Student Council
Toranosuke Miyamura, the current president.


Student Council

Student Council are another main plot in the manga, "Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo".


Supernatural Studies Club's Restoration Arc

In their meeting, the members of the Student Council discuss the many complaints left against the school's problem child, Ryu Yamada. When the president questions further, it is revealed that Yamada may be expelled today. Then news came to the student council about Ryu and about the peeping tom incident. Although some of the Student Council mull over how peculiar it is for both Ryu's impending expulsion and the peeping tom incident to have been resolved so smoothly, the president could care less since it means less work for him. Unlike the president, however, Toranosuke Miyamura suddenly leaves the lounge, and smiles as he expresses his desire to meet Ryu and Urara. [1]

In the Student Council Lounge, the President is extremely surprised, to the extent of spilling his tea, that Urara wants to go to college. The president compliments Toranosuke. Mikoto states that it brought favor to Miyamura, and that Nene needs to catch up.[2]

One day, Ryu busts into the Student Council Lounge, asking the President why he is withholding the Supernatural Studies Club's budget. The President is unmoved by Ryu's entrance, and even questions his identity. Toranosuke intervenes and explains to the President that Ryu is the guy who almost got expelled. However, Haruma clearly does not remember. Toranosuke explains that the President loves girls, but does not pay attention to boys. He informs Ryu that he, Toranosuke, is the only boy in the Student Council. Ryu threatens the President to remember his name, which Haruma indifferently states that he will remember. However, he does not, proving true when he calls Ryu by the name "Suzuki," and asks him if he needed something. Toranosuke and Ryu give up and go back to the club room.

Once again, as girls, Ryu and Toranosuke arrived at the Student Council Lounge, and act cutsie with Haruma for the money. However, Ryu and Toranosuke's disguises does not fool Haruma, who announces that Ryu has returned.



Former Student Council

The Student Council from chapter 1 to chapter 90.

Name Position
Haruma Yamazaki President
Mikoto Asuka Vice-President; Secretary
Mikoto Asuka OVA
Toranosuke Miyamura Vice-President; Future President
Nene Odagiri Vice-President (former)
Jun Inose Clerk; Treasurer
Inose Jun OVA

Present Student Council

As of chapter 91, Toranosuke Miyamura became the president, forming the new student council .

Name Position
Toranosuke Miyamura President
Ryu Yamada Secretary
Jin Kurosaki Vice-President
Jin Kurosaki
Midori Arisugawa Vice-President
Midori Arisugawa
Nene Odagiri Clerk
Shinichi Tamaki Treasurer
Shinichi Tamaki


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