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The Shogi Club is a club of Suzaku High School.



The Shogi Club is formed shortly around the time after Toranosuke Miyamura succeeds Haruma Yamazaki as the Student Council President. At first it appears that the club is formed due to the friendship and interests in Shogi between student Ushio Igarashi and former Vice President Mikoto Asuka, with its members even engages in national competitions.

However, this is in fact a cover for the two of them to search for a new group of witches born after the ceremony and recruits them to their side. To this end, Ushio and Mikoto steals the witch notes from the Supernatural Study Club and Noa Takigawa. Later, they recruits three more students who share interest in Shogi as club members: Yuri Miura, Kaori Yasojima, and Mutta Hagiwara, with Yuri being one of the new male witches. While most members acknowledge about the Witch Power, Kaori is the only one to not be informed of this information as most of her role seems to be power tester (for Ushio) and spy (through Yuri's Mind Control Power), both unknowingly. 

Sometimes after the winter trip, the club comes into contact with two more male witches: Masamune Ichijo the Provocation Witch, and Rui Takuma the Amnesia Witch. With their pieces in places, the group begins their operation to "return the school to what it used to be" to fufill each of their personal goals. To do so, they first have Ushio plunders Kotori Moegi's power to remove her shield on the majority of the students. Afterward, they begin the second phrase by using Masamune's power to cause disturbance among the students and use Yuri's power to control Meiko Otsuka and uses her to rally the cultural clubs against the council, forcing Toranosuke to resign and make Shinichi becomes the next president to combat against Masamune.

The turn of event causes trouble to the Shogi Club due to that Masamune's power cannot be used to control people directly and Shinichi is gaining big favor and popularity among the students thanks to his own developed confidence along with Ushio's defection causing them to lose reasonable amount of power. Realizing this, Yuri asks Rui to remove everyone's memories about Shinichi to win back the vote. Although refusing due to fear of being forgotten, Rui offers him a crucial advice to control Nene Odagiri and force her to nominate Masamune instead of Shinichi.


Name Position Reason To Join
Mikoto Asuka President To return the school to the way it used to be.
Mikoto Asuka
Ushio Igarashi Vice-President To return the school to the way it used to be, specifically, to bring back Nene Odagiri's love.
Ushio Igarashi
Yuri Miura Member To return the school to the way it used to be, specifically, to bring back the happy Sora Himekawa.
Kaori Yasojima Member To have friends and not be alone.
Kaori Yasojima
Mutta Hagiwara Member Unknown

Unofficial Members

Name Reason To Join
Masamune Ichijo To become the Student Council President.
Rui Takuma To gather knowledge and wisdom about the witches and about what occurred one year ago.



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