his friends who were going to hurt her. She seems to have gain some admiration for Ryu who helped her overcome her status as an outcast. She might also have developed feelings for him as well as she blushes at some of his words when he helps her.

Karen Kimishima: Ryu first meets Karen when he and Toranosuke Miyamura go talk to her about the building's reconstruction. At first, she is civil but becomes angered when he tries to persuade her otherwise and flips him when he tries to kiss her. He tries other methods to get her do, while being flipped repeated and soon she is annoyed and questions his reason before being locked in a room by Ushio Igarashi. She becomes desperate to get out of the room to the point that she would kiss him, but he turns her down and helps her get out. Afterwards, she thanks him for his help and offers to give him a kiss as thanks asking while blushing and fidgeting though she flips him when he refuses. As revealed by Kotori Moegi, Karen is stated to like and admire him though she always throws him around when she's embarrassed.



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