Haruma and Sid, the former Spotters of Rika and Nancy.


The Seventh Witch

Spotters are another main plot in the manga, "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo".


A Spotter is a person who is immune to the seventh witch's Amnesia Power and will always remember the identity of the witch. The witch can select their spotter by kissing them after becoming a witch. It is permanent until their respective seventh witch has been stripped of their powers.


For many decades after discovering the witches at Suzaku Highschool, the Student Council Presidents had been making pact with the seventh witches to be their Spotters in order to remember the witches' identity while still be able to govern the school and the witches.

In the present time, after the Amnesia Witch Rika Saionji erased Haruma Yamazaki's memories and having him became the president, she made him her Spotter. This allowed Haruma to remember Rika's identity and his memories of the Witch Killers even after she erased everyone's memories of them. The second Amnesia Witch Haruko "Nancy" Nijino however, was not affiliated with the council and instead made Sid, a boy who shared her interest in Punk Culture, her Spotter. It is currently unknown who is the new male Amnesia Witch Rui Takuma 's Spotter.

Later, after copying Nancy's power,Ryu Yamada unknowingly makes Noa Takigawa his Spotter. After copying Momoko's Body Swapping power her position as his Spotter has been removed and has been made Ushio's spotter.

Known Spotters

Current Spotters

Name Seventh Witch When
Noa Takigawa Ryu Yamada (former) & Ushio Igarashi She had became Ryu's spotter, after she had kissed him to test if he could erase her memories. Due to their shared powers she also became Ushio's spotter, and after Ryu copied a different power she became solely Ushio's spotter.
Noa Takigawa
Toranosuke Miyamura Ryu Yamada After copying Rui's powers, Toranosuke kissed Ryu to become his spotter. Immediately he can see the locations of the witches starting with Hikaru.
Toranosuke Mugshot

Former Spotters

Name Seventh Witch When
The Presidentess Unknown Haruma's predecessor, her seventh witch partner is currently unknown.
Haruma Yamazaki Rika Saionji He became her spotter after she had erased his memories.
Haruma Mugshot
Sid Nancy He had became Nancy's Spotter at an unknown period.


Immunity against the Amnesia Power

All Spotters are unaffected by the Seventh Witch's Amnesia power.

Witch Locating

All spotters are able to see the locations of every witches and witch killers in school.


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